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Not GPA, but soft skills. Yes, in the world of work, often what a company needs are skills that are not assessed academically.


Because, the world of work is not the world of education or school. Employees or leaders don’t take a series of tests to make a profit.


Soft skills are a combination of various skills such as social skills, communication skills, and work ethics. Called “soft” because these skills are difficult to measure and do not appear directly.


In short, you need soft skills to work well. Come learn and apply the 10 soft skills needed in the world of work below.


  1. Teamwork

The ability to work together or team work ability is a complex ability. This skill requires a personality that is not selfish, not narcissistic, and not subjective.


For example, employee A is an introvert. While employee B is an extrovert. At first glance, people would suspect that employee B has better team work skills.


But in reality, employee B always wants to win on his own and likes to put his friends down.


With such a trait, employee B can be said to not have good teamwork skills even though he has an extroverted personality. Meanwhile, employee A, although known to be a loner, turns out to be quite communicative when required to work in a team.


He can also respect the opinions of his colleagues and does not hesitate to share his ideas. Employee A is an example of a person who has good team work abilities.


If you want to master this skill, try to lower your ego. In addition, learn also not to take everything to heart. Good team work ability requires the ability to think wisely in seeing things.


  1. Communication Skills

One of the soft skills needed in the world of work is communication skills. This skill is not a single skill. Aspects range from speaking skills to listening skills.


For example, employee A is indeed very good at arguing. However, he always looked down on other people’s opinions.


So, even though employee A is good at talking, we can’t say he has good communication skills. Because he is not good at listening.


In the world of work, both speaking and listening skills are equally important. Unfortunately, many think that only speaking skills are important. In fact, there are many advantages that a person will get when he wants to listen to other people.


When we listen carefully, people will respect us. Job deals will also happen more to those who want to respect the opinions of others.


  1. Leadership

If you want to build a career as high as possible, then you must learn leadership. Leadership skills consist of very many aspects. For example, aspects of the courage to take risks, the ability to manage other people according to the job desk, to discipline in business.


Skills like this will make a person more efficient as well as visionary. Those who have good leadership skills will also be able to convince those around them.


Leadership skills cannot be learned instantly. If you want to master this skill, start acting and thinking independently.


For example, if you are a student or student, be active in an existing organization. Little by little, you will be able to cultivate these skills.


  1. Problem Solving

The world of work is a world that is always full of problems. You don’t need to do a series of tests every day. However, the problem you have to face is even more severe.


Therefore, you need to master problem solving skills. This skill can be interpreted as a person’s ability to find and implement a solution or a problem faced effectively and efficiently.


For example, a convection company boss suffered a loss at the beginning of the pandemic. He also plans to lay off some of his employees.


However, a trust employee suggested that they should just make cloth masks. He didn’t ask, it turned out that the employee’s idea was a great success and the layoffs were not carried out.


In this case, the employee shows better problem solving skills than the boss. He can solve problems that suddenly arise with solutions that not only save the company, but also provide benefits for many parties.


  1. Persistence

Persistence is also one of the soft skills needed in the world of work. Persistence itself can be interpreted as an attitude of not giving up easily. A persistent person will try hard to get what he wants.


Both employees and company bosses need to have this attitude. Because, even if someone has other abilities with perfect scores, but he is not persistent, his efforts will be difficult to achieve success.


Therefore, learn to be more persistent. Excite yourself every day. Be orderly in doing the things that must be done to achieve your target.


  1. Setting the Time

Time management or the ability to manage time is one of the skills that is often underestimated. In fact, this skill is very important.


People who are not good at managing time, their lives will fall apart. His work was unsatisfactory, he didn’t get enough sleep, and he was often late. Those who have procrastinator tendencies (like to procrastinate) usually have poor time management.


The ability to manage your own time is actually not that difficult to master. We just have to be able to discipline ourselves. We must also be able to discipline the mind so that we can do things according to schedule.


  1. Interpersonal

Interpersonal skills describe a person’s ability to deeply connect with others. Someone who has good interpersonal skills is generally warm, friendly, and mature.


One of the key interpersonal skills is empathy or the ability to feel what other people feel. In the world of work, skills like these will make you well-liked.


And as a result, you are more likely to be successful if you have good interpersonal skills.


  1. Adaptability

The soft skill needed in the next world of work is the ability to adapt. Adaptive skills can be judged from whether or not a person is able to face change.


A person with poor adaptability will complain a lot when faced with new situations. They will also show unsatisfactory work performance.


On the other hand, adaptive people will focus on adjusting rather than complaining. Their work performance can be maintained as before any changes.


Adaptive skills are important because the world of work is a constantly changing world. There are times when change is detrimental, but sometimes it is also beneficial. Most importantly, we are always ready to face any situation.


  1. Creativity

Creativity is an attitude and skill aimed at a person’s ability to think and act unconventionally. Someone who is creative is often considered eccentric, but also innovative.


For example, a cafe owner finds that Korean things are currently trending. So to increase sales, he also applied a Korean theme to the food menu in his cafe.


But he realized that the tongues of Indonesians and Koreans were very different. So for the problem of taste, he applies Indonesian-style flavors.


This quirky strategy (because it makes Korean food taste Indonesian) has proven to be more acceptable than the cafe next door which applies traditional Korean recipes.


  1. Networking

Last but not least, we must also have networking skills to succeed in the world of work. Networking skills are skills that include a person’s ability to expand and maintain relationships with others.


Skills like this are not easy to implement. Most of us will feel tired if we have to maintain contact with many people. But this is precisely where the intelligence of someone who has good networking skills is.


Those who have good networking skills can usually build relationships in a very efficient way. For example, they are not much pleasantries, but are able to make themselves memorable. They can also improve their reputation by being trustworthy.


With a self that looks credible like this, popularity will increase. People will know who they are and automatically become part of the network of people with good networking skills.



Just like academic lessons, soft skills must be learned. Otherwise, we will suffer a lot of losses. Because in the world of work, soft skills are needed.


Right now, you may feel like a failure in the office because you don’t have good soft skills. But you are not alone. Because our world of education does not pay much attention to this aspect.


So, start studying on your own. Check out the 10 soft skills needed in the world of work above and apply them in everyday life.


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