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Most of us will experience mental fatigue due to various factors. However, ordinary people like us are required to be energetic and productive again as soon as possible because life goes on.


Mental fatigue itself can be defined as a lack of energy to support the spiritual side within us. Someone who is mentally tired will feel stuck and even depressed.


If you are experiencing the same thing, this post is for you. Here are 10 ways to overcome mental fatigue so you can be energized and productive again.


  1. Take a rest

Give yourself a break. After all, there is no point in moving on if the mind is not ready. Wrong-wrong, you actually made a mistake that is so big.


For example, right now you feel like your life is at rock bottom. Your financial condition is bad and your relationship with your partner is in an alarming status.


If you keep forcing yourself to try to get things done, your thoughts will become more and more saturated. It’s not impossible, you even make mistakes such as having an affair.


Yes, you read it right. There are so many cases of infidelity that occur because a person feels depressed and stuck in his life.


So, if you don’t want to end up making bad decisions like this, take a break. Don’t push yourself too much.


  1. Vacation

Taking a break in life can be done in many ways. Apart from letting your mind rest, you can also put in more effort. For example, on vacation.


There are at least two positive things that you can get by taking a vacation. First, you will have a lot of time to reflect and heal inner wounds. Second, you may find a new relationship that is more genuine and wholesome.


Learning new customs in a place will also refresh your mind. So that after traveling, you can return to life with a more prepared mentality.


  1. Learn Sincerely

The third way you can do to overcome mental fatigue is to learn to be sincere. The reason is, not a few of us are mentally tired because of having problems in the past.


You may have been hurt or a victim of someone else’s bad behavior. Incidents like this can make you sick so that you can no longer be productive in everyday life or at work.


In addition, it could also be that you have experienced protracted failure. As a result, all that you have planned nothing works.


So, what should be done?


There’s no way you can change the past. Therefore, accept the fate and events that can not be changed. Learn to be sincere so that the burden in your head will become lighter.


  1. vent

Confidence is an activity to spill what is in your head to other people. Although venting doesn’t solve the problem, this activity can significantly reduce your burden.


Just imagine if you are tired at work. You’re sick of your boss being picky. He is also anti-critic and does not hesitate to fire his employees who do wrong.


However, the salary you get at the company is quite large. And you yourself are in need of quite a lot of funds for the next few months.


Resigning or criticizing the boss with the risk of being fired is definitely not a wise move for now. Instead of being rash, you should just confide in a relative or friend.


This way, your burden will be reduced so you can be even more productive the next day.


  1. Gardening or Taking Care of Pets

Routines and a myriad of demands are two things that can make you tired, even if not to an extreme degree. You are still productive but not so optimal in doing everything.


If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong if you use your free time to garden or take care of pets. These two activities will make your mind more fresh if you really like it from the start.


For example, you’ve been very fond of plants. However, you haven’t planted a plant since middle school.


To fill your spare time, why don’t you just try gardening? You can plant a variety of vegetables, tabulampot, to beautiful flowers. Just take a few minutes in the morning or evening to water.


Then, on Sundays you can apply fertilizer and weed weeds. Although tired, there is satisfaction in every gardening activity.


  1. Go to the Nearest Mall

Don’t like gardening or caring for pets? No problem.


There are many other simple ways that can be done to overcome mental fatigue. For example, a walk to the mall.


You can invite your partner or friends to make it more exciting. Enjoy the beauty of every corner of the mall or the warmth of coffee while chatting with your friends. Allow yourself to get lost in the fun.


  1. Read Books

Books are not just windows to the world. Not a few books that have very interesting stories. You can use the stories or insights in the book to refresh your mind.


Books can also add insight and new perspectives, you know. And as we know, people who have broad insight can generally make wiser decisions.


  1. Learn Spirituality

The world is hard. Most of us would agree with this. Therefore, we tend to look for something that can calm our soul.


One of them is spirituality. Spirituality is directly related to the relationship between humans and the Almighty. And this kind of understanding can certainly help you understand the meaning of life.


For example, since childhood your life has been so difficult. When you interpret your life with a worldly perspective, of course you can be very stressed. Therefore, use other perspectives such as the perspective of spiritualism.


Thus, you don’t have to look at those accidents with a sense of inferiority. Rather, you can see these accidents as part of a mortal life full of trials.


  1. Play Games

Do you experience mental fatigue when work is piling up? Or do you experience mental fatigue when financial conditions are really bad?


Because of these things, you can’t go shopping to the mall or watch movies to refresh your mind. Even though your brain is in dire need of refreshment.


In this condition, just do cheap fun activities like playing games. Although often considered a childish activity, in fact playing games can overcome mental fatigue effectively.


You can also play games on the sidelines of a break to do assignments. You also don’t need to spend extra money and energy for this fun activity. But of course, you have to remember not to play the game all the time.


  1. Running a Healthy Lifestyle

A person’s mental health is closely related to his physical health. Therefore, if you are feeling empty because of a tired soul, you should improve your lifestyle.


Stop staying up late, reduce junk food, and increase consumption of vegetables. With simple things like this, your body will be better.


Your soul will be helped, you know. Because you will not experience problems such as stomach acid that can cause confusion in someone’s mind.



Not only physically can be tired, the mental aspect in a human being can also experience fatigue. The causes range from routine, constant failure, to tragedy.


Both physical and mental fatigue can interfere with one’s productivity. In fact, life goes on no matter what we experience.


Letting the fatigue drag on is definitely not a solution. Therefore, follow the 10 ways to overcome mental fatigue above. May be useful!


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