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Archery or archery is known to be quite prestigious and is a very popular sport in the world Olympics. However, not many people know what the benefits of archery are for the body.


Like other types of sports, archery is known to provide many benefits, one of which is building body strength.


How not, this sport requires great energy accompanied by the ability to focus and concentrate.


For more details, let’s see the discussion about the various benefits of the following archery sport to the end!


Getting to Know Archery

Archery is a sport that trains your ability to use a bow and shoot arrows.


The purpose of archery is to shoot at targets by coordinating body movements.


When looking at history, archery was originally a skill possessed by soldiers or archers to face battles on the battlefield.


But over time, archery has become a hobby and is even now included in one of the sports that are competed in the Olympics.


The most basic things that are prepared when doing archery are as follows.


There are three types of bows, namely recurve, compound, and longbow.

Arrows, usually made of wood, carbon, aluminum, or a combination thereof.

Target, which is a round shooting target with white, black, blue, red, and yellow layered circles.

Meanwhile, complementary equipment that you can consider when you want to explore the sport of archery is a chest protector (bracer), finger protectors, and a quiver (a place to put arrows on the floor or waist).


Benefits of Archery

Archery can be an alternative if you want a type of sport that is not only healthy for the body, but also fun and provides many benefits.


Although not like sports in general that drain a lot of physical strength, the benefits of archery are guaranteed not to be inferior to others.


What are they? Here are some of them.


  1. Improve Eye and Hand Coordination

The first benefit of archery is that it improves coordination between your eyes and your hands.


The reason is when archery, both hands must work together to perform different tasks, namely aiming and shooting arrows according to the target that your eyes see.


Well, by continuing to practice it, your body coordination will become much better.


  1. Maintain Balance

In addition to improving coordination, the benefits of archery can also train body balance.


Because, when shooting arrows, you have to keep your body in a constant position.


So, doing archery regularly will make your core muscles more accustomed to balancing the body.


  1. Improves Focus and Concentration

The next benefit of archery is that it improves focus and concentration.


As an archer, you must have a high ability to concentrate to aim at the target.


You should not be distracted from various distractions, whether it’s noise, wind, or pressure from your opponent so you can focus on the target. The goal is that the arrows can hit the target.


These skills to focus and concentrate will certainly be very useful in your daily life.


  1. Build Body Strength

Although it looks like it doesn’t use a lot of energy, in fact the benefits of archery are that it can build strength and tighten the muscles of the body, especially the upper body components.


This is because all of your core muscle strength, starting from your hands, arms, shoulders, and chest, will be used when aiming and releasing arrows.


By doing it repeatedly and continuously, it will help develop muscles while building your body’s strength to become much stronger.


  1. Burn calories

Who would have thought that the benefits of archery could help burn calories. Don’t get me wrong, this sport just looks like it’s easy and simple.


In fact, starting from walking towards the target, drawing the bow, and collecting arrows again will use up so much energy that it can burn calories in your body.


In fact, archery athletes have been known to walk 8 kilometers a day on average, in which the activity loses calories about 100 to 150 times every 30 minutes [1].


  1. Helps Relaxation

Basically, exercise can indeed be a form of relaxation that helps relieve stress. Likewise with the benefits of archery.


When you release an arrow and see it hit the target, you will feel a sense of satisfaction in itself so that you end up much more relaxed [2].


  1. Practice Patience

Another advantage of archery is to practice patience. You need to understand that archery is not really about speed.


However, the aim of the sport of archery is accuracy in aiming at targets at such long distances over and over again.


You are prioritized to maximize shot accuracy, so of course it requires high patience.


  1. Increase Confidence

Finally, archery can also increase your confidence.


You will be trained to believe in yourself that the arrow you shoot from the bow is likely to be right on target.


Well, now you know what are the benefits of archery. If you are interested in trying it but it is not possible to practice at home, you can join an archery club.


There, you will receive guidance from professional and experienced trainers on how to shoot properly and correctly.


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