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Benefits of the Hobby of Writing – Anyone feeling bored with the hobby of writing? Because you feel that your hobby is not satisfying or profitable for you? Wait a minute, don’t think that writing is just a doodle. There are some facts about the hobby of writing that actually have more benefits than nothing.


Curious what are the benefits of this hobby of writing? This article will thoroughly explore the facts that are often overlooked and ignored. Including the following.


5 Benefits of the Hobby of Writing


  1. Can Inspire Others

The benefits of the hobby of writing first, can inspire others. Not many writers or aspiring writers realize that writing has its advantages. It is not only beneficial for the writer, but also for the reader. At least from what you write, it can provide inspiration, enthusiasm and new knowledge for readers.


Unfortunately, if this writer’s hobby is done with negative intentions, for example writing negative information and hoaxes. Then the impact will also be negative. Not as inspiration but as a misleading form. Goals like these should be avoided.


It seems that the hobby of writing published in print or electronic media is trivial. But the roles and responsibilities that must be carried out by great writers. Even writings that are proven to be hoaxes can be reported in the article on the ITE Law. So, make sure that your writing hobby is used for positive things.


  1. As a History Recorder

The fact that the hobby of writing is no less cool, turned out to be a means of recording history. Books as one’s intellectual archive. Not only that, the benefits of the hobby of writing can also be used as a means of recording history. Of course this only applies to books and writings that record history.


A concrete example is the work written by the heroes of our nation in the past. They write about the events of the colonial period. Where the results of these writings are now very valuable. Without such records, we as a generation also know what the conditions and benefits of antiquity were like.


In the facts chapter, the hobby of writing indirectly reminds us of the message from Milan Kundera that says If you want to destroy a nation and civilization, destroy its books; then surely the nation will be destroyed. From the message it is clear that the benefits of the hobby of writing are actually an asset of a nation so that the world of literacy continues to run, to transform knowledge to our next generation.


The fact that writing is an important and big hobby can be seen from the work of Ananta Toer, whose work is still being sought after. Not because of what, but indeed the contents of his writings are very critical. So many feel threatened through the literary works he wrote. Although through literary works, he was able to hit the colonial era at that time, that’s why his books in the millennial era are still in great demand by many people.


  1. More Ageless

The benefit of the third hobby of writing, of course, is more youthful. Who doesn’t want to look young? So no need for expensive cosmetics or super sultan treatments. Enough with the hobby of writing, can make us more durable.


Why did this happen? At least when we write, indirectly our brain waves will work optimally. Brain waves that are accustomed to thinking are what will activate the forerunner of new nerve cells that support our thinking ability to be more critical, bright and good.


Where our thinking is no longer narrow. We no longer have one or two perspectives, but have many perspectives that make us more “legowo” or sincere in living everything. It is this sincerity that gives a feeling of peace, and this feeling of peace makes our thoughts more relaxed and has an impact on our appearance, one of which looks more durable.


Indeed, not all writers have an easy-going face. Because many become writers who do not start from a hobby of writing. But because of demands and obligations. Well, here’s the difference. Running a writing profession without a foundation because of a hobby or passion, will obviously be different.


The difference is actually in the impulse that will affect the pleasure. Of course, people who like to write will be happier every time they do their work, while those who make writing because of a profession without impulse only rely on external motivation. For example because of money, because of popularity and because of the project.


  1. Healthy Mentality of the Writer (Avoiding Stress)

The benefits of writing other hobbies, nourish the mentality of the writer and avoid stress. Actually, the explanation in this chapter is not much different from the explanation of the benefits of writing as a hobby that can cause you to stay young.


At least by writing, besides helping to look younger, it will minimize the occurrence of stress. In psychology, stress relief is done by catharsis. Catharsis can be done by writing, doodling through painting and many more of course.


In fact, if you go to a psychologist, you will pay quite a lot, while diligently writing you don’t need to spend money, but instead earn money from the results of writing published by the media.


  1. As an authoritative and intellectual hobby

The last benefit of the hobby of writing is that being a writer is considered a cool, authoritative and intellectual profession. Well, for those of you who have become best-selling book authors in the market. When someone asks your profession, then you answer as the author of book X. What is their reaction?


Most of their reactions would be astonishment. Or maybe you are a journalist, when asked about your profession, and when answered as a journalist. Many reactions that show you will be respected and respected. At least that’s how I feel. In fact, for us the profession that we do is normal, just like any other profession.


But the reality on the ground is not like that. Professions related to the world of writing are not only seen as more authoritative, intellectual only. But there seems to be a different impression. Maybe because the profession of being a writer who is accustomed to struggling with books is what forms the stereotype of society about a profession.


Well, those are some facts about the hobby of writing. Whether writing a book, writing a script or writing news. Hopefully, these discussions and reviews provide new insights that the benefits of the hobby of writing are very essential.


Of course, from the fact that the hobby of writing that I describe from my experience, it aims to motivate prospective writers. In order to continue the hobby of writing. After all, writing is a very noble activity and hobby and has many benefits. Not only beneficial for ourselves, but also beneficial for others and for the nation.


Of course, if you want to be useful to the nation, you must write as best you can. Provide as many benefits as possible. Not just writing a classic love story without any essence and meaningful message.


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