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Because we are so busy in the world of work or academics, we often forget what we live in this world for. Our minds are filled with routines that seem endless. The days pass, and at some point we feel an acute emptiness.


At times like this, you may be contemplating the meaning of the life you have lived. It could also be that you are protesting to yourself for living a completely meaningless life. What do you need to do to get out of this condition?


If you’re still confused, don’t worry. Here are 11 ways to enjoy life so that your life can be more meaningful.


  1. Define Your Life Purpose

How we enjoy life is very dependent on how we interpret this life. There are those who view life as a blessing, a test, to an adventure.


Please interpret this life according to your personal version or according to the religion you believe in. After that decide what you want to do while still alive.


With a personal meaning and a purpose, you will not get lost among the various twists and turns of the world’s journey. You know what your goals are and will fight for them. You are not just a robot that only eats, sleeps and works.


  1. Be grateful for the little things

Little things come and go. And it’s from those little things that our lives are strung together from beginning to end.


Unfortunately, little things like this are often forgotten. Most of us are busy chasing and dreaming big things. In fact, life is so short and not all of us can experience great things in life.


Therefore, try to appreciate every thing that happens to you. Just sitting on a sunny Saturday is a pleasure in itself. Especially when you can see the smiles of the people you love.


  1. Avoid Toxic People

One way to enjoy a meaningful life that people often forget is to avoid toxic people. Yes, avoid those who will make you physically and mentally tormented.


Because, if you allow yourself to be with them, you will bear a heavy emotional burden. You will constantly feel inferior and less happy.


Toxic people, whether it’s narcissistic, possessive, or selfish will not do you any good except to make you sad.


So, look for other friends who are sincere and can establish healthy relationships. Every minute in life will feel more meaningful with the presence of a good friend.


  1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone has their own path. Some are already successful in their teens. However, there are also those who are still up and down until they are half a century old.


Do you know the story of the founder of KFC from America? He just succeeded at the end of his old age, you know. So don’t be quick to judge yourself, who is currently not considered successful. Especially to compare with others.


Better, live life with a focus on self-development. Continue to hone your skills and broaden your horizons. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a healthy but forward-looking life.


  1. Always Be a Helpful Person

Be a useful person. Happiness will come to those who share with others. In addition, you will find that life has a wider meaning.


Because when you help others, you get a new perspective. You will hear stories and views that you may not have known before.


In some ways, you will be grateful for the life you live. Because there are still many people who are not as lucky as you. Thus, you will grow to be a wiser person and it is easy to be grateful for the blessings that God has given you.


  1. Don’t Just Think About Materials

Life is not just about material things. There are various things that we can look for in this life, be it love, spirituality, to knowledge. So, when measuring success in life, don’t just look at material things.


To apply this way of enjoying life to be more meaningful, try to join a supportive community. For example, joining an animal lover group, religious studies, to social organizations.


  1. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Due to our busy lives, we often forget our loved ones. We ignore our parents, siblings, and old friends.


We ignore these people because we feel the need to do more important things. Once or twice is okay. However, don’t let the relationship just break up.


At certain moments, spend time with them. You can take your parents to eat together once a week, hangout with old friends, and go shopping with relatives on the weekends. Although simple, this activity will allow you to enjoy every second of this life.


  1. Do Your Hobby

Almost everyone has a hobby. And, pursuing a hobby is not wrong. YOLO the people of the United States say. That is, You Only Live Once (You only live once).


As long as the hobby does not harm others, just do what you want. This is important to remember because most people will abandon their hobbies over time.


As a result, life feels like an unpleasant routine. Life gets really boring when we don’t have anything interesting to do.


So, never forget your hobbies. Because maybe by doing that hobby, you can be happy in this life.


  1. Enjoy Every Process of Reaching Dreams

The pleasure of living life is not only obtained when you have achieved what you aspire to. Another way to enjoy a meaningful life lies precisely when we are trying to reach each other’s dreams.


Yes, appreciate the process. You shouldn’t be too tense when it comes to pursuing what you want. Because if you are nervous and tense, you will never feel the pleasure during the struggle.


Life becomes something scary if that is the case. When you fail, you will only grieve because your tension and concern are completely unresolved.


Compare if you enjoy the process of reaching that dream. Success or not, you can be happier.


  1. Be Brave

Lots of people regret later on because they didn’t dare to decide. They are afraid to go out of their comfort zone so that they end up only harboring deep disappointment.


Therefore, be a person who is more courageous in making decisions. As long as the decision is not a bad decision, you don’t have to hesitate. Make the most of all the opportunities that are in front of you.


  1. Forget the Past

Not everyone gets what they dream of. Not everyone can pursue a career in the field he likes. Some are forced by their parents, forced by circumstances, to feel wrong in the middle of the road.


As we get older, we obviously can’t change things like that easily. Imagine, if you are a father who does not like his profession. Even if you want to resign, you have dependents in the form of children and wife.


In such situations, it is better to learn to be sincere and forgive. Regarding your work, view it as an obligation to provide for the family. So, even if you don’t like it, at least it has a special meaning that is not trivial.



Enjoying a meaningful life is a phrase that is easy to say but often overlooked. Most of us forget what we are living for because we care more about artificial things and daily routines.


However, life is so short. We will be very sorry at the end of our age if we waste the time we have.


Therefore, try to live a better life. Follow the 10 ways to enjoy life above so you don’t live a life like a robot.


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