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The hobby of painting is one of the trends that many people are doing during this pandemic. As a pandemic that makes some people manage to rack their brains to keep getting entertainment even if only at home.


Painting Hobby Trend in the Middle of a Pandemic

Currently, it is not only people who have the expertise to paint who can produce a beautiful painting. Because in fact there are so many conveniences offered from the creativity of business owners, one of which is the paint by number trend.


Isn’t it foreign anymore? This hobby of painting using a paint by number canvas is quite popular in the midst of this pandemic. Given that many people need a means of entertainment because they are too bored with the existing situation.


And to paint with this paint by number canvas, you don’t need to have the skills to draw first. Because on the canvas there are already available sketches that are equipped with several numbers that will make it easier for you when you want to paint later.


Sometimes, our main problem when painting is when we want to combine the colors, right? Now, with this paint by number canvas, you don’t need to bother anymore to determine what colors are appropriate. The important thing is that you want to be patient to fill in every detail of the sketch that has been made on the canvas.


With all these conveniences, it’s no longer surprising why the hobby of painting can be one of the most popular things in the midst of this pandemic. Are you one of those people who are involved in this hobby?


Benefits of the Hobby of Painting

Besides being famous as a popular hobby in the midst of a pandemic, it turns out that painting also has a myriad of benefits. Come on, see what benefits you can get from this hobby of painting!


  1. Become More Relaxed

Hey, who feels that when you paint it seems as if your burdens are falling one by one at that moment? You’re not alone, because I feel that way too.


I don’t know, it’s about the color combination that makes me much calmer or it’s the patience of every process that I carve on the canvas that makes me so much happier.


Even though I’m not really a painter, this is my second hobby after writing. Both of them made me feel so relaxed!


  1. Easier to Control Emotions

Many say that the hobby of painting can make it easier for you to control your emotions. And I think this is true too. Sometimes when I want to paint something, I usually mix colors according to how I feel that day.


Bright colors when I’m happy and dark colors when I’m sad. Surprisingly, I felt as though my emotions became much more controlled after that.


Maybe the way it works is the same as when I write everything down based on how I feel at the time. Because when we try to be honest with what we feel at that moment, then calm will appear by itself. So, there’s no need to harbor feelings anymore. Just pour it all on the canvas you have, you’ll feel so much better!


  1. Increase Creativity

It seems that the benefits of the following hobby of painting have been felt by many other painters, right? As we know, painting is an activity to mix and match colors into a beautiful blend.

Well, as long as you mix and match these colors, of course, your creativity and imagination are highly trained at those times. Especially if you really paint from scratch. Starting from imagining the sketch that will be made to what the appropriate color combination will look like.


And to be honest, I also quite feel the development of my creativity so far. Maybe I, who used to not have a good taste for making works of art, have come here to understand more about what color combinations are pleasing to the eye and what kind of artwork other people want to see.


Want to see the significant changes? You can check my instagram feed now. Although not so “wow”, but I felt a tremendous improvement after my creativity was trained by painting all this time. I’m happy with my own achievements!


  1. Practice Patience

Practicing patience is the benefit of the next hobby of painting. Patience in choosing the right concept, patience when starting to sketch, to patience in choosing a beautiful color combination.


Especially if you paint it using a paint by number canvas. You have to be patient to fill in every detail that has been provided previously. But believe me, your patience on this one will bear sweet fruit. All of that tiredness will eventually be replaced when you see the results of your canvas that have been filled with brush strokes to produce interesting works of art.


  1. Improve Concentration

Painting detailed parts of course will not only train your patience but will also increase your concentration during this time. Can’t you imagine? Sometimes there are details that don’t seem to have much effect, but if you miss that one detail, your painting will look like something is missing. Well, this is where your concentration is trained so that you can pay attention to every detail of the painting that you will make later.


  1. Become More Confident

One of the plus points of this hobby of painting is that it trains a person to become more confident. Believe that everyone has their own taste in judging works of art.


You don’t need to feel inferior when your painting looks normal. Because it’s just a matter of taste, after all, only you know the philosophy of the painting you make, right? So, you don’t need to feel inferior anymore!


  1. Painting hobby can be a source of income

The following benefits will usually only be felt by painters who really intend to paint! Hehe. Because in fact painting can make money. There are even some people who have managed to sell their art for a fantastic nominal.


Again, this is a matter of taste. Who knows if it turns out that there are people with the same taste as you and intend to buy your art at that time. Nobody knows right? So, for those of you who now have basic skills with a hobby of painting, don’t forget to keep honing them!


Well, those are some of the benefits that you can get from the hobby of painting that is currently popular. So, are you interested in adopting this one thing as your new hobby? Come on, share with me in the comments!


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