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If you are interested in writing novels on Noveltoon, you automatically need to prepare for writing the right novels on Noveltoon. What for? Of course, to write a good novel and have a strong story. So that it can be considered interesting by readers.

Noveltoon, which has now been downloaded by more than 5 million users, has become a platform for reading and writing the best novels in the country. Those of you who want to become a novelist can write on this one platform which can be downloaded for free on the PlayStore and AppStore.

Noveltoon helps writers to produce novels that are read by thousands of people per day. If the novel you write is interesting and gets a lot of readers, you can get interesting rewards. So, prepare the best story in Noveltoon to get the reward.


Preparation for Novel Writing on Noveltoon

Writing a novel or any type of writing certainly requires careful preparation, so that the resulting story has good quality. If you are interested in writing a novel through Noveltoon, then you can do the following preparations.

Previously, it is better to explore first how to make a novel outline so that the next process is easier.


  1. Define Theme

The first preparation to write a novel in Noveltoon is to determine the theme of the story. Ideally, this theme should be a theme that you are good at, so you can create a story that can flow naturally.

Even though the novel is a work of fiction, it must be admitted that it still describes a story that has strong logic. So, when describing a character with a certain profession, it is necessary to make it as realistic as possible.

Therefore, in order not to have trouble building a storyline and characters as well as animating the characters in it. It is mandatory to choose a theme that you master or that you like so that you are excited to learn it.


  1. Determining the Title of the Novel

The second preparation is to determine the title of the novel that will be made in Noveltoon. The title of the novel certainly needs to be made interesting and represents the content of the novel. Also try to keep it short, concise, and clear.

Because a good title is not a long title up to one paragraph, but a title that is interesting and easy to understand. Most choose a title that is simple and even easy to remember.

For example, a novel whose title is taken from the name of the main character in the novel. For example, the novel entitled Dilan by Pidi Baiq is taken from the name of the male character in his novel. So, the title does not have to be long because the short one in the eyes of the reader already looks very interesting.


  1. Have a Pen Name

Preparation for writing a novel in the next Noveltoon is to have a pen name. A pen name is a pseudonym used by an author. This name is used for several reasons.

For example, for the need to maintain the privacy or make your name sound more attractive in the eyes of the reader. A pen name can help you write freely because you feel you have privacy protection.

It’s just that, the pen name that is made has a meaning so that it is more memorable. At the same time, readers can understand why the pen name was chosen. Also, make sure you like the pen name yourself.


  1. Determining Characters and Characterizations

The next preparation in the list of preparations for writing a novel at Noveltoon is to determine the characters and characterizations. Characters are actors who are told in the novel. Starting from determining the name, profession, and so forth.

Then characterization is the character or character of the character, whether a good person, an angry person, or others according to the needs of the story. After that, all you have to do is decide which character is the antagonist, the protagonist, and the tritagonist.

These three characters are important to be made in one novel. Where the protagonist is the main character who has a conflict, then this conflict is created by the antagonist. The interaction between the two requires a tritagonist character, so the three cannot be separated.


  1. Planning the Main Storyline

Do not forget, that the strength of the story of a novel lies in the main storyline. Where the main storyline is related to the protagonist who has been determined in the previous point.

The storyline should be made logically and conveyed well so that it is easily understood by the reader. Avoid making a story with a continuous and unclear plot, thus creating a plot hole that is the weakness of your novel.

Read the previous chapter first so that you can continue to follow the storyline that has been determined at the beginning. So that the plot remains connected from the first chapter to the final chapter at the ending.


  1. Determine the background of the story

The sixth preparation is determining the setting of the story, that is, determining the place, time, and conditions around it. Since this novel is fiction, you have more freedom to choose the setting of the story. Either in the real world or the result of imagination.

Noveltoon certainly doesn’t limit the story to just the backdrop of real-world locations. But it also opens up opportunities for writers to use their imaginations to determine the setting of the story.

So first determine which location you are going to set the location of this story. Is it a city that exists in the world or an imaginary city name?

Then set a time, because you can write a novel with a time described as being in the present or the past. You can even write historically themed novels in Noveltoon.

Make sure that this setting is adapted to the previously prepared action. It’s like describing the main male character who knows his way around the IT world, of course, it’s more appropriate to take the current setting.


  1. Start writing outlines

The last important preparation before writing a novel in Noveltoon is writing an outline. If you have often made stories with alternating plot lines, then it is difficult to find the end of the story.

So it’s best if you outline the story so you know what each chapter tells and how. Thus, when writing, you only need to develop the main theme in each of the set chapters.

The outline helps to write a complete story without making any changes to the plot or characters. So that the plot is clear from beginning to end, without the risk of sudden changes that later become plot holes.

In addition, the structure of the essay also helps to complete the story faster. Because you are no longer confused about what kind of story to write once you have completed the first, second, etc. chapters.

Therefore, to create quality novel stories in Noveltoon, you need to create an outline. The benefits are huge and can provide a lot of convenience in building interesting stories.


Please understand here how examples of short story frameworks are not much different from novels.

Preparation will make everything perfect. This also applies to writing novels in Noveltoon. Proper preparation can help create a novel with a strong and interesting story.

This allows you to get many readers and then be rewarded by Noveltoon. The novels you have written may be published and widely distributed in the future. So to get to this point it is necessary to practice the various preparations for writing novels in Noveltoon that have been explained.


How to write a novel in Noveltoon

Here are quick steps to write a novel in this Noveltoon application.


  1. Download the app

The first is to have the app itself. Please visit your Google Play Store and search for an application called NovelToon-Read Fiction Stories. Please download and install the application completely.


  1. Account List

Sign up for an account to have a Noveltoon account and be able to write fully later.


  1. Write stories

After you have an account. Confirm the email address and also log in with the created account. If yes, please follow this method to be able to write stories.

– First click on the profile menu

-Next click on the story. Click on the story menu +

-Please fill in the column according to the story you will be using.

– Pour your story into the blurb until it’s done



  1. Waiting for the show

When you finish, you have to wait for the created story to air your story and you can share it with your friends so more readers can get it.


Congratulations on writing a story that will inspire the world.


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