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For people who do not feel alone, they will not know how sad it is to be a burden on the family. Moreover, it becomes a burden for parents who are getting old and whose economic condition is not good.


A child in that situation will feel very low self-esteem. He will be down because he thinks he is really useless. The causes are varied. There are those who feel they are a burden because they create problems too often, so that they do not get jobs.


A child who has just graduated from SMK, for example. When he is unemployed for a long time, he will surely feel a burden to his family. Even though his family never called it that.


Therefore, feelings like this need to be addressed immediately. To overcome this, here are 8 ways to avoid becoming a burden on parents.


  1. Find a job even though it’s not ideal

One of the causes of a person’s feeling of being a burden is because the person concerned is unemployed. A month or two of unemployment may not be a problem. But if the status does not change for more than a year, of course the feeling of being a burden is inevitable.


Therefore, try harder to get a job. Even if the job is unsatisfactory in terms of salary, don’t immediately reject it. Think of the job as a stepping stone to the next better job.


Thus, parents will also definitely not feel you are a burden on the family. Because you’ve tried your best.


  1. Help Parents

Help parents with daily activities. Help them take care of the house or take care of the business they run. This method will ease their work, as well as relieve your feelings of thinking of yourself as a burden.


If you are still unemployed, multiply the assistance you provide. For example, before being unemployed, you used to wash the dishes.


Now, while you don’t have a job, take another job like mopping and sweeping. Although trivial, things like this will help you not to be a burden on your parents.


  1. Solve Problems By Yourself

Not a few people feel that they are a burden because they are constantly dragging their parents into trouble. For example, you are a student who is known to be naughty.


You make a lot of trouble so often called BK. After graduation, your fighting habits were still so strong, that you were kicked out of the office.


At first you may take this attitude for granted. You consider it part of the young blood that is still burning.


But over time, you will feel that you will only be a burden on your parents. Because you are constantly bothering them.


You embarrass them in front of the BK teacher to the neighbors. Therefore, learn to be more calm. Learn not to bother your parents. Be an adult so you don’t get the impression of yourself as a source of trouble.


  1. Don’t Complain Too Much to Parents

8 Elegant Ways Not to Be a Parental Burden

Stop complaining to your parents too much if you don’t want to feel like a burden. Talking occasionally is not a problem. But not by complaining constantly. You must learn to be more independent and responsible.


For example, you just got a new job. But in this new office, your boss is very fierce. Naturally, you’re up against the fierce boss himself. Don’t even complain repeatedly to your mother or father.


This attitude, apart from being spoiled, is also not a solution at all. And one day, when you complain too much, you will feel that you are just a burden to your parents.


  1. Find Scholarships for Students

Do you come from an underprivileged family? Many children from families like this feel mental pressure when they see their parents work hard to send them to school.


Some children even decide to drop out of school because they can’t stand it. In fact, by going to school, these children have the opportunity to get out of the cycle of poverty.


To not be a burden on your parents in this situation, it would be better if you look for a scholarship. In Indonesia, there are many institutions that offer fee waivers for underprivileged and high achieving children.


So, first try to take advantage of this opportunity. It can’t hurt to try, right?


But even if you do not succeed, do not immediately despair. Remember, if you decide to leave, your parents will only grieve even more. Brace yourself and reward your parents with a good job after you graduate.


  1. Buy Something Special for Parents

Every now and then you need to give gifts of love to your parents. For example, you are currently working. But your job is far less prestigious than your cousin’s.


Even so, you are secretly saving. And when it comes to a certain amount, buy your parents something as valuable as a gold ring. Your parents will surely be touched by what you did.


Likewise if you are a student. Every semester, parents have to pay a lot of money for you.


In return, achieve a good achievement and present it to your parents. Although not something that can be cashed, but the offering is already a very beautiful gift.


  1. Active in Social Activities

Be active in community activities. Although it can’t directly help the family financially, this method is effective for those of you who want to feel like they’re not a burden on your parents.


Because when you are active in the community, you have useful activities to do. In addition, your chances of getting a job are also more open if you know a lot of people.


In the eyes of society too, you will be seen as a good young person. Especially if you can initiate activities that are truly beneficial to many people. Your parents will surely feel very proud.


  1. Own Cost

Some children tend to be spoiled when living with their parents. Sometimes, it’s not purely the child’s fault. Because it is parents who pamper all their children.


Although being pampered is something fun, but we can end up being a human without achievement if this continues. In the end, you will only feel like a burden without knowing the way out.


Therefore, if necessary, consider living separately from your parents. Learn to be an independent child by taking care of yourself.


You will be forced by circumstances to think about your own daily consumption, wake yourself up, to manage life in general yourself.


In this way, your mental will be stronger and more responsible. You will also find it easier to make your parents proud with this mentality.



It’s not at all easy when you feel like a burden to your parents. Negative feelings will run back and forth in your head that makes you continue to grieve until it is difficult to sleep.


Therefore, before this problem drags on, you must immediately find a solution. Above there are 8 ways that you can follow. Apply these methods so that you do not become a burden on your parents.


But remember, don’t feel sad if you can’t fully follow all the ways above. Nobody is perfect. If you’ve tried, it means you’ve dared to get out of your comfort zone. Be proud of yourself while you keep trying.


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