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Every parent must care about their child, be it through attitude, attention or words. It’s just that the concern of each parent is different in the way it is conveyed.


Some seem good, but not infrequently look like evil. For example, parents who are fussy or angry.


However, some children are not able to understand what is the intention behind the anger of their parents. Instead of changing, the child is even annoyed and even angry back at the parents. Not infrequently also from children whose behavior is getting worse.


Well, if you happen to have temperamental parents, here are some ways to deal with angry parents wisely.


  1. Keep Calm

You need a cool mind if your parents are angry. For that first avoid yourself from this complicated situation.


Yelling or fighting back against someone who is angry is like pouring petrol into a fire. The solution is not reached, in fact the problem is getting bigger.


You can say if you and your parents can talk again for some time. At least 30 minutes to cool the mind.


Or if not, just accept what they say first. Think back to what was said. You can wait until the next day to see your parents again.


  1. Practice Self-Control

Cold thoughts don’t come suddenly. Self-control and cool thinking need to be trained. You can do this when alone. Sit with your back straight, then take a slow breath.


The process of taking this breath is carried out for 5 to 6 seconds. Then hold your breath for about 2 seconds and exhale slowly.


Repeat this process 10 times at a time. You can practice this process of self-control when asking for “time off” as in point 1.


  1. Listen First

When parents are angry, it is certain that they are emotionally frantic. Not to mention if the problems about you also overlap with other problems they are facing.


That way, it would be better if dealing with angry parents is done by hearing their complaints first.


It could be that they just want to ask you for help to understand them better. Save your comments so your parents don’t utter an emotional word.


  1. Good Communication

Regardless of your age, you will still be considered a child by your parents. But that doesn’t mean you’re free to be childish.


Especially in terms of communication. When your parents are angry, you need to be able to communicate in a healthy way, not get carried away.


Imitating an angry parent, for example by replying to a rude word, will only make them more upset. After a bit of relief, just release your thoughts with a polite choice of words and tones. Look them in the eye and don’t look the other way.


Talking with your eyes will make you appear more honest and sincere. Present problems and solutions from your point of view in a good way.


  1. Say If It Hurts

Not just once or twice, the angry nature of parents can come out many times without them realizing it. For that, when the atmosphere begins to subside, you can say that the words or actions of angry parents hurt you. Especially when they scream.


It could be that the treatment of parents who are always angry if reprimanding you is considered normal by them. There are even parents who are not aware that this attitude is sometimes inappropriate.


Then you, as the affected party, can honestly say that parental anger has a negative impact on your psychology.


  1. Go Out for Relaxation

Going for short walks is also an effective way to deal with angry parents. By taking a break from their sight, you can calm your mind. Walking in a different environment also makes the body more relaxed.


Fill your mind with positive thoughts during relaxation. Stay away from prejudices that are not necessarily true. Recall beautiful memories with parents so that the heart becomes calmer.


  1. Find Solutions Together

When the mind is calm and relaxed and able to speak from heart to heart, then use this moment to find solutions together. What exactly do your parents demand of you? Why do you persist in your unalterable principles?


You can discuss these two important things with your parents. Compromise well with them.


Take the positive and negative impact of the decision to be taken, for you and your parents. By having these discussions, who knows you will find a better solution than thinking together.


  1. Change If It’s Good

An angry parent may be making suggestions for improvement to you. However, this is like giving a gemstone by throwing it on the head. It’s not the gemstones that you remember, the pain in your head that keeps ringing.


Likewise when your parents are advising you in an angry way. Not advice that is obtained, even heartache that is always remembered. For that lower your ego and rethink what your parents have said.


Are their words really useful for your change for the better? Or useful for your future later? If so, then there’s nothing wrong with changing for the better.


  1. Know the Type of Violence

To deal with angry parents who often swear, then you need to learn about verbal abuse. This verbal abuse is possible in all types of families with various economic statuses.


Some identifications of verbal violence include using threats, cursing with insults to humiliating in public.


Also know if you feel afraid of your parents? Some of the effects of verbal violence can cause children to have problems, shut themselves off from social interactions, don’t demand and always give in to depression.


If you feel this every parent is angry, then something is not healthy with the relationship in your family.


  1. Ask for Help

If you do experience violence, especially verbal abuse when your parents are angry, it’s a good idea to ask for help. It would be better if you contact the party who is authorized to solve the problem. For example, reporting to the Indonesian Child Protection Commission or KPAI.


If it feels too far out of reach, you can ask someone close for help. For example, an elder and trustworthy relative mediates the problem. Or if you are still in school, you can ask a teacher for help.



These are some wise ways to deal with angry and temperamental parents. Of course as a child you don’t want to be someone who is disobedient to your parents, right? Therefore, always face your parents with a cool head and an open heart.


Remember, they were once a child, but you were never a parent. In addition, facing different times also affects the output of different attitudes. Good luck!


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