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Many people think that fishing is a futile thing. Sit and wait for hours on the banks of rivers, ponds, or the sea waiting for fish to stick on the hook. Make no mistake fishing has a fun side. You will never know the feeling of the angler mania who gave up his money to buy the best set of tools for fishing. Prices are not only around hundreds of thousands, but up to millions of rupiah to buy fishing rods. Unmitigated they bought at a high price, although in the end the fish caught could not balance the price of fishing rods.


Happiness, pleasure, and hobbies are a series that money cannot buy. No matter how much money you spend, if you are not happy, it is also useless. That’s what mania anglers feel. Satisfaction above all.


Why do people get crazy about fishing? Why is fishing a hobby in itself and unique to them? It turns out that there are many benefits of fishing for mania anglers.


The following is an explanation of the benefits of fishing:


  1. It’s fun waiting for the fish to flock to the hook

Have you ever fished? If at first you are not fond of fishing, how do you know how much fun it is when you wait for the fish to swarm under your hook? the scene when the fish start to attack and approach the hook, then with special skills and expertise you pull the fishing rod, it doesn’t mean you can get the fish, it’s possible that the fish will stay stuck on the hook, but you may lose it. That’s the interesting part of fishing. Fish can also be used for fish therapy to maintain your health by letting your feet in the fish pond and surrounded by fish so that the fish bite your toes, this can improve blood circulation and other fish therapy benefits.


  1. Including light exercise

Who would have thought fishing to be a form of light exercise? True, the hobby of fishing is not only fun but also a form of light exercise for you. It starts when you throw the fishing rod, wait for it while relaxing, then pull the fishing rod firmly which only rests on one lever. Then you pull the fish, and get your own pleasure. And one of these activities includes light exercise.


In addition to fishing, there are many other light sports such as:

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benefits of night exercise

the benefits of skipping


  1. Stress reliever and tired world

Anglers mania already understand that fishing can make it a drug to ward off stress and fatigue. You will relax your mind and heart while waiting for the fish to flock to your hook. even some people do things to wait for fish in many ways such as while sleeping, chatting with friends, and other ways. When you manage to get a fish, the satisfaction you will get and can relieve stress and fatigue that occurs in your life.


In addition to fishing, there are many other ways to relieve stress and other worldly fatigue such as:

Benefits of cycling

morning exercise benefits

benefits of playing guitar


  1. Practice patience

Fishing is also a form of practicing patience for you. fish will teach you to be patient at every step and your effort. Buying the best fishing gear, looking for the tastiest food for fish, and waiting for the fish are forms of business. After that you just need to try and pray that the bait you loose in the sea, or lake can make the fish trapped while practicing your patience to wait for the fish you dream of successfully entering your bait trap. Besides fishing, there are many other things that can train your patience, namely the benefits of playing chess.


  1. Adding social relations

Waiting for the fish to fall asleep with your hook certainly takes a long time. During that time, you will just be silent. Of course if you are someone who doesn’t want to let go of the experience, you will make social connections. Of course, you are not alone there, there are mania anglers who go fishing and it’s not wrong if you share information and socialize with each other while waiting for the fishing rod you throw to get caught by the fish. Besides fishing, there are many other ways to increase social relations, namely the benefits of mountain climbing.


  1. Practice concentration

Throwing bait for the fish is certainly not just a normal throw, you have to concentrate on throwing the bait to the right place and see where the fish are hiding and many are swarmed by fish. This helps you get faster and satisfying results in fishing.


In addition to fishing, there are many other ways to train concentration, namely:

benefits of yoga

benefits of meditation

the benefits of playing the piano


  1. Tours and holidays

Going fishing, of course, means that you will visit places that are fun. Why? Fish can not survive long in places that are hot, boring, and full of pollution. Angler mania must have understood which place is the most comfortable for fishing, in addition to a lot of fish and a very suitable place to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature.


And there are many more vacation spots that are used for fishing, namely:

river benefits

lake benefits


  1. Excellent physical training

A good fishing spot is certainly not just anywhere on the roadside. Indeed some anglers a lot sitting there and waiting for the fish. Believe me, the fish will not be as good and beautiful as the fish on the hill, next to the grass, and with clear water eyes. Of course this place is not easy to find. Even if you go there, must require extra energy. That’s one form of prime physical exercise.


And there are many more activities to train excellent physical besides fishing, namely:

benefits of push ups

fitness benefits

benefits of sit ups


  1. One form of psychiatric therapy

At a Scottish hospital, fishing is a form of psychiatric therapy for his patients. The activities carried out during fishing are quite helpful for people who have mental and mental disorders to calm down. They admit that fishing activities are also able to stimulate the brain well.


In addition to fishing, there are still many forms of psychiatric therapy such as:

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positive thinking benefits


  1. The form of diversion of negative things

If you feel you have a lot of free time, don’t think about doing bad things. Try to take advantage of light but also useful activities. One of them is by fishing. This activity is not only light but also fun. Good enough to be a solution to prevent you from doing bad things.


In addition to fishing, other things that can be used to divert negative things are by:

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benefits of reading the quran


  1. Get rid of boredom

As long as you are fishing, boredom will disappear from you. because this activity is done with fun and easy. From you prepare bait for your target fish, then throw the hook and wait for it. During that time you will meet many people with the same hobby. Then your target fish has been successfully obtained.


Here is an explanation of the benefits of fishing which has many positive benefits. Hopefully this explanation can be useful.


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