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5+ Ways to Be an Online Writer That Makes Money
5+ Ways to Be an Online Writer That Makes Money

Many want to become online writers who can make money or additional income. Or what is often widely known today is a freelance content writer. However, many do not know how. Well, this ignorance is also fed up with many who write without getting money. If you know the way and the information, an online writer can also make money.

Maybe some of you are curious. What are the easy ways to become an online writer? relative answer. For those of high will and purpose, it will feel simple and easy. But for those who have things by halves, it will feel harder.

One of the reasons it is difficult to be an online writer is that you don’t know how and don’t know the tips. So you must know the answer as follows.


How to become an online writer making money

How to become an online writer and make money takes a lot of effort. Greed for capital alone is not enough. There are many ways to become an online writer. Take a quick look at how to become an online writer as follows.


  1. Become an online novelist

Becoming an online novelist is one of them. Although not all online newbies make money right away. At the latest with the increasing number of followers, readers, and reviewers, your novels will be gawked at by book publishers.

If the eyed book is successfully published, then it sells well, you can earn and earn from it. Isn’t it great? Starting as a hobby and idly writing novels online can bring something special.

One application you can use to become an online writer is Wattpad. Oh yes, it turns out that many Wattpad writers end up being real novelists. Maybe you are one of them.

Also, if you want to publish your printed novel, it will be a very memorable thing for you. Because it increases your income and also your expensive branding. Publish your novel at Bukunesia Publisher using the Bukunesia POD service as it is cheaper to print.


  1. Become an article writer on the site

If you feel that you don’t have the talent to write novels and only have the talent to write articles. Calm! Because you can also be a writer who makes money. Compared to writing a novel, writing an article is easier because it is relatively short.

At least writing articles aren’t written on hundreds of pages. Just two to five sheets are enough. When you write on a website portal, sometimes just a page to a page and a half is enough.

Is it true that writing on a website can make money? The answer is yes. This depends on the specific policies of the website. Not all websites give a fee for each incoming contribution. Therefore, you must inform yourself first. Don’t enter incorrectly.

Several websites can make money from the articles you write. For example, there is Babe, Mojok, and many more. Many websites are looking for writers to fill their websites through the recruitment system.

There is also a system that ships incoming items. If the article is appropriate, it is published and receives a fee and many other systems. In principle, every website owner has different guidelines and rules of the game.


  1. Become an SEO Writer (SEO Writer)

How to become an online writer that SEO article writers are looking for lately. No half-heartedness and the fee offered is pretty good too. However, not all article authors can write SEO articles. Or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of SEO articles?

SEO articles are article writing tricks to increase website ratings and expand article reach for readers. SEO itself is derived from the word Engine Optimization which has a working process for writing to get on the first page of a Google search. Logically, if the article is placed on the first page of a Google search, the potential for the article to be read is also higher.

Well, you can learn how to become an online writer with the SEO writing path. Because the opportunities and potential of this profession are still being sought. I am one of them. Just work at home, and you can still earn income. You can too, good luck.


  1. Copywriter

Copywriters write texts for advertising material that are intended for publication. The form of writing itself is not just material for product promotion. Writing informative news content is also part of a copywriter’s job.

Unfortunately, the process of writing creatives is very different from writing articles. It requires the ability to process common words to attract potential consumers. The goal is that potential consumers are interested and want to buy the advertised goods/services.

Well, for those of you interested in becoming a copywriter, you have to study science and theory. Because there are tricks and ways to give sentences an appeal to readers. This job is now in high demand. So you can continue to take advantage of this opportunity.


  1. Create a blog and install Adsense

For those of you who enjoy working independently, want to work independently, and don’t want to be enslaved by the office, company, or client rules. Then there is a way to become an online writer that you can try.

One of them became a blogger. So you can write in the blog that you created yourself. You just write regularly on your blog. For blogs to make money, you can install AdSense.

Google AdSense is what will bring income. The prerequisite is that you only write consistently on your blog. The higher the number of visitors, the higher the AdSense income you will receive. Well, to explore it, you can learn how to create a blog and how to install AdSense on Google, yes.


  1. Essay and Article Writing Contest

Another way to become an online writer is to enter a contest. Many activities hold contests for writing articles and essays. Each winner will receive a cash prize. Some give gifts other than money. For example, gifts of goods at a rather expensive price, or maybe scholarships and much more.


These are the six ways to become an online writer that you can learn and try. Now being an online writer is highly sought after because it can be done from home. Suitable for those of you who prefer to work from home.


Tips to be an online author

After knowing how to become an online writer, you must find it difficult to realize. There are always obstacles. For example, you don’t have time, you’re confused about how to start, you’re stuck with ideas, and more. Well, here are some tips on how to become an online writer. Hopefully, this little experience is useful.


  1. intention

There must be an intention. Make sure the intention isn’t half-hearted. What if you’re still unsure of his intentions? The answer is to convince yourself and calm your heart. One of the main reasons intentions often falter is fear of one’s sanity.

Many are afraid of failure. Living what is feared is not as easy as waking up in our minds. So be determined. Because great intentions can succumb to talented online writers.


  1. Focus

When you decide to become an online writer, you need to focus. Focus on studying the area you are lyrical about. For example, you want to focus on writing SEO articles. So, in years one to two years, you can learn and learn a lot about SEO articles while being balanced with writing practices.

Don’t turn left and right to avoid distractions. Focus on just one type of article. Only when you master a range of SEO articles, for example, can you learn other spellings. Can learn to copywrite or learn to write fiction such as novels and short stories.

One of the benefits of focusing the gaze is sharpening skills and expanding knowledge in the field. The average who studies two or more will feel confused.


  1. Fighting yourself (discipline)

Although he only wanted to become an online writer, he needed internal encouragement first. Because realizing being an online author is not easy either. How are you going to be an online writer if you don’t have discipline, consistency, and integrity?

In every company, there is someone who can not only write. But also have discipline. Many online writers can write, but not many writers can meet deadlines. This destroys the trust of the company or customers.

Well, one way to become an online writer that is liked and sought after by many companies or customers is through discipline. Discipline is people who are hard on themselves but gentle on others. If someone already has a disciplined soul when they find a steady/tough customer, people will continue to balance and they will be the natural selection winner.


  1. Actively exploring opportunities

Tips to become the fourth online author, make sure to actively explore opportunities. A little story that I experienced myself. At first, I didn’t even know what SEO articles were. Once I got an order from a client where I wrote terms like this and that. Unbeknownst to me, these regulations are tricks for writing SEO articles.

From there, I also tried other avenues that I happened to learn about with SEO articles. While trying other opportunities, I got a client who offered me to write promotional material (copywriting) and by accident, I started studying copywriting.

So the conclusion is, that there is nothing wrong with trying the opportunity. Because by “trying out” new possibilities and new experiences arise, which shape you into a person who is gifted as a writer in many areas. Not only good at copywriting, but also good at writing SEO articles.


  1. Dare to accept offers and opportunities

Sometimes many aspiring writers shy away from accepting offers and opportunities due to a lack of experience. How can we gain experience? Whenever every opportunity is turned down.

Many people are afraid of failure. In my opinion, failure is the most valuable lesson. So whenever an opportunity presents itself, take it and fight your inner fears and doubts. Because a new decision begins with uncertainty and doubt.

Remember that what we fear for the future may not necessarily happen. What we worry about in the future is not necessarily as complicated as we thought. Maybe even more fun. My message is, if you like the passion of writing, make a decision and get rid of the fear.

Because if what happened before you, it could be because of a test. It could also be because it’s your way. If your path is in the world of writing, keep up the good work. Don’t compromise with fear. Let God direct the path of your wealth without having to interpret and challenge God. God’s way differs from human reason.


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