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In life, we certainly don’t want to stay in an underdeveloped zone. We always want to become better people and have many goals to achieve. This self-improvement is called self-improvement. What are some tips that can be done to optimize self-improvement?

7 Self Improvement Tips to improve yourself

Here are some self-improvement tips to help you improve:


  1. Develop a hobby

Of course, there’s nothing quite like diving into the hobbies and activities we love. Having and developing a hobby helps us express our emotions and motivates us to develop skills as a form of self-improvement.

You can set aside time for positive activities that you enjoy as a form of self-improvement — be it photography, writing, gaming, or other hobbies. However, do these activities judiciously and not excessively. Overdoing it with a hobby can lead to boredom and reduce your interest in the future.


  1. Set realistic goals

Create goals to be achieved so that we live life with enthusiasm

One of the things that excite us in life is the goals and goals that we set. When we have a specific goal, we feel fulfilled every time the goal is accomplished.

Whether the goal is to lose weight, save up to buy things you need, or aspire to work at a dream company, having a purpose in life keeps you motivated and motivated.

When you set a specific goal in life, you need to make it a realistic goal. The goal must be clear, wise, and time-based on what is achievable.


  1. Strengthening the growth mentality

7 Self Improvement Tips to improve yourself

Life is always full of successes and failures that come and go. Both of these phenomena certainly affect our psychological state – such as when you become sad when you don’t pursue certain goals. Therefore, when implementing self-improvement, we need to develop a mindset called a growth mentality.

The growth mindset refers to the belief that we can always improve our skills and qualities. This growth mentality can be strengthened by anticipating challenges that may arise at any time. So when setting goals, also keep in mind the risks of obstacles that always lurk along the way.


  1. See failure from a different perspective

Of course, it is impossible if every goal to be achieved is always successful and successful. Sometimes we fail to achieve certain goals that risk affecting psychological conditions.

Remember that failure can occur due to many contributing factors. Avoid blaming yourself for failure and try to see it from a different perspective. For example, not getting a job may indicate that a better opportunity awaits.

You can also share your problems with friends and the closest people. They can offer a different perspective to help you stay energized.


  1. Learn to accept feedback from others

Feedback or feedback from other people is beneficial to you because you can receive positive and constructive (constructive) feedback. Positive feedback can be used as encouragement to make you more motivated to achieve your goals. Meanwhile, constructive feedback can be used as a reference for self-improvement and self-improvement.

Regardless of the type you receive, use feedback as a step to get you excited about your work—not to diminish your performance.


  1. Do good

One way to improve yourself is to do good. Donating can increase your sensitivity and empathy.

Doing good for others is not only beneficial to the person who accepts your kindness. You, the giver, also receive invaluable benefits. For example, you become more empathetic to the needs of others. Empathy growing within will help increase happiness in life.


  1. Learn to make a to-do list

This self-improvement step sounds easy. However, the impact is huge to increase your skills and productivity. Creating a to-do list can put your “worries” about piling up tasks and deadlines onto a piece of paper or a laptop screen. This way your mind will be calmer and you will stop thinking about things that only make you stressed.

In addition, creating a to-do list also reduces the possibility of forgetting important things. Productivity will also increase and help you improve yourself.


Self-improvement works to improve the quality of yourself, you have to dare to challenge yourself, take advantage of opportunities and experiences that have never been tried before and step out of your comfort zone. Self-improvement or known as self-improvement is an activity or effort to improve the ability and quality of oneself to become a better person than before.

Of course, you notice that there are always developments in life and you have to adapt to these developments. This is why self-improvement needs to be done.

The first step in self-improvement is increasing self-motivation. You need to find a strong reason why there is a need to increase self-capacity.


Here are 10 self-improvement words about commitment and confidence

  1. “You can’t have depth in anything without commitment.” – Neil Strauss
  2. “Commitment is the basis for great success.” —Heidi Reeder
  3. “You are only limited by the walls you build yourself.” – Unknown
  4. “Commitment is what turns promises into reality.” -Abraham Lincoln
  5. “When faced with a challenge, a committed heart seeks a solution. An undecided heart seeks a way out.” – Andy Andrews
  6. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs
  7. “Don’t always wait for others to inspire you. Inspire yourself!” -Rodney Walker
  8. “You may not be able to change the current situation, but you can still do your best.” —Md Parvej Ansari
  9. “Always try again before you give up all hope.” -Deb Chakraborty
  10. “Success in life is not for those who run fast, but for those who keep on running and always moving.” – Bangambiki Habyarimana


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