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5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter
5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter

It turns out that hobbies don’t only function as entertainment or activities that can make you relax, friend. Hobbies can also make you smarter, you know, including if your hobby is playing video games (and not reading textbooks at all!).


Here are five hobbies that can boost your intelligence, plus an explanation.


  1. Exercise regularly

Why can you make it smarter? Because…


Exercise can improve memory of objects. That is, if you have seen an object, you will quickly remember it the next time you see the object again.


According to a 2009 Dartmouth College study, regular exercise makes the brain produce a protein substance called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which affects cognitive abilities, for example, long-term memory.


Tips: don’t exercise as a burden, guys! Choose one “moving” activity that you like the most, and do it consistently. It’s okay to jog, as long as you don’t just jog in the do’i’s mind, okay?


  1. Play a musical instrument

Why can you make it smarter? Because…

Playing a musical instrument can encourage the development of executive functions in the brain, so that your cognitive abilities and academic achievement increase rapidly.


According to a 2014 Boston Children’s Hospital study, children who can play musical instruments show improved verbal skills—in other words, their speech becomes more fluent—and information processing speed.


Tip: the younger you start learning to play music, the more benefits you will get. You don’t always have to take lessons, really. You can also learn on your own, with Youtube, for example.


  1. Play video games

Why can you make it smarter? Because…


According to Leiden University research in 2012, playing video games can develop working memory, which is a system in the brain that is responsible for storing and processing information, both new and old information.


Then, according to the results of Charite’s 2013 research, playing video games can improve our spatial navigation performance, strategic planning, and motor performance. Playing games for 30 minutes a day can increase the “gray matter” in the brain, you know. FYI, “gray matter” is the part of the brain that is the nerve center.

  1. Learn a foreign language

Why can you make it smarter? Because…


Just like the ability to play a musical instrument, the ability to speak several languages can improve executive function in the brain. If our brain’s executive function is good, we will be able to carry out tough tasks (mentally) better too.


Even the results of research from Cerebrum in 2012 said that bilingual people are better at solving puzzles or puzzles, planning, and managing tasks, because their brains are more focused and can switch tasks quickly.


Tips: lazy to learn foreign languages because you feel busy and don’t have time? The reason ah, bro! Because in fact, now there are so many mobile language learning applications that are sophisticated, practical, even free. You can study anywhere, anytime.

  1. Reading

Why can you make it smarter? Because…


Regular reading every day will increase connectivity in the left temporal cortex of the brain, which is the part of the brain associated with language absorption.


People who like to read will experience “semantic embodiment”, which is a process that resembles a brain connection when the reader experiences the real thing.


For example, here, if you read a book about running competitions, your brain will experience the connection conditions that arise when you are in a real race.


Tip: to be smart, you don’t have to read heavy or intellectual books, you know. Reading anything can make your brain “energized”, including comic books and articles on the Internet.


The point is, even though you feel like you have a lot of assignments and exams at school or college, don’t feel guilty if you take a break from time to time to do your hobbies, especially the hobbies above. Useful and will not “waste” you, really.


5 Hobbies That Can Help You Reduce Nervousness, Anxiety and Insecurity

Everyone must have felt nervous, restless, and insecure at certain moments. This nervousness can attack anyone and at any time. It doesn’t matter what your personality is.


According to research in America, approximately 40 million teenagers and adults experience anxiety disorders and lead to prolonged stress. The trigger could be a breakup, school/college exams, or problems in the family. They continue to look for ways to reduce nervousness, anxiety, and lack of confidence in dealing with things.


Luckily, Barrie Sueskind, an anxiety expert family therapist, says that there are a few simple hobbies that can help. This hobby can be done while still young so that the tendency to be nervous, restless and insecure can gradually decrease.


What’s your hobby? Let’s see!


  1. Painting and journaling

Hobbies of drawing, painting, and journaling can reduce nervousness, you know, guys. Why? Because this activity can make you focus on what you feel and try to put it in a container. Barrie suggests, try turning off your smartphone at night and doing this hobby.


It doesn’t matter if you get stuck occasionally, just relax. You can do this hobby while listening to soothing music such as the sound of rivers, waves, rain or classical music. Well, when you feel creative and productive, your self-confidence will rise.


  1. Read or watch something funny

According to Barrie, a funny book or movie can make you forget the anxiety you are feeling. Your focus becomes divided and eventually, your worries can slowly disappear.


Plus, funny books and movies teach you to see the other side of the problem. For example, you become more relaxed, so you can see a more positive side of the problem.


  1. Spending time outdoors

Scientifically, fresh air and sunlight are proven to raise a good mood. Spending time with activities outside the home also makes your blood flow smooth. So, you are not easily panicked and nervous.


Trua, outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, or just sitting under a tree help you avoid depression, you know.


  1. Doing meditation

This hobby is very popular among young people, guys. Usually, girls often combine meditation with Yoga. If you want to overcome nervousness, anxiety and insecurity, of course you have to be able to control yourself. Well, meditation is the most effective way to control your feelings.


This hobby can be done every weekend so that the results are more effective. If you don’t want to go to a Yoga studio, you can actually meditate on your own with tutorials on YouTube. These days, it’s really easy to know how to do something via the internet.


  1. Take a self-improvement class

Want to increase your confidence? One way, of course, is to continue to hone your skills in any field. Take lots of self-improvement classes. For example, short courses, seminars, or workshops. Trust me, coming to useful events makes you feel that your knowledge is increasing and you are finally more confident.


Barrie explained, learning new abilities or honing skills, both make you respect yourself. Keeps you from negative thoughts and trains you to overcome nervousness and restlessness.



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