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12 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Boredom at Home
12 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Boredom at Home

There are many things that make you required to do activities at home. Whether it’s because of the profession as an online worker or a housewife, the holiday atmosphere or even government policies related to a disease outbreak.


Of course, it’s natural for you to feel bored when you are at home continuously for 24 hours. Boredom will appear when you feel you don’t have much activity and can’t go out even just to wash your eyes.


But if you look closely, there are actually many positive things that can be done from inside the house. What are those?


Well, here are some surefire ways to get rid of boredom at home while continuing to upgrade yourself.


  1. Change Routine

Tired of doing the same thing? Try changing the routine you usually do at home. If you’re used to getting up and showering, cooking, and so on, try changing the order.


You can wake up then do exercise first. Change the afternoon routine which usually cleans the house and then does the laundry.


Or maybe if you’re used to gardening on weekends, try gardening on weekdays. Small steps by changing this habit are changes that can reduce your boredom.


  1. Food Recipe Experiment

Experimenting with cooking is a unique way to get rid of boredom in the house. You can do this when preparing lunch or dinner. This activity will certainly hone your cooking skills.


Try some recipes you’ve never tried before, such as foreign or healthy dishes. Or maybe you can also try a snack or cake recipe. Who knows your recipe can be traded later.


  1. Work

Practicing creativity by producing a masterpiece is a way to positively relieve boredom at home. This activity can be done by anyone, with any profession.


Including housewives to students. Even more fun, if the work can be sold and bring in additional income.


Some of the unique creativity that can be done include knitting, sewing, painting and even flower arrangement. In addition to improving your skills, these skills can also be developed into a home industry, you know.


  1. Write

Not only working, eliminating boredom can also be overcome by writing. Like honing skills, writing is also beneficial for your brain development. You can start writing by noting what happened that day, your dreams, or just the thoughts in your heart.


When you have started to enjoy the writing process, this activity can be developed further by writing a work. Whether you want to create a blog that contains non-fiction information, poetry, prose or fiction created by your own imagination. If possible, you can also apply to become a contributor online.


  1. Redecorate the Interior

It could be that you are bored because you are tired of seeing the interior layout that is just like that every day. For that, redecorating the interior of the house can be a fun activity. Move some furniture into another room, change wall hangings and add or remove unnecessary knick-knacks.


While redecorating, you can also clean the house. For example today for the room, tomorrow for the living room, the day after tomorrow for the kitchen, and so on. No need to do it all at once. Once finished you will feel satisfied and the mind becomes more fresh.


  1. Take up a new hobby

Overcome boredom by drawing

Coping with boredom or boredom can also be overcome by doing a new hobby. If you like reading because of the storyline, try watching movies from a laptop that also has a plot, or vice versa. You can also try watching movies from genres you don’t like to be more challenged.


Not only a new hobby, you can also deepen the hobby you are interested in. Deepening hobbies can be learned from books, magazines or even from the internet.


For example, if you like to draw, try different drawing techniques with different media. Drawing landscapes, realistic faces, manga to abstract images can also be considered.


  1. Playing Games

In addition to doing hobbies, entertainment such as games can also relieve boredom at home for a while. You can occasionally try online games on your phone. Besides that, you can also install some new games on your computer or laptop.


Playing games feels like a waste of time. But actually there are many positive sides too you know.


This game can more or less help your creativity to strategize, think calmly in times of crisis and control emotions. Besides that, playing games also keeps us motivated to keep conquering the levels in it.


  1. Take Online Courses

Taking workshops or online courses can also be an option to spend time from home. Apart from getting rid of boredom, this online course can also increase knowledge and improve skills. It is even possible that you will also make new friends from the course.


  1. Sports

One other useful activity to pass the time is by exercising. Many sports can be done from home. Starting from the treadmill, pilates, yoga to other sports that build muscles such as push ups and sit ups.


Do light exercise first so you don’t feel overwhelmed. When you get used to it, increase the level with more strenuous exercise. With exercise, boredom disappears and the body becomes more fit.


  1. Take Care of Yourself

What’s more fun than relaxing and taking care of yourself? Especially for you women.


Not only the mind that feels bored and needs relaxation, your body also needs it. Take advantage of this boring free time to do body care independently.


Some body treatments to choose from include facial masks, body scrubs to hair treatments such as hair masks or cream baths. You can use synthetic or organic ingredients that you make yourself.


  1. Contacting Relatives or Friends

To relieve boredom at home alone, you can call relatives or friends and invite them to come to your house. You can show some of the skills that you have trained in the previous point. For example, serving dishes from their own experiments.


In addition, boredom can also disappear if you share stories with them. A pleasant conversation will make the long time pass no longer felt. In addition, sharing stories can also bring new inspiration.


  1. Sleep

If you are stuck and don’t want to do activities because you are lazy or bored, sleep can be a last resort. Sleep is the activity that most people are interested in. Relaxation by resting the mind and body through sleep can make the body fresher.


But need to remember the time yes. Do not sleep too long, either sleeping at night or napping. This is because it can make your body achy and unfit.



Those are some ways to get rid of boredom at home that you can do alone or with your family. Doing these activities alternately from day to day will certainly provide tremendous positive energy.


In addition, by doing so, you will also gain new experiences and lessons. Have a good activity!


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