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The future is one of the reasons and motivations for a human being to live. Because the future is a place for everyone’s hopes, goals or aspirations. Therefore, having a solid plan for the future is a very good strategy.


So that your plans run more mature and not far from your desires or dreams, then making plans while you are still young will provide many benefits. One is that you have plenty of opportunities to go through trial and error.


Feeling inexperienced in making plans at a young age? No need to worry. The following are some ways to plan for the future early on that you can do.


  1. Set goals

Imagine you are driving a vehicle and have no destination. Surely you will just wander around aimlessly. In addition to wasting time, vehicle fuel will also decrease.


Likewise life, if there is no purpose, of course you will go round and round doing the same thing. Boring and energy will be drained for something that does not produce results. Therefore, set your goals with the SMART technique. Both for the long term and short term.


For example, if you are a man who is still in high school, your goal could be something like this:


Passed the ITB mining major entrance exam

Completed college in 4 years

Own your own house when you are 30 years old.

  1. Take advantage of your youth

The best planning is to take advantage of a young age where in this era you have excess energy to work or move. Try to have a picture of the future in the next five or ten years. With that description you can determine the steps to achieve it.


It’s good to live in the present and enjoy it, but don’t get too carried away. More or less, when you were young, what you wanted to be when you were old.


Time cannot be repeated, make the most of it. For example, study hard and join organizations to train your leadership.


  1. Have a Strong Motivation

To become an expert in planning for the future early on, determination or positive thoughts for success can be a big influence. This determination must be accompanied by a continuous injection of motivation.


How to cultivate it, of course, by learning a lot from experts or successful figures who are full of motivation. You can start charting the future by watching videos of successful people and understanding their mindset.


Some names such as Elon Musk, Jack Ma, BJ Habibie, Merry Riana to Nadiem Makarim can be used as role models for successful people in their respective fields.


  1. Recognize Interests and Talents

Knowing your interests and talents from an early age is one of the best provisions for the future. Through knowledge of your interests and talents, you will be able to determine what further education and work you will pursue.


Education or work that matches your talents will make you happy to do it. That way the stress obtained will also not be too high.


For example, your talent interest is drawing, then you can major in design and eventually make it a permanent job.


  1. Differentiate Passion and Hobby

If your future is in a field that matches your passion, it will definitely make you happier. Being in a field that matches your passion can make you more productive and feel like just playing. But at this point it is necessary to distinguish between passion and hobby so as not to make the wrong choice.


Hobbies are pleasures that you do in your spare time. While passion is a pleasure that you are willing not to be paid to do but can be a field of income. Hobbies, although pleasures, cannot make money.


  1. Improve Skill

After knowing your interests, talents and majors or your dream job, the next step is to hone your skills. Improving this skill will certainly help your job a lot to make it easier.


Sort what skills you want to learn according to priority. After that sharpen one by one. No need to rush, make the process of honing these skills a lifelong learning.


  1. Good at Reading Trends and Future Careers

In addition to aspirations for a career in a field that matches your interests, talents and passions, planning for the future from an early age also requires careful reading of future career opportunities or trends. It would be a little sad if the field that we want to be involved in in the future will be replaced by technological sophistication.


Therefore, broaden your horizons with future career, technology and business information that can be obtained from the internet, magazines or television news.


  1. Make Plans Come True

One way to make plans come true is to diligently jot down what your goals are. Do not let the ideals just buried in the mind or wishful thinking. If necessary, write them down and post them on your bedroom wall that you can see every day to keep them motivated.


After taking notes, make plans one by one by making a priority scale which one is achieved first. This order of priority is very important to keep you from being overwhelmed by all the things at once.


  1. Focus

Continuing the priority scale, the demand to focus on each goal is important. Instead of doing many plans at the same time, focus on one goal until it becomes a reality. Doing a lot of plans will only make your steps slower and heavier.


In addition, staying focused on the present is equally important. If you have experienced failure in the past, move on immediately, don’t need to remember anymore. Just make it a learning so that you are more careful in the future.


  1. Evaluate Periodically

Each plan must have its own obstacles and challenges. Conducting periodic evaluations is part of planning for the future. That way you can find out where the weaknesses and strengths lie in what has been done.


For example, for an annual goal, you might evaluate it every three months. Meanwhile, for weekly goals, you can evaluate them every weekend.


  1. Invest

In addition to ideals, preparing savings is also part of planning for the future from an early age that needs to be done. You can open a savings account and set aside some of your income – or maybe pocket money for students – to support your financial needs later.


Making savings or simple investments such as gold are some other ways that can be done to prepare capital.


  1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to investment, physical and spiritual health are also the main factors that support your future planning. It’s useless to have planned goals but it turns out that the body can’t support your dreams?


For that, live a healthy lifestyle. For example, by regulating the type and pattern of food, regular exercise, and adequate rest.


  1. Enjoy the Process

Seizing the future is very important. But enjoying each process is no less important. If your plan is good and challenging, then it is not impossible that it will take quite a long time.


Enjoying every process will make your steps less burdensome. In addition, this will also give you good memories in the future. So, enjoy the process even though many obstacles hit.



Those are 13 ways to plan for the future early on for those of you who don’t know or want to clarify more. The key is knowing your potential, strong determination and enjoying every journey into the future.


Not only ideals, lessons for self-actualization in a better direction will undoubtedly accompany your steps. Stay positive!


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