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4 obstacles and reasons for lazy writing for beginners
4 obstacles and reasons for lazy writing for beginners

Do you want to be a writer but lazy to write? There are many reasons why someone is lazy to write. Some of them are due to a bad mood, or lack of intention to become a writer and others to disappointment. For example, disappointed that the letter was rejected or the most painful thing was when the letter you wrote was hijacked by your friends or by someone else.

If a writer is lazy to write because the reason for hijacking the book is a way out, if your intention to become a writer was fabricated, then don’t stop writing. Even if the feeling of being lazy to write is unusual, fight it. I think that’s how I feel too. It’s hard to fight against yourself, after all, you are both a hero and an enemy.

If you want to be a writer, you need a strong mentality. Being a writer isn’t just about writing for newspapers or writing for book publishers once or twice. The good writer does not shy away from writing again and again, even in the face of bitter experiences.

Don’t think that writers with high flying hours are never lazy to write. They also go through a phase when they are lazy to write.

The difference is that they remain silent and fight the feeling of laziness and keep writing until they produce more work. It doesn’t always have to be in book form or published in local or national newspapers. But it can also be written on your blog.

Well, on this occasion, there are several reasons why someone is lazy to write. Where the reason is as a defense for unproductive writing. How are you? The following is a summary of what I have observed while working in the writing world.


No talent for writing

The first reason I hear they are lazy to write is that they have no talent. How come writing is for talent? Some believe that writing requires talent. But I believe writing is a skill. At least there are aspiring writers out there who feel like they have no talent or hope.

Writing only requires skill. Where skills can be learned and trained. When you’re trained, writing will feel light and fast, like we’re talking in everyday life. Or even more fluent writing than speaking.

Being lazy because you don’t have the talent to write is like warm chicken shit. Have a wish but are lazy to do it. Many people claim to want to be a writer. But only “want”. The reality on the pitch, they never train. Although the key to success as a writer is practice and flying lessons.

Ironically, again based on the assumption that writing is a talent. There are also many people out there willing to buy fonts, buy books, or buy magazines for their use. You feel like you have no talent, so use that as an excuse to make an immediate decision.


I don’t know how to write

The second reason you’re lazy about writing, which you might also think, is that you don’t know how to write. It is undeniable that technique and style of writing are important. But there is something more important. That’s the courage to try to write in your way.

Many beginners are confused about how to write like the A, B, and C writers. In fact, to me, every writer and author has their way, style, and theory of writing.

If we follow the same model as other writers, it’s the same that our writing doesn’t appeal to the reader. In other words, what we write is like writing in general, there is nothing special.

The reason for writing laziness is undeniable and it takes courage to start and try to write yourself. You can follow the paths and styles of other writers, but that doesn’t mean you have to be 100% the same. We learn and take only a small part of the author’s path from A, B, C, and D.

The goal is clear so you can explore it in writing. Following the style of other writers will limit your creativity and sensitivity.


Most ask, no practice

The reason for laziness in writing is only in a few cases due to hijacked writing. The case of why lazy to write another is mostly a question. The saying “I’m embarrassed to ask, lost en route” is a good one indeed. Asking is very good. The problem is asking too often, that’s why.

When you join a group of writers, it must be known to find the typical person who asks too many questions. Another problem if you ask that comes with practice and attempts at writing can be different. That’s it, I haven’t practiced yet, I asked this and that.

I have a case for this. When I attended an editorial meeting in one of the school newspapers in Yogyakarta. Some children always ask, even ask a lot. The question is good and intellectual.

At first, I was optimistic that this kid, who asked a lot of questions, was an intelligent and prolific writer. Turns out I was wrong. People who ask questions need to be more productive when writing. On the other hand, if you ask too many questions, you will hardly get any work.

Of course, not all cases are the same. At least from this point on, it’s a bit for us not to ask a lot of questions without practice. Better practice more new questions. Do not reverse as the results will be different.


Too fixated on theory

The reason for being lazy to write the next one is that it’s too fixated on theory. Writing theory is also important. But in my opinion, especially for beginners, sticking to theory is sometimes less effective. This too cannot be beaten. Everyone has different writing skills.

For some people, sticking to theory hinders exploration and saps the courage to try. The simple analogy is when motorcyclist A drives past an unfamiliar area. Without Google Maps, simply rely on your instincts and rely on the sun on as your guide. The driver is therefore free to drive into the lane based on his analysis.

The driver always takes the wrong route, that’s clear. Take longer? Yes, it’s possible. If the analysis is correct, it can also be shorter. Because of this ignorance, the motorcyclist experimented with the road, and it was through trial and error that he knew alternative roads and enriched the vocabulary of itineraries.

Likewise with writing. When writing based on ideology, analysis, and own opinion, as long as you dare to write it. Then it becomes a text. Maybe the written language is bad?

That’s natural, it’s called training and it takes flying hours. For me, the key to writing is having the courage to write in your style and way. On the journey, you will of course learn from mistakes and experiences.


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