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Indonesia is one of the countries with less interest in reading. On the other hand, countries with high reading interest are developed countries or countries that are in the process of progressing. For this reason, the Government is incessantly carrying out programs related to books and reading.


Actually, reading is one of the investments for one’s self-development. This is because reading has many benefits. Apart from being in the form of information, it turns out that research by experts has found that reading the human brain and body will benefit directly.


In a way, reading does not only make yourself develop. But on a broader scale, it also supports national development. Well, here are some of the benefits of reading books that are not widely known.


  1. Make the Brain Work Stay Active

Making reading a book a hobby for children to adulthood has a function to maintain brain health until old age. This is because reading is a brain training activity that can make the brain more efficient in structural changes.


Changes in the active structure of the brain will make the brain function better, regardless of other external or internal factors.


  1. Improve Memory

According to research, reading has a different training system when compared to listening to the radio or watching television. Whatever your reading material – including the instruction manual for installing a device – can provide optimal reading benefits.


Reading can develop the ability to imagine, improve language and associative training which are all connected to certain neural circuits. This is where reading can improve the working memory or memory system in the brain.


  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s

If reading can improve memory skills, then these benefits will go hand in hand with avoiding Alzheimer’s and also dementia. This is because reading can make the brain think more often so that it can keep the brain away from all kinds of diseases related to the brain.


In addition, according to scientific research in 2001, reading books has similarities with physical activity that maintains heart pressure, strengthens bones and muscles and prevents disease.


  1. Concentration and Focus Increase

The benefit of reading the next book is to train the ability to concentrate and focus. When concentration and focus increase, then a person can sharpen brain power, able to analyze more easily to the ability to do multitasking activities.


  1. Reduce Stress

One British study also found that reading can reduce stress levels by more than 50% in a person. The research method is to ask some participants to do activities that stimulate anxiety for a few minutes.


After that the participants were divided to do other activities such as playing games, listening to music and also reading. It turned out that participants who did reading activities experienced a more significant reduction in stress compared to the other two activities.


  1. Cultivate Empathy

Empathy is one of the abilities of a person to be sympathetic, to put a position from the perspective of others, to feel the emotional state of others and to try to solve problems. Meanwhile, the ability to empathize can actually be honed by reading.


There are several works by the author that take the theme of the difficulty of a character’s life. By reading a lot of books of this type, gradually one’s ability to empathize will be sharper. Classical literature has a greater level of empathy than modern literature.


  1. Healthier Sleep Patterns

For some people who suffer from insomnia, getting used to reading a book before bed can be used as a bedtime activity. This habit can make the brain send an alarm or signal to the body as it is time to sleep.


That way, those of you who suffer from insomnia, will have a regular sleep schedule. This regularity will coincide with better sleep quality so that the body will be fresher the next day.


  1. Adding Insights

As mentioned in the opening section, the most important benefit of reading a book is to broaden your horizons. Especially if you read various genres of books, from classic to modern literature, from domestic to foreign.


  1. Media for Self-Development

Reading makes a person accustomed to seeing problems and finding solutions from the point of view of others. For this reason, this reading activity can be a means for self-reflection and a medium for self-development in a better direction.


Ideas, solutions and motivations obtained from books can be taken into consideration or comparison in making decisions.


  1. Develop Vocabulary

In addition to insight, one’s verbal ability can also be developed by reading a lot. Doing reading activities regularly will indirectly expand your vocabulary (vocabulary). Therefore, it will be very good if the hobby of reading is accustomed to children from an early age.


This is because when children still have high learning abilities, reading can develop their vocabulary skills very rapidly. Where the vocabulary is very necessary in the world of education later.


  1. Trigger Writing Ability

What’s the point of reading without trying to put it in writing? As mentioned earlier, reading can enrich your vocabulary, as well as broaden your horizons. These two capitals can be used as the basis for honing writing skills.


In addition, by reading a lot, you indirectly also know the writing style and point of view of the author. At the same time you will also get lots of ideas for your own writing material.


  1. Improve Public Speaking Skills

Furthermore, the benefit of reading books that you also indirectly get is that it can improve your public speaking skills. Actually this ability is also closely related to the expansion of vocabulary obtained from reading.


In addition to vocabulary, reading can add material to the topics discussed when you speak in public spaces. You can add a quote or author’s opinion when doing a speech, MC or other public speaking activity.


  1. Improve Analysis Ability

Whether fiction or non-fiction, there are times when you find that what you are experiencing is similar to the story in the book. For that by reading, you will begin to guess whether the ending of the story is in accordance with your thoughts.


This is what makes reading can improve your ability to analyze something.


  1. Adding Spirit

Books have various types or genres that suit various types of people’s characters. Therefore, books can make you more excited because of the positive energy in them.


For example, for those of you who want to become a successful entrepreneur, reading a book of successful figures will give you an injection of enthusiasm and motivation to do the same.


  1. Don’t Waste Precious Time

Instead of just scrolling through your phone to a friend’s account, daydreaming, or gossiping, filling your spare time with reading can certainly make your lost time more valuable.


Especially when you already know the myriad benefits of reading the above. Get in the habit of spending time reading. When alone in a room, on public transportation or while waiting for someone.



Those were 15 types of benefits of reading books that are not yet known by many people. You don’t have to buy a book to get started with reading.


Just take advantage of the public library in the area where you live to get a book loan. It saves money, but the benefits are as great as having your own book. Good luck!


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