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Everyone has a different motivation for writing. There are those whose motivation levels are full, half action, and there are those whose motivation levels are limited to doubt. When you read and hear the motivation to write, it’s very clear for us to listen.

However, in trying to put it into practice, building the motivation to write is not easy. You could say it’s very difficult. Because the motivation to write is closely related to “knowing yourself”. It is easier for people who know who they are and what they want in the future and know their weaknesses and strengths properly, to motivate themselves to write.


Self-motivating steps for beginners in writing

Regardless of the inner drive within you and understand yourself. It turns out there are other endeavors that can help form the motivation to write. Here are some experiences that I hope will inspire and encourage those of you who are serious about becoming a writer.


  1. Set writing goals

Setting writing goals is important. There are many avenues to choose from in the field of writing. You can choose to be an author of fiction books, non-fiction, or textbooks, or maybe you can choose to be a screenwriter of movies or cartoons, or be a writer on a website or a journalist.

It is important to set a writing goal. Its function is to prepare knowledge, prepare what skills you must have, and help prepare you to look for classes or opportunities that have a direction that matches your choice.

If your goal is to write in a way that gets many people to read and buy your book, then understanding your potential readers is very important. Understand here if you focus on it. Read more in Targeted Readers to make your book go viral.


  1. Work professionally

Perhaps you still want to be a writer right now. Even if it is just a dream and desire, it is important to forge for yourself to work professionally. The definition of professional work is disciplined writing. The definition of discipline is: hard on yourself but soft on people.

Getting used to working professional is not as easy as I wrote. It takes time and intense practice. To build a habit, you need to force yourself to work professionally for 3 months. After three months, our body system will get used to it and start functioning without any problems.


  1. Have a goal, not just flow

If you pay attention to the lives of successful people. They are forged from life’s harsh experiences. Likewise, if you want to be a writer. Not only do you write fluently. But you have to have a goal.

From several observations during my time running a tabloid for high school students in Jogja. The average of those able to survive natural selection are those who have purpose and live disciplined lives.


  1. Remind yourself of the purpose and reason for writing

What I want to say here is to remember the purpose and reason you want to write. If your goal is to make a lot of money and gain popularity. Better to be corrected.

Because it’s very difficult to be a writer who’s rich and who enjoys resounding popularity. The comparison is only 2:10, which also has to have the professionalism and of course the luck factor. The rest are writers like me (LOL).

It’ll be a different story, if your purpose and reason for writing is some form of passion, some form of satisfaction because you can share, then that’s very noble. Because a noble profession, because it can affect many people and become a charity, is the profession of farmers, and teachers, and one of them is the profession of a writer.


  1. Beat writer’s block

Most beginner writers will experience what is known as writer’s block. Everyone has their way of reducing such things. Some leave work for a while and have a rest, some force themselves in front of the laptop even though they are not doing anything.

Meanwhile, when I experienced a condition like this. I decided to create an outline. The outline of this paper will stimulate ideas that were previously hidden. So that things that cause a backlog of ideas can be minimized.


When I do an outline of the writing, I still experience the same thing. I just need to eat full and sleep for about 10-15 minutes. Wake up, right now. This method is more effective in bringing back my passion for writing.

Everyone has their own productive time. This is one of the qualities of a good writer. If you want to, understand and take these steps to become your version of the best writer. Read the article about the characteristics of a successful writer.


  1. Write first, edit later

Many aspiring beginner writers are complicated when it comes to writing. Lots of theories and rules to learn and know. This is exactly what prevents the courage to “act” in writing. And I’ve learned that myself in the process so far.

From the beginning, I had no teacher to guide me in writing. At that time, technology was not what it is today, and access to information on the Internet was not as free as it is today. I also do not know or writing skills.

Because of my ignorance in the field of writing, I just wrote. Start writing how I feel. Write what I see and write what I criticize. I just finished writing, rereading it, and of course, there are a lot of mistakes.

Maybe it would be a different story if I had known the correct theory and rules of writing at the time. I might not be able to share my experiences in the world of writing even now.


  1. Trying to calm down

One of the keys to generating motivation to write is Namaste, or calming yourself down. Sometimes there are tons of ideas and criticism in our heads. Our mind has too many branches, which in turn causes indecision, restlessness, and ultimately, giving up.

Well, if you are experiencing this, all you have to do is calm down. Because when the mind is at peace, it will be more brilliant in making decisions.


  1. Positive vibes for writing

Remember the saying: if you hang out with blacksmiths, you’ll smell the sweat and heat of forged iron, too. On the other hand, if you hang out with perfume sellers, you’ll smell nice even if you haven’t showered.

Likewise in the world of writing. It’s important to keep in touch. If your circle of friends is made up of writers, you will find it easier to find information and opportunities in the world of writing. So that it opens up opportunities for you to become a writer like them.

On the other hand, if you want to be a writer but your circle of friends is a circle of football players. Yes, it’s hard to find ways to write written information.


  1. Every author is unique

The mistake many beginning writers make when trying to build motivation to write is that many of the beginning writers take Author A as their benchmark. So that beginners become other writers. The reason is “so that I can become a great writer like him”.

I think this is a big mistake. I believe that great writers are writers who can find uniqueness within themselves. So the uniqueness of Author A cannot easily be imitated. Because we have uniqueness and different colors.

There is one message that struck me if you want to stand out. Don’t be like other people. If we want to be like other people, then we will just be people in general and become ordinary people. There is no unique value in us.


  1. Good writing is done

Maybe some of you are wondering. What makes good writing? The answer is simple. This is writing that begins and ends. The purpose of the resolution, in this case, is in terms of analysis, and the final message has a fixed “point” and “straightforward” message.


The final message I want to convey is one of the keys to success as an author: action. As cool and genius as any idea/idea, if there’s no action then it’s just bullshit. From some of the above tips for building motivation to write, hopefully, it will bring you new color and enthusiasm.


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