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For some people, hobbies are an important component that is closely related to personal life. Hobbies give you other activities besides working, sleeping, or spending time with your partner.


Hobbies are also often used as an escape to be able to spend time with positive things. In fact, most of you do it because you feel this is the thing that can make you feel happy and stay alive. Hobbies are not just relaxing, you can read the benefits of other hobbies at: 6 Benefits of Having a Hobby.


In addition to the benefits mentioned in the previous article, it turns out that hobbies can have a positive impact on health, you know, guys. Want to know what hobbies are good for health? Come on, see more below!


  1. Keeping animals

Who here has a pet cat, dog, rabbit, and so on? Yups, besides being a fun friend, the hobby of keeping animals has been proven to make you healthier, you know. You see, a study revealed that by keeping an animal means you will do activities and socialize outdoors.


And raising animals has also been shown to be beneficial for maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and preventing you from feeling lonely. Well, it’s all closely related to a reduced risk of heart attack, yes, guys.


  1. Dance

For people whose hobby is dancing, there is no doubt that dancing is one of the most enjoyable physical activities. You see, you don’t need a lot of tools, just your hands and feet and the accompaniment of music.


Many studies state that dancing will help you improve heart health, increase stamina, and strengthen bones and muscles, guys. If you feel like your home isn’t the right place for this hobby, you can join a salsa club, zumba, tango, or any other type of dance you like. In these places you will also meet many people. Of course, you will do a lot of socialization and that is good for preventing depression.


Well, to increase your enthusiasm to continue to hone your dancing hobby. You can read the inspirational story: The Story of Two Young Women Who Had to Lose a Leg, But Didn’t Lose Their Spirit at All.


  1. Music

I think in this world, almost everyone likes to listen to music. Starting from classical music, pop, and even dangdut. Hobbies listening to music or playing instruments—such as guitar, piano, etc., are considered to have a positive effect on your mental and psychic health.


In a research report conducted by Medical News Today in 2013, music can actually help strengthen the immune system, preventing you from feeling anxious and depressed. Music can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (senility), guys. You see, music provides internal stimulation that can make your brain work optimally.


In addition to providing health benefits, the hobby of playing music can also be used as a profession, you know. You can read more at: Happy National Music Day! Here are 7 Professions Related to Music.


  1. Write

You might think that sitting in front of a laptop while writing doesn’t have a significant impact on your health. Eitss, don’t get me wrong first, okay, guys! Apparently, writing can improve your mental and psychological health, you know. Especially if you write it using a book and a pen.


In addition, writing can improve brain memory and reduce stress. Several studies have also revealed that writing about personal experiences has helped people with cancer come to terms with themselves. That is, having a hobby of writing can help people with cancer to reduce stress and potentially help improve physical therapy outcomes.


Just like music, you can also make writing a hobby as a profession. Read more at: Love to Write = Become a Journalist? Not Also. This is the current career choice for those of you who love to write.


  1. Gardening

If you have open land at home, there is nothing wrong, you know, using the land to be planted with various useful plants so that the quality of your life also increases. Just imagine, guys, how many calories you will burn when you start turning the vacant land into a small garden.


This activity will certainly be useful to train stamina, flexibility, coordination and strengthen your body. Gardening will also expose you to good sunlight to meet the needs of vitamin D. According to a report published in PLOS One in 2014, by gardening every day, you can reduce your risk of developing dementia by 36% and reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack by 30%. .


That’s 5 hobbies that turn out to be beneficial for health. How are you guys? Once you know, surely you will be more motivated to continue doing this hobby to be useful, right? Be grateful if you can find a profession that matches your hobby.


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