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Playing games is often underestimated. Many have the opinion that the game will only have a bad impact. One of them is online games. Playing games like this will only damage brain performance, make you stupid and so on.


In fact, playing games can have a variety of positive impacts. This applies if playing the game according to the limits or not going too far. Even one of the benefits of the game is that it can help develop right brain intelligence.


8 Positive Benefits of Playing Online Games

There are at least eight benefits of playing games that can be obtained if you are wise in doing so. For that, stop assuming that playing games online will only be a waste of time without any benefits to be gained.


  1. Develop Right Brain Intelligence

Playing games just makes a fool? In fact, playing games online can actually develop right brain intelligence well. In a game, of course, requires strategy and logic to complete each level and certain missions.


Moreover, the right part of the brain will be able to regulate the side of creativity, innovation to the picture of something. This kind of ability can be greatly improved using games. Imagine if the game strategy was applied in the real world. Of course it will be more interesting.


Playing games is also very good at training concentration. Because, to win the game of course not only requires tactics but also high concentration. If you regularly play games at the right time, then this will indirectly improve your concentration.


  1. Relieve Stress

Stress and fatigue apparently can also be relieved by playing games. Just like games that are played online. This game can be used as a solution to help relieve fatigue and stress felt by someone.


Playing games will give a happy effect for the player. In addition, the game will also make the brain get new stimuli so that it can feel fresh again. Try playing some fun games. For example, puzzle games like Millie, Marble Duel and Hue.


In addition to puzzle genre games, you can also try playing strategy games. For example, Anarcute and Battle vs Chess. For men, playing online sports games will certainly be a very fun game. Therefore, try playing Ride, MotoGP 15, Moto Racer 4 to Spike Volleyball.


  1. Practice Teamwork, Trust and Mutual Respect

Online games can now not only be played alone. However, this game can be played by interacting directly with other people. In fact, it is not uncommon for games that require teamwork to win the game.


Cooperation that is carried out hand in hand to achieve victory in the game will certainly have an impact on the real world. It can be said that playing games will be able to practice cooperation in real life.


In addition to cooperation, apparently playing games that require interaction between players will also train trust and foster mutual respect. From small businesses that are carried out hand in hand, of course, they will be able to create victory.


  1. Practice English Skills

Practicing English skills can now be done in a variety of fun ways. No need to be monotonous by reading English newspapers online or playing educational videos.


Practicing English skills can also be done using online games. In the game, of course, players will find many statements, information and dialogues that use English. In this way, you can indirectly train the player’s English skills.


Of course, to understand the statements, information and dialogues available in English, players must be able to translate them into Indonesian. So, apart from playing, you can also learn English at the same time.


  1. Practice Patience

One of the biggest scourges for gamers to win the game is patience. The existence of enemies and game levels that must be conquered not only requires skill but also enough patience. Especially if you are tired of playing games.


It’s much better to take a break before continuing the game. If it is forced it will only cause playing the game to be no fun. Instead of being happy, it can even be just angry. Especially if you lose. So it can just cause frustration.


It is true that playing the game aims to win the game. However, what if it turns out to have to lose first? This is the important point. Not just being patient, playing games can also train sportsmanship. If you lose, you have to accept defeat gracefully.


  1. Adding Friendships

Playing online games that require interaction between players can certainly add to a wider friendship. For example, when playing the game The Surge and RAW Realms of Ancient War. To win in this game, of course, requires good teamwork.


How can cooperation be established without a sense of familiarity? Well, for that players must be able to familiarize themselves with each other in order to win the game with a perfect score. Some games can also connect with friends randomly.


It could be that the players have not had time to get acquainted before. For that, be smart in familiarizing yourself. The faster you get to know it, the easier it will be to set a game strategy to win the game immediately.


  1. Practice Optimism

Playing online games also seems to be good for building and practicing optimistic nature. It even includes the confidence of the game players. These two traits are certainly indispensable in real life, which in fact is much harder than the game world.


Playing games online is not as easy as one might think. There are a number of specific strategies that need to be implemented in order to complete and win the match well. At the beginning of the game, of course, players will experience some defeats. That is fair thing.


However, if gamers feel optimistic and keep trying, then they will definitely be able to conquer the game. In the future, players can be much more confident and confident to be able to play the game well.


  1. Make Money

Playing games online can make money, right? Currently the game is not just a hobby. However, games can also generate coffers of income. When else can you earn money by doing hobbies?


Especially if you are good at playing games. It is not impossible that later you will be able to earn so much income through playing games. You don’t even need big capital. Only by requiring tenacity and perseverance, you can immediately get this attractive advantage.


Maybe you can follow in the footsteps of the best Indonesian gamers such as Jess No Limit, Dyland PROS, MiawAug, Nixia, Afif Yulistian, Frost Diamond, Donna Visca, Rendy Rangers, Kimi Hime to Reza Oktovian. Don’t forget to find the best cloud gaming to train your gaming skills nicely.


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