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Have you ever had a bad day, but still showed a happy look to those around you? For some people, this is done to make them look strong in the eyes of others. All negative emotions have a negative effect when held in a person.

Negative emotions can include anything from frustration to anger to disappointment. However, when these negative emotions erupt, we are often blamed for the behavior.

For example, when we are sad, people around us usually tell us to shut up and wipe our tears. Likewise, anger is often seen as bad. As if we should always do good in front of someone.

It scares a person to talk about their feelings. In the end, he prefers to hold back his anger so as not to offend others.

While that doesn’t mean you have to be angry all the time, there are ways to express it properly. Therefore, as a part-time blog writer, I Father will explain to One Percent the negative effects of holding back anger and how to overcome it. Listen to the end, OK!

5 Bad Effects of Holding on to Anger, Why Can’t You Hold on to Anger?

5 bad effects of holding on to anger

  1. Be mildly sensitive

Have you ever felt like you’re always in a bad mood when you’re harboring anger? This will harm those around you, especially yourself. Sometimes even an innocent person gets in a bad mood because they often hold back their anger.

Someone who is holding back their anger will feel sadness, irritation, and frustration. Can you imagine if that emotion is not channeled? Well, these different feelings can also make mental states more sensitive, especially when it comes to comments made by someone about other trivial things.

When communicating, it is easy to be provoked if you find one or the other offensive behavior. In addition, these feelings can cause negative emotions to accumulate. The impact will also trigger conflicts, e.g. B. that you are not strong enough to withstand it.

  1. Passive-aggressive

The next effect of holding back anger is the cultivation of a passive-aggressive nature. This behavior is a person’s way of expressing negative emotions towards someone. For example, when a passive-aggressive person is harboring anger, they can quiet down and cause the other person to realize their mistake.

Meanwhile, someone experiencing passive-aggressive behavior can also be revealed by their actions or words, which often offend someone. You tend to be understood by others but rarely think about other people’s feelings.

  1. Difficulty concentrating

When anger isn’t managed properly, its impact on your physical and mental state can spread. Especially someone who often harbors emotions and finds it difficult to concentrate on everyday life.

For example, it is difficult to concentrate on work. Due to a lack of concentration, the work takes twice as long. Holding back emotions makes it difficult for a person to feel positive things in life. So it’s difficult to use the mind to generate positive ideas when you want to focus.

  1. Potential for depression

Anger often occurs when we are upset about something. This emotion becomes dangerous when it is held and builds up inside. Especially when that anger often makes a person think about negative things within themselves.

When a person suppresses anger, the hormones adrenaline and cortisol rise constantly. This hormone is responsible for increasing changes in heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. The metabolic changes that have the potential to damage body systems, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Someone who is depressed is very prone to becoming depressed and eventually appears to lose the strength and effort to carry out activities. Holding back anger can only prolong the depression.

  1. Influence someone’s beliefs

Have you ever met a friend who, when asked about their condition, simply replied, “I’m fine”? There are differences in facial expressions and unusual treatment. Of course, such things will confuse us as friends. Do they need help or should we just ignore them?

Also, if your friends don’t tell you the truth, it will affect your trust in them. At this stage, you should encourage your friend to tell the truth. This way you can accept him and give him time to think about his behavior.

Find out how to manage anger with online counseling

Remember that negative emotions like showing anger don’t always cause problems. You just have to understand how to use it. If the emotion becomes self-destructive, chances are it will attack your mental and physical health.

There are many ways you can deal with negative anger. One of them is to express your anger. However, there is another method that I highly recommend, and that is counseling at One Percent.

Counseling is a one-on-one counseling service with a One Percent Psychologist, where you can also learn to manage or overcome negative emotions that interfere with daily life.

6 tips to express anger without harming others.

  1. Hitting

Many people feel compelled to hit something when they are angry. Do you feel the same way?

If it does, you can vent it by hitting objects that are far from people and don’t hurt them.

You can hit a wall, play tennis, badminton, or anything else so that the punches you take to channel anger are channeled positively.

  1. Waste of energy

Somehow, when a person is angry, they feel more energy in their body.

When you are angry and you feel your energy increasing, you can increase your activity so that you feel tired.

For example by cleaning the house, redoing the arrangement of things in the house, cleaning the house and yard, and many other simple heavy things.

  1. Listen to music

Listening to music can be a way to channel your emotions and distract yourself, even when you’re angry.

Listen to the songs you like. Cry when you want to cry, scream when you want to scream. The point is that thing that’s stuck in your heart that’s making you feel suffocated needs to be released immediately.

  1. Writing

It’s also very satisfying to express all sorts of feelings in writing, even when you’re angry. Many people feel relieved when they write the story, even though no one reads it.

If you are more creative, the writing can be sent to the media and you can make money from it. Your anger has been channeled, you get money too. Would you like to try it or not?

  1. Sleep

Who would have thought that with a very simple way of sleeping, someone could make their feelings of anger much better? If you’re emotional and then go to sleep, you’re guaranteed to wake up fresh and feeling better.

Unfortunately, not everyone can sleep in an emotional state. Many of us have trouble sleeping when we are angry or have a lot of problems. Which type are you?

  1. Take a walk

Simple walks, like riding a motorbike and circling the corners of the city, can better control your emotions.

The fresh and calm air when crossing the rice fields will make you feel calmer and more comfortable. The hustle and bustle of the city will make you realize that you are not the only one having problems in this world.

Everyone has their vulnerabilities and anger. But everyone has their way of controlling it.

These are 6 tips for expressing anger without harming others. Don’t hold back anymore, okay?


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