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How to write a good poem turns out to be quite a sought after. Especially by those who really want to write poetry. Perhaps you have previously searched the internet for ways to write good poetry. The discussion in general, will definitely discuss the technical and theoretical, right?


If in theory you can learn in articles on google. Well, on the occasion of this article I will share my experience on how to write a good poem. Check out the following reviews:


7 Ways to Write Good Poetry Professional Class


  1. Soul of the Poetry You Want to Write

The way to write poetry for beginners is to first animate the poem that will be written. So for those of you who might be confused, and don’t know where to start in writing, it could be because they are not passionate about the theme they want to write about.


The analogy is like we listen to music. Maybe you are heartbroken or have experienced a heart-wrenching trauma, when listening to the lyrics of a song that is almost the same, it seems as if you are reminded of the memories and pain that you have felt. So when listening to the lyrics of the song, you can cry and be sad.


So it’s the same with writing a poem. In writing a poem should also be like that. For a poet, when he reads poetry written by novice writers, he will immediately know which poetry is written by being inspired by the original poem.


  1. Don’t just write the theme

Just because of mastering the theory of poetry writing, any poetry theme is written just like that. it turns out, relying on the technical theory of poetry writing will not guarantee the results of the poetry itself. let’s say you enter a competition, which takes theme A. where the theme does not have your soul. You can’t answer it, but you know the technical theory of writing.


The results of his poetry will feel stiff and less flicker to the reader. Well, these are the things that are not considered in the discussion of articles related to how to write good poetry. Hopefully with this article, can provide a new perspective for you.


  1. Don’t Force Yourself to Write Poetry

Actually, this sub-chapter is simply the language of the previous paragraph. The point is, don’t force yourself to write poetry whose friends are in the same frequency as your soul. Why the frequency? We know that everyone has their own character.


Some have melo characters, some have humorous characters, and some have slangean characters. If the dominant poet is slengekan, he is asked to write a melo poem, it will be difficult, right?


Or a case that I often find, there is a collection of poetry books written by several people with themes that also impose themselves. The results will still be visible, which ones are written with the heart and which are written for the sake of publication, or which are written and originally published.


  1. Sharpen the Sensitivity of the Five Senses

From the several ways to write good poetry above, perhaps a question will arise, then how do you write poetry that flows and animates? The answer is also easy, just sharpen the sensitivity of the five senses.


So the main capital to be a reliable poet is to have this sensitivity. Take a look at the poetry collections of our writers, they are good at conveying messages and writing word for word. There is a lot of new vocabulary and new terms. Not to mention added with the ability to combine the emotions of the author with the selection of perfect diction.


While the emotion can be obtained by activating the five senses and good analytical power as well. So don’t be surprised if writing a poem requires review from the author several times. No wonder every reader can also feel the collaboration of the soul, diction and analytical power of the author in a short poem.


  1. Engage the Writer’s Emotions

A few articles that review the basics of writing poetry. Namely, involving the emotions of the author. poems written with angry, sad and happy emotions can radiate from the composition of the poetry’s diction itself. That is why, it is very important to give emotional stress in every poem that is written.


Emotion is the most important element in many things. Not only in writing poetry, but in writing novels or film scripts, emotions become the micin that determine the attractiveness of the readers. so for those of you who want to write, make sure to mix the best possible micin yes.


  1. Don’t Stick To The Rules

It is very important to write poetry following the technical rules of poetry writing. For me personally, especially for novice writers, it doesn’t really matter. Why isn’t it important? Because of the context, novice writers are still in the learning stage. Because this is how I felt when I first tried writing.


In fact, I can’t write at all when I’m stuck on theory or standard rules. So I feel that there is a barrier or limit that makes me unable to freely express my soul and what I want to convey. When I forget all the rules, I can write freely, and fluently.


Only then, after all messages are written, then edit and follow the rules. Well, maybe you can do this bar way too. If you are a professional, I’m sure, actually you already have your own way and theory in writing.


  1. Motivation for Prospective Poetry Writers for Beginners

Those are some tips on how to write good poetry. The points above are tips when I learn to write. Where at that time did not know the theory of writing and did not know how to write.


Especially for novice writers, don’t be afraid to get started. Because the fear of starting is the beginning of the failure of your dream to become a writer.


Don’t make ignorance of writing theory an obstacle to starting writing. In fact, in my opinion, if I know the theory of writing first, I may never dare to start writing because I am afraid of the existing rules and boundaries.


So, in conclusion, keep writing even if you don’t know. Because of the failure of the writing that you make that will lead to learning.


As the saying goes, the best teachers are failures and mistakes. So, make these mistakes, not the other way around, instead avoiding mistakes and failures.


Because when we have avoided, we are actually avoiding to be big-hearted. Those are some points on how to write good poetry.


Hopefully a little experience and the message above can give hope and encouragement for those who have a dream to become a poet or writer. message of encouragement from me, writing is actually easy and simple.


What is complicated and difficult is what we think and we still maintain the real fear what we fear, is not necessarily in front of us.


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