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Some of us are born with poor physical condition, intelligence, and socioeconomic status. Conditions like this make us feel inferior. The problem gets worse when someone insults us.


With his words, insults are able to make a person feel inferior. People who are in good condition can be made inferior, especially those who have often felt inferior from the start!


So, what should we do? Cry? Holding a grudge?


In fact, in this life, it is not impossible that we will often face people like them. Therefore, it would be better if we learn some ways to deal with people who insult us elegantly.


  1. Acting More Mature

The first reaction that people often feel when they receive an insult is shock. We would be surprised why anyone would do that.


After that we just feel anger. And if this condition continues, we can feel ashamed and inferior.


Emotional reactions like this are natural to feel. We are human beings and it is normal to feel hurt when insulted. But when dealing with people like that, we obviously have to prioritize rationality.


Instead of getting angry, just look your insulter in the eye. Show rigid and authoritative gestures. Also show a cool attitude. This kind of reaction was far more elegant than yelling hysterically at the insulting person.


  1. Identify the Source of the Problem

After being able to calm down, it was time to find out what was the reason behind the humiliation. Without knowing the reason, how can we deal with people who insult us?


There are many reasons why someone commits an insult. But in general, we can divide the reasons into two. First, because the person is upset with us. And second, because the person feels himself higher.


For the first reason, we just need to find the root of his anger. It could be that you know, the insulter is just angry because there is a certain misunderstanding. After we overcome the misunderstanding, it returns to normal.


What is difficult is dealing with those who think they are superior. These people may think you don’t deserve to be their friend. Or, they think you are not good enough at work.


How to fix it? Please continue to see the tips below. What is clear, you can already know the source of the insult problem.


  1. Reprimand That Person Directly

Did you know that many people bully because they think their victims are unable to speak up and defend themselves? They feel they can be arbitrary because they think their victims are too weak to even protest.


Therefore, when faced with an insult who thinks he is superior, don’t hesitate to rebuke him immediately. Say firmly that the attitude he shows is not good.


If you experience this at work or at school, don’t hesitate to report it to your supervisor (for problems at work) or BK (for problems at school).


What if they call you a whistleblower? Just leave it.


They say that only because they are afraid you will report it. Later after you report it, you just sit back and watch the insulter being reprimanded by those in more authority.


  1. Show Your Quality

Insults, however, are very painful when there is a degree of truth in them. For example, you were insulted for not being smart, and in fact you were always at the bottom of the class in school.


Or, you are insulted as an employee who smells kencur, and in fact, you don’t really know much about the world of work.


Dealing with insults like this can obviously drain one’s emotions. However, such insults can actually spur us on, you know. You can use it as motivation to grow and progress.


Just do this with care. Don’t obsess over your life trying to prove your insulter wrong.


You deserve to be happy too. Instead of obsessing over proving others wrong, just follow your passion. For example, you are not good at academics and often get insulted because of it.


But, you accept these shortcomings, and focus on developing achievements in other fields such as art and sports.


  1. Find Good Associations

What if the insulter is our friend? What if the insulter is our brother?


Of course, it is not easy to face people who insult us if the insulter has his own closeness. But instead of you always bear the pain, you should just avoid them.


Find other better associations. Look for people who can interact positively, support each other, and respect each other. Remember, the world is not as wide as Moringa leaves, so the opportunity to find such a good friend is wide open.


  1. Talk

10 Elegant Ways to Deal with People Who Humiliate Us

Not everyone has a steel mentality. Therefore, each individual’s response to an insult must be different from one another.


My advice, if you feel so much pressure, find a place to pour all your complaints. Don’t be shy to vent.


You can ask for help from friends, relatives, to a psychologist to be able to pour out all your sad feelings.


Trust me, you will feel lighter after doing it. With a better feeling, you too can deal with the insulter more wisely and elegantly.


  1. Ask for Suggestions

In stressful conditions such as receiving constant insults, humans often find it difficult to think clearly. So that the actions taken tend to be reckless and far from elegant.


Therefore, if you feel very stuck, do not hesitate to ask others for advice. Choose the right person to get the best advice.


Find an adult who can give you wise advice. And, when accepting suggestions, you must also be open-minded.


Do not reject or contradict every suggestion given. If you continue to contradict, the advice giver can even get angry with you.


  1. Give the Detractor an Example

Can you ever set an example to your insulter how to behave well. This is especially crucial to face people who insult us who are younger.


For example, you are a new teacher who has some students who like to make fun of you. When your student starts saying things in a condescending tone, reprimand them firmly.


Then on another occasion, when he manages to do a good job or something, also praise his work. In addition, do not hesitate to praise other friends who have similar achievements.


From here, the insulter will get an idea of how to be kind to others. Because it could be, people who insult us do it without realizing it.


They feel they are just joking because they were not educated properly so they hurt our hearts unintentionally.


  1. Sorry

Some of us will find reasons why someone likes to insult us. But some others may never know why.


Or, we may discover that this scorner actually has a big problem. So he likes to humiliate us as an outlet.


If this is the case, in addition to avoiding, learn to forgive. Indeed, forgiving people who hurt and belittle us is not easy.


But this is also done so that your heart is calmer. By forgiving, you accept the person’s behavior and don’t seek forgiveness from them all the time.


You can quickly move on after apologizing. Then, you can live your life more peacefully without being reminded of the insulter’s bad behavior.


  1. Pray

Last but not least is prayer. Whatever your religion, pray if you feel that people’s insults are making you very depressed.


For example, if you are Muslim, you can pray after praying. Pray for yourself that you will be given the courage to face the insults. Have a big heart too by praying for your insulter to change his attitude.



Here are 10 ways to elegantly deal with people who insult us. First, obviously we must understand the cause of the problem. Only then can we choose a solution.


Keep trying and don’t give in to the negative emotions you’re feeling. Believe that the experience of dealing with insults will make you a better and wiser person in the future.


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