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How To Overcome The Habit of Procrastination ? Procrastinator is a term that refers to the nature of someone who likes to procrastinate. A person is called a procrastinator if he stays relaxed even though he actually has a tough job. He will only start work when the deadline is near.

Most people think procrastinators live life on their own. And although the assumption is understandable, but more than that, the procrastinators also often suffer.

They usually feel like a failure because they have difficulty achieving their goals in life. If left to adulthood, this attitude of procrastination will have a worse impact in terms of work to romantic relationships.

If you’re used to procrastinating, don’t beat yourself up. Here are 10 ways to overcome the habit of procrastination that you need to do.

  1. Intention to Change

Start all changes with good intentions. What would make you want to stop being a procrastinator? Is it because you realize that this attitude has a bad impact on the life you live? Or because you want to be a better person for those you love?

The intention to change is a very vital first step because many procrastinators are wrongly educated from childhood. They are generally accustomed to lack of discipline by their own parents so that they have difficulty working in an orderly manner as adults.

When they want to change the habits that have been ingrained since childhood, it is clear that the effort spent is not small. Hence, you need big and strong intentions.

  1. Define Life Goals

The habit of procrastinating work is sometimes caused because we don’t have a purpose in life. We don’t have big goals or goals to achieve. So, we don’t feel the need to live disciplined and work on time.

If this is the case, try to determine first what is your goal in this world. The purpose of life does not always have to be the same as the standards in society. You can create your own personal goals.

After that, work diligently to achieve what you want. With a clear goal, usually people will be more enthusiastic about work.

  1. Create a New Lifestyle

How To Overcome The Habit of Procrastination

To be able to How To Overcome The Habit of Procrastination , you need a new lifestyle. You can’t just change your procrastination habit. For example, until today you live with a very relaxed lifestyle. You wake up arbitrarily and stay up late at night to watch Youtube. These habits, although not directly related to work, can make a procrastinator’s attitude worse.

If you really want to change, you obviously need to make your daily schedule more orderly. Get up in the morning, stay up late, and eat on time. It would be even better, if you also apply a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A fit body will definitely make our minds more focused at work.

  1. Breaking Big Jobs into Small Projects

Heavy work is often a scourge in itself. We feel afraid so we are reluctant to start the work. That’s why we should break down big jobs into small jobs. For example, you are assigned to translate a 15 page scientific paper full of difficult terms. You feel less confident because so far you have never been in charge of translating such an important document.

Well, instead of feeling excessive anxiety that leads to work delays, you should just start working a little bit. On the first pages of translation, don’t hesitate to ask your seniors or friends. Set a simple goal that each day you have to translate a certain percentage of the work. It doesn’t take much if you find it difficult. What is clear, every day there must be progress. That way, you can complete the project on time.

  1. Create Daily Goals and Schedule

Set goals and a schedule for what you want to do each day. Targets don’t always have to be related to your job. You can also set goals for other things, such as goals for contacting old friends and spending free time with family. When we get used to having daily targets, it will be easier for us to deal with work targets. We will also be more excited when we can execute the small targets we set every day. This sense of enthusiasm can be used as fuel the next day to achieve new targets.

  1. Avoid staying up late

As mentioned in point 3, the habit of procrastinating work is usually associated with a bad lifestyle. One of them is staying up late. Actually, it’s okay to stay up late every now and then. But not if you do this activity too often. Especially for something that is not productive.

Staying up late will damage our biological clock. This activity in the long term can make our thinking power becomes weak. Staying up late also makes us unable to get up in the morning.

And even when we wake up, our energy tends to be low. Therefore, one of the important points to overcome the habit of procrastinating is not staying up late.

  1. Asking Friends and Boyfriends for Help

There is nothing wrong with asking other people for help to erode procrastinator attitudes. You can ask friends, family, or boyfriend for help just to remind and encourage. They will definitely help you if they really love you. Because after all, your procrastinator’s attitude will definitely affect them.

Especially if you are married and have children of your own. Your personality that likes to procrastinate will have a bad impact on your partner and your own baby.

  1. Give Reward If Successful

Don’t be stingy with yourself. Remember, changing the habit of procrastinator into a habit of diligent work is not an easy thing. Therefore, if you succeed, do not hesitate to give rewards or prizes for yourself. For example, after 1 month of not being a procrastinator, you can buy the food you like or take a vacation to a place that you think is good.

Or, if you like reading and watching movies, just “treat” yourself with new books and trending movies. Enjoy your small wins when you can work well in a certain period.

  1. Use Good Apps

In this era of technology, there are many applications that can help overcome the habit of procrastinating. For example, applications that can monitor your activity and reminders of your daily goals such as Trello and Evernote. Some apps also allow you to set daily goals, monthly goals, up to yearly goals. Many of these applications can be obtained for free.

  1. Don’t Give Up Even If You Fail

Never give up even if you fail many times. Remember, changing habits that have been ingrained for a long time is not easy. It may take you months to erode the procrastinator attitude. When you fail, do some introspection and ask what went wrong with your strategy. Thus, you can be even better when facing the next job.

For example, you failed because you were tempted to watch trending K-dramas. So, next time, you can ignore all things Korean drama before the job is done.


Those are 10 suggestions that I can share with you How To Overcome The Habit of Procrastination . The habit of procrastination is not a good habit because it affects all fields. But if we want to try, we can definitely change it. Just keep trying while implementing a new lifestyle to set life goals. Gradually, you will be able to become a more disciplined person in work and various other activities. Good luck!


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