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Do you have a hobby of writing? If so, isn’t it a shame if your writing hobby is just a hobby? Even though this hobby of writing has a cool professional prospect and can become a famous person. Of course, in addition to fame, will also get a decent income.


Well, maybe you are one of those who are confused about where to channel your writing hobby? You can try some of the following promising professions that prioritize those of you who have a hobby of writing.


7 List of Promising Professions For Those Who Love Writing

  1. Author of the book

The profession of being a writer relies heavily on the hobby of writing. People who have a hobby of writing are easier to become a book writer, than those who do not have a hobby at all. Indeed, people who do not have a hobby of writing can also write books, but it is difficult for people who never and rarely write to be able to write. Even if there are, only a small part of it.


Being a book writer can also be a promising profession. At least in terms of time, the author of the book can be flexible and can be arranged writing time. Of course the theme of the book that is written can be up to your wishes and what you are good at.


The honor of writing a book is not bad, it can be used for living expenses. Especially if the books are written a lot. The more books written, the more opportunities and the more honors you will get. As for being a successful writer is, will be widely known by readers and more and more links.


  1. Screenwriter

The profession that is quite promising is the profession of being a screenwriter. Interest in being a screenwriter and interest in becoming a book writer are more book authors. While the number of screenwriters is still small. So the opportunity to become a screenwriter is still wide open.


So, the hobby of writing is the basic capital that a screenwriter must have. Next, you have to know the technicalities and rules of writing a scenario like what and how. In terms of income, of course the scenario you write is not like a book. Where honors can be in the form of royalties. In writing the scenario, the average selling per unit of the script.


So how much is the fee for a script for a script writer? I have a friend who is used to working in the world of film script scripts. For one FTV script film, for example, it can reach 3 million. Of course this is a long term honorary, especially if the context is just a sideline and a hobby.


  1. Column Writer in Newspaper

If being a writer and being an FTV script writer is difficult, and want to try another profession that only has a hobby of writing? You could try being a columnist in a newspaper. So you can write a theme that the newspaper or magazine is interested in, then submit your writing or opinion there.


Usually every time an article is published, you will get an honorarium. Of course, the amount of honorarium for each newspaper is different. It depends on whether the newspaper is local or national level.


Well, the newspaper itself is not only intended for those of you who like to write and write opinions. But it can also be used by those of you who also have a hobby of drawing, such as drawing caricatures and the like. So you can also submit posts there.


  1. Become a Copywriter

Another profession that relies on writing is to be a copywriter. This profession can be said very much loh. Many companies are opening vacancies to become a copywriter or as a content writer. Of course, both of them have a goal to advance their promotions through copywriters and content writers.


Especially for those of you who know about SEO articles, you can get a bigger fee. Because this one science greatly affects the range of product distribution of goods and services. Actually, this one job is more often to develop company branding, of course every company (both startup and non-startup companies) looks for and chooses people who don’t just “can write” but prioritize applicants who make writing a hobby a selling point.


Especially in the era of technology like now, every time you open a job vacancy, it is guaranteed that the vacancy to become a copywriter and content writer is scattered everywhere. Considering that now many companies are realizing the importance of writing skills and the importance of hiring people who have a hobby of writing as an ace to support their products in the world of marketing. Or for those of you who already have a small business, you can make your writing hobby to advance the business you already have.


  1. Editor

Suitable for those of you who are very careful in writing. The hobby of writing is that everyone has their own inclination. Some tend to focus on content, others focus on the EYD of their writing. Well, for those of you who are very observant and detailed about EYD, a profession based on a hobby of writing is a job as a book editor.


Of course, being an editor you are not only required to know the EYD rules. Edge also knows the contents of the book being edited. This profession is also promising, especially now that there are so many publishers scattered in various cities. The opportunity to become an editor is also difficult, not as easy and as much as the opportunity to become a content and copywriter. So, for those of you who want to become an editor, you have to fight even harder.


  1. Journalist

The profession that started as a hobby of writing is the profession of being a journalist. This journalist profession is more suitable for those of you who like the world of traveling and have achievement motivation. At least this job is suitable for you who are always curious about everything. Suitable for those who have an adventurous spirit.


Because the profession of a journalist is required to go here and there and meet other people. The advantages of this profession are actually many. Among them have many relationships from important people, knowing the latest info and news updates for the first time before anyone else, and of course from the level of experience there is a lot of experience.


Starting from the experience in the field, the experience of unique places and important places. You’ll also have some experience with street vocabulary. So that you know a lot of mouse paths that you can know, at least this is how I felt during my 11 years as a journalist.


  1. Bloggers

If none of the professions above are suitable because they require leaving the house. So the hobby of writing that you can try is to become a blogger. Being a blogger is of course free from scheduled working hours. You can schedule as you wish. Of course you also get money from this hobby of writing.


Unfortunately, to be able to earn money from bloggers it takes hard work and discipline to keep writing every day. The amount of money for beginners is not as big as the professions mentioned above. Unless you can be disciplined and able to upload posts regularly and your blog is visited by many people.


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