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Coming up with the idea of ​​writing a story wasn’t easy. Writers who have flying lessons still have trouble coming up with story-writing ideas. Especially for beginning writers. It turns out that finding an idea takes skill and refinement.

So anyone pursuing and researching the science of writing needs to sharpen their five senses. Oh yes, there are many different ways to talk about how people come up with ideas to write their stories. We know that every person is unique. Everyone has their theory of life.

So, in this article, I will share story writing ideas. The following tips are not an absolute science, but a different perspective. What are the tips for finding writing ideas? Let’s see.


Tips for finding writing ideas

The classic novice writer question I get a lot is: How do I find writing ideas? In general, you can find writing ideas with the following tips.


  1. Read more books

A general tip you can also do to find writing ideas is to read a lot of books. Reading is a window to the world. Reading is the main source to add knowledge and new perspectives.

The more books you read, the more information and knowledge you will gain. The knowledge stored in the brain will stimulate us to think and analyze critically. From the results of this thinking, you will find it easier to come up with writing ideas.


  1. Take a walk

There are many ways to find writing ideas. One of them is going for a walk. Did you know that walking also trains our brain to think critically and stimulates our brain to develop?

It is said that if we pass an unusual road that we have never visited, we can exercise our brain acuity. In the meantime, many ideas spontaneously come to me from my own experience while driving or having a picnic.

The ideas that emerge are somewhat abstract. Well, if you have the same experience, you can easily record the idea on your phone. So that we are always ready to write, we can simply develop further.


  1. Increase personal experience

The idea of ​​writing a story can also come from bringing up personal experiences. This is the easiest way and most commonly used by beginners. Maybe you can try this method too.

It can also bring forth other people’s experiences, which are then manipulated with your imagination to make them more vivid and interesting. Writing down personal experiences without being steeped in fantasy and emotion seems monotonous and boring. Of course, the ability to process words, sentences, and images is also required.


  1. Watch Movies

Idea generation tips don’t have to be done in a serious way like reading books or doing research. It can also be with interesting and exciting things for you. For example, watching movies.

Turns out, that watching movies is also one of the best tips for getting writing ideas. Just make sure to minimize the resemblance of the ideas to the movie you’re watching. Because later you can commit an offense for plagiarizing other people’s work. Such things should be avoided.


  1. Meet new people

Besides trivial and ordinary activities like meeting new people, it can also help generate story ideas. When we meet other people, we interact and share stories.

When we meet other people, we often don’t just say hello. But we also exchange information and opinions. At least we can get a new perspective on how to deal with the problem. These new things from other people will inspire us to think critically and can be used as inspirational story ideas and have useful values ​​for others.


  1. Looking for a mentor

You can also find a writing mentor. Maybe someone asks how mentors write. There are many possibilities. You can find a writing specialist mentor. If you don’t have enough money to pay for a mentor, you can take the advice I gave earlier.

Yes, that’s right. Follow or apply to print media, newspaper media, or writing communities. To be able to enter any of them requires a long selection and seriousness. Well, if you manage to pass and be a part of it, then you can work and learn about the world of writing at the same time.


  1. Listen to songs

A fun way to get ideas for writing that you might do often. Yes, that’s right! Listening to songs. So, listening to songs can help stimulate our brains to think and think and eventually generate ideas for writing stories.

How it goes? It’s easy. The secret is to just enjoy the music and lyrics of the song. Then record and feel. Don’t overwhelm yourself. IDEAS MUST COME. just enjoy it Follow the experience of your feelings while listening to the song. Let the brain relax while listening. That’s how the idea came up younger.


  1. Looking for the most convenient place

For those of you who are introverted types who like silence, tips on finding story writing ideas can be given by finding the most convenient place. If you feel at home and can find many ideas at home, why follow some of the tips above?

So the tips for collecting story writing ideas for each person are different. Everyone conveniently defines the word differently. Introverts define “comfortable” in terms of calm, quiet, and so on. On the other hand, extroverts define “comfort” as a busy situation, hanging out with friends, going out here and there.


  1. Expand research

For those of you who like scientific things, science is objective and prioritizes data when writing stories. So, research can help you find writing ideas.

When we talk about how to research, many choices can be made. For example by reading books, research, observations, and interviews. In general, this method is carried out to get interesting ideas for stories, and not carelessly.

So to make a fictional story based on the idea as a whole. Some combine the author’s imagination and then work together with the data that the author found. Of course, the packaging and writing of data is not factually written, but it is crisply packaged and delicious to enjoy nonetheless.


  1. The atmosphere is heartbroken/disappointed/sad

Not always does one come up with the idea of ​​​​writing a story cheerfully, concentrated, and in comfortable conditions. However, being sad, heartbroken, and disappointed is also the best moment to get ideas for writing.

People who are heartbroken/hurt or disappointed are suddenly good at writing status updates. Suddenly good at being a poet in status and stories. Suddenly many people become reliable writers when their hearts are hurt and broken. Unfortunately, they throw it in their stories and on their social media status.

Maybe it would be more interesting if it was made into a short story or a book. The results can then be sent to newspapers, tabloids, or electronic media. Not bad if it’s busy you can get snacks for a small fee. And this is a positive way of expressing negative emotions. And that goes for the overly lucky too.


  1. Discussion

Quality talks can also help you come up with writing ideas. Discussion as a stimulus stimulates the brain to think freely. While the shape of the stimulus itself is a lot. Each stimulus with another has a different response depending on our brain’s treasury to absorb information.

The idea is born when we want to think. Ideas can arise because of freedom of thought. That is, there are no rules and restrictions that require this and that.

Creativity comes from the freedom to think. In other words, don’t force ideas, but let go of thoughts and feelings that allow the information stored in our brain to flow, analyze, and ultimately create an idea.


The secret of becoming a writer

After learning the idea generation tips above, it turns out that many aspiring writers have extraordinary ideas. But some people find it difficult to write it down. The reasons also vary, some being time related, busy and fearful, or lacking in confidence.

The secret of being a writer is 99% action. The idea of ​​writing is only 1%. Based on the little observations I made while accompanying students who “he said” wanted to be writers, some of them were constrained by action.

You have incredibly brilliant ideas. The ideas are diverse and the ideas are great. Unfortunately, they didn’t write it down right away. They are afraid to step on their feet. While the idea is mediocre. but because there is a greater “action” impetus, it is precisely the ordinary who produces a work first, even if it is still superficial.

The problem of superficial work is better in my opinion, and that’s half the success of them. Because they dared to fight and conquer the fear within themselves. I know very well how it felt when I first wrote. Know the fears running through your mind.

Where what we’re worried about isn’t necessarily happening. So for those of you who have the urge to work. Whether short stories, poems, or books, it is the courage to start. Don’t bother with the content of the letter, it may be a typo, the idea is not interesting, and the style of the danger is also not right. Get rid of this kind of fear.

Because the fear that lingers and is sustained will only prevent you from writing it down right away. If you’re one of those people who has a hard time coming up with great story-writing ideas, that’s okay. Because the idea of ​​writing is simple, you can still write.

Whether an idea is brilliant or not depends on the language style and the flow we make. No matter how cool the idea is and no matter how many ideas we get when it comes to execution, the plot type is less interesting. Then the writing still becomes monotonous and just like that.


Well, a little throwback to the idea of ​​writing a story from Bukunesia will hopefully not only provide insight and knowledge about the world of writing. But it also motivates you to focus on daring to write.


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