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Not everyone has self-confidence. Especially if you have to hang out in a society of various types and statuses.


Of course, there are many factors that make a person less confident or inferior. Among them are not sure of yourself, psychological pressure, low self-esteem or nervousness.


One of the characteristics of an inferior person is withdrawing from society. If this continues to happen, then inferiority will bring more harm than benefits to those who experience it. Are you currently in this condition?


Don’t worry because there are still ways to improve. To help you, here are some ways to overcome social inferiority.


  1. Think Positive

The first way to not feel inferior in relationships is to think positively. Why? Because the mind is the main key to goodness, both physically and mentally a person.


Having thoughts that are always negative can be a source of illness, especially from a psychological perspective. Negative thoughts can make a person feel inferior, especially if they are filled with bad prejudices.


Some of the prejudices that can form are worries about a social environment that doesn’t accept you. Until in the end you are lazy to hang out. Though the prejudice is not necessarily true if you do not try to get along with the environment.


Therefore, positive thoughts will make you more optimistic and brave to try challenges. In addition, positive thoughts will also definitely bring positive things that are good for you.


  1. Know Yourself

One of the other steps to reduce inferiority is to know yourself. This process needs to be taken with honesty to see yourself from within and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.


At this stage, introspection and evaluation are needed. You can start by noting positive or negative things about yourself, either from your attitude, nature or thoughts. From that list you can start to improve yourself to be even better.


There are times when recognizing or criticizing yourself is more difficult than criticizing others. You can go through this stage by asking the people closest to them about their views of you, whether they like it or not.


  1. Know the Causes of Minder

To overcome inferiority in relationships, the most powerful way is to know in advance the root of this problem. Find out what are the underlying factors that make you a less confident and clumsy person.


By knowing the cause, of course the solution obtained will be more targeted. For example, the root cause of inferiority is ignorance of one’s potential which makes oneself no better than other people or a great environment.


So the solution, of course, is to list the potential and skills you have. That potential will strengthen you when you are in the community.


  1. Develop Strengths

After knowing the reasons for being inferior and knowing yourself better, chances are that you will also know all your interests, strengths and weaknesses. From these advantages or interests, developing them will be able to increase your self-confidence.


Especially if you include yourself in a community that shares these strengths and interests. Entering the same community can make you practice to get along in a society.


Feeling inferior to hang out in the same community becomes easier because you have a common topic to talk about. When you are comfortable hanging out in the same environment, try to hang out in a slightly different environment.


  1. Put aside the Weaknesses

10 Effective Ways to Overcome Minder in Relationships

After knowing the advantages, surely you also know the disadvantages. To deal with it, you don’t need to dwell on your shortcomings for too long so that negative things don’t preoccupy your mind. Covering up your weaknesses will only make you feel worse.


If you can, you can even turn these shortcomings into advantages. Say you are not confident with certain body parts, such as dark skin, not tall body or not high nose.


Hey! Think about it if what you think has become the standard of beauty and exoticism in other countries!


  1. Broaden Insights

In addition to knowing the advantages, broadening your horizons can also reduce feelings of inferiority. By knowing as much information as possible, it will make it easier for you to get along, especially starting a conversation.


Having broad insight allows you to be able to see from various sides. This is useful for expanding the association in society with various statuses and different backgrounds.


There are various methods that can be used to increase insight. In addition to the knowledge gained from the institution, you can also read more books, watch movies or attend seminars.


Especially in this era of sophisticated technology, sources of information are increasingly easy to obtain. Starting from YouTube, online courses, mobile applications and also other platforms.


  1. Try New Things

Trying something new is also a way that can be taken to sharpen knowledge. In addition, doing new activities can also provide a new outlook on life. Especially if you also meet strangers in a new environment as well.


For example, you could learn to play a musical instrument or cook. Another example, you study a foreign language that you have not mastered such as Korean, French, or German.


  1. Improve Appearance

Don’t judge a book by its cover is true, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about appearance at all. It is inevitable that self-confidence has a great influence on a person. A neat, clean and comfortable appearance can make your mood also good.


No need to make drastic changes to your appearance, just adjust the clothes to the situation and body shape or age. But keep in mind, the appearance must still be who you are. Never change into someone else to be accepted in society.


  1. Learn to Interact

As previously mentioned, overcoming inferiority in relationships is diligent in interacting. You can start by entering the community. In addition, you also need to learn to interact with people who have high self-confidence.


Learn from these people about how to think, see a problem, solve problems and so on. After getting the right tips from them, then immediately practice for yourself.


  1. Courageous and Calm

Being a tough and brave person can make your sense of inferiority increasingly eroded. Daring here means to do positive things, right!


In addition, be a person who is able to control yourself, especially if you are in a foreign environment with high pressure. Easy sweating, anxiety and awkwardness are signs of depression. So try to be calm and relaxed.


The easiest way to relax is, of course, to regulate your breathing. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.



Thus 10 ways to overcome inferiority in the association. Hope it helps you to be confident in socializing anywhere and anytime.


The most important thing is to think and act positively and always be yourself. You don’t need to be someone else to be accepted in society.


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