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6 Benefits of Having a Hobby
6 Benefits of Having a Hobby

Even though the hobby you do is not work-related, you can still feel the positive benefits of having a hobby for your future.


More than just to unwind from the saturation of your daily routine, hobbies have a positive impact, you know!


Hah? Do hobbies have any positive impact, anyway? A lot, guys! Starting from college majors to your future career. Do not believe? Come on, see an explanation of some of the benefits of hobbies that you can get!


  1. Untiring

It was mentioned earlier, that having a hobby can actually relieve your tiredness from your usual activities. In addition, doing hobbies on weekends or evenings can refresh your brain for the next activity.


In fact, various studies show that people who spend time doing hobbies they love are happier, more hardworking and 12% more productive than those who don’t have hobbies.


  1. Learn new things outside the main skill


You know what, guys? Doing a hobby that is not related to your main activity–be it in school, college or your career can actually be an opportunity to practice new skills, you know.


In addition, doing hobbies outside of your main skills can also open up new mindsets and provide new challenges so that you have a sense of mastery.


  1. Channeling passion

Do you feel that your current major is not in line with your passion? No need to worry, you can still channel your passion outside of college majors, through your hobbies, guys! Btw, all activities based on this passion can increase your self-fulfillment and open a wide network, you know.


So, for those of you who haven’t found the right college major. You can, you know, major in college or find a job according to your passion. For example, say you like reading books. You can take college majors related to reading activities.


  1. Cultivate creative ideas

It’s not just a hobby of music and painting, you know, that can increase your creative side. Various simple hobbies such as reading novels to watching cartoons can also have an impact on your creative side.


Why is that? Because the more diverse experiences you have, the higher your chances of producing something unique and innovative.


  1. Improve multitasking ability

This one skill sounds easy, but in fact it is difficult to master, you know. Even not everyone can be a multitasker.


And it turns out that some hobbies can also train your ability to focus on many things at once. Like the hobby of cooking and reading books, for example, these hobbies will make you trained to be able to focus on several things at once.


  1. Find a job

In addition to the benefits already mentioned above. Hobbies can also be an idea for your future career or your side job, you know, guys. For example, if you have a hobby of traveling, you can find interesting professions from that hobby.


Or if you have a hobby of writing, you can also try freelance being a freelance writer or blogger. It will be really fun, if you can run a career that you enjoy and are proud of.


Those are the 6 benefits of having a hobby, guys. After all, there is nothing wrong, if you are looking for a job that is in line with your hobbies and interests.


Do you want to work in a creative field and have a hobby of sports or work in the field of technology and have a creative hobby? No problem! The most important thing is that you can do it responsibly.



4 Tips for Finding a Hobby That Matches Your Interests

Living life is necessary with balance in order to stay happy in any condition. One of the activities that must be included in daily life and balance life is a hobby. Yup, besides being able to release stress, hobbies can help you connect with other people so that it opens up opportunities for good relationships. Who knows, right, this relationship can continue for your career in the future?


But unfortunately, there are some of you who still don’t have a hobby. Even, you want to have one, but you don’t know how to find a hobby that fits your interests. As a result, you sometimes experience a little mild stress and are overwhelmed with the day.


Well, for those of you who are looking for a useful hobby and don’t know how to start, then here are simple steps to find a hobby that fits your interests.


Start with what you like

Everyone definitely doesn’t want to waste valuable time doing things they don’t like, right? Well, the first way to find a hobby that suits your interests is to start by doing the things you love.


In essence, you can turn the things you like into hobbies, guys. For example, because you like watching football, you become a hobby of playing soccer or futsal. Or your hobby of eating can open up your opportunity to learn to cook. Even things as simple as having a pet at home, you can turn it into a hobby as a volunteer at an animal rescue organization, and so on. Very simple, right?


Do an experiment

Apart from starting with things you like, another way you can start a hobby is to do activities that you might like and see if you really enjoy those activities or not.


Why do you have to try it first? Because what you think is fun, can be boring when you try it.


Remembering childhood hobbies

The busyness you have right now can make you forget your childhood hobbies, you know. And maybe it’s time for you to relive your memories by returning to your childhood hobbies.


Fyi, childhood hobbies can help you choose a hobby that you might still like today, guys. For example, did you like to draw or color when you were in elementary school? Well, without realizing it you still have an interest in drawing. Try, deh, remember the various activities that you enjoyed when you were little! One of them maybe you can still make a hobby.


Take a personality test

The most enjoyable hobby is when you can do it easily and based on your abilities, interests, or personal character. If you are still confused about the choice of hobby you want to do, try taking a personality test to determine what hobby is right for you.


One type of test that is popular is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI itself serves to find out deeper insights about your personality.


Those are some tips for finding a hobby that matches your interests. It’s okay, if you haven’t found a hobby that you like. Keep exploring yourself and be open to new opportunities that lie in front of your eyes, guys.


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