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When writing, you need to know the terms subject, title, and subject, right? Well, this time we are discussing the differences in the subject, title, and full subject in a novel, short story, and other scholarly writings.

Do you feel confused about what topics, titles, and topics are mentioned? If so, it looks like there are a lot of friends. Many cannot tell the difference between the three. In the meantime, it is important for writers, whether they are fiction or non-fiction authors, to distinguish these three things.

Well, on this occasion, we will review examples of themes and titles and themes. In the end, there is also a table with differences between topics and titles.


Getting to know the topic

Learn the importance of the subject in a written work, including the title in a novel, short story, or academic paper.


  1. What is a topic

The subject is an idea or idea or thought aimed at helping the author develop into a scholarly/written or research report. The topic is the first part to be determined by the researcher or author.

The characteristics of the topic are selected based on general characteristics that still need to be developed further. Although the topic is still general, the topic can cover the entire content of the letter.

The topic can also be interpreted as a topic of discussion that the author uses to develop a review. Where the topic includes the entire content of the letter capable of answering questions. Topics can be written in words or short sentences.


  1. Topic Terms

The thematic requirements must be met. That must catch the author’s attention. if the writer isn’t interested in the topic, it will become difficult later in the writing process.

Terms of the topic must also be well mastered by the author. If the author does not matter what is being written, it will be difficult to finish.

The chosen topic should be narrower and more limited. When choosing a topic, be sure to choose one that contains controversy. When choosing a topic, be sure to also choose a topic that is trending and can take on national and international events.


  1. Example topic

School cleanliness (further scope of the title)

Gender (the cover can be female or male gender)

Global warming (has a larger scope, can check the effects of global warming, can also focus on the causes of global warming, and many more focuses that can be raised)


Getting to know the topic

Know the importance of the subject in a written work, including the title in a novel, short story, or academic paper.

  1. What is a topic

Theme can be interpreted as the basic idea behind the emergence of ideas or ideas. Where the subject is the basis for the development of writing.

The topic can also be interpreted as a background that stimulates the author to write about the topic. If analogous to a building, the subject is the foundation of the house. In other words, the subject becomes the fundamental foundation that makes your writing or works a good foundation or not.

Writing based on a mature topic, of course, the results of the writing are also more mature, critical, and interesting to be enjoyed by the readers.


  1. Theme Terms

The subject requirements are to be met when writing an essay. Some of them should attract the author’s attention. An interesting topic will motivate the author to review and dissect it in more detail. Also, the subject must be mastered by the author because this is the basis that encourages the author to venture into the field of digging up renewable data.

A good topic has enough material. If the material is deemed to be deficient, the author is obliged to dig up further data through literature review, research, or perhaps observation. The last requirement, make sure the topic has to be limited in scope. The goal is that no discussion is too broad and spreads everywhere, lest it finds the focus to be conveyed.


  1. Example topic

Socio-economic situation of the farmers on the slope of Merapi

The role of education in the future of rural communities


Get to know the title

Learn the meaning of the title in a written work, including the title in a novel, short story, or academic paper.


  1. What is a title?

Meanwhile, the title is a preposition that briefly describes the content and intent of the article. As for those mentioning the title with a heading. The title is a limitation of the problem posed by the author, which is written at the very beginning.


  1. Title Writing Conditions

The requirements for writing the title. Be sure to capitalize the title at the beginning of the word. If the title uses conjunctions, interjections, and prepositions, the title is lowercase. It doesn’t stop there, if reduplication and dwilingga are in the title then everything must be written with a capital letter at the beginning of each word.

Also, make sure the title is written in short, concise, and clear language. A good title is no more than nine words.


  1. Example Title

Bantul Police Chief: Victim’s mother’s movements are suspicious

Stroll around the city of Yogyakarta

Divorce Kotaku


Differences in subject and title

After you know the title, subject, and topic above. Perhaps some of you are still confused about exactly distinguishing between the three. Well, here is a table listing the differences between titles, themes, and themes.



The topic contains an overview of an item to be developed.

A topic can be used for many types of writing/reviews

Topics are general and have a broader spectrum.

The topic contains the main problem to be investigated.



The title specifically describes the structure of the work or essay.

If you are working on the same topic, each work must have a different title.

The title is specific as it describes the overall content to be reviewed

The title is just a specific model of the topic that has been narrowed down or made more focused.


These are some examples and topic titles. Though trivial and brief, hopefully, this little recap is enough to provide an overview and usefulness.


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