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The requirements to become a writer are not complicated and not difficult if you know the list and have the guts. Complicated problems fill our minds and may or may not have real intentions.

The condition you must have is the intention and the courage to try. With that in mind, you’ll also need several other supporting requirements, including the following.


  1. Likes to read

The first requirement to be a writer is to enjoy reading. The expansion will bring many changes in terms of mindset and vocabulary mastery. These two points determine the quality of the writing.

On the other hand, beginners who don’t like reading will have trouble expressing their ideas. Even if you have writing skills but aren’t backed by mastery of vocabulary and a more flexible mindset, your writing will feel stiff and limited.

Talking about reading in a broader sense, not just reading books in a textbook. In the digital age like now, we are very capable of reading about social situations, reading natural phenomena, and reading changes in mindset. Including self-study, for me personally including reading.

The function of reading is to discover something new. If the meaning of reading is interpreted in the narrow sense, reading other people’s status and reading netizen comments, the end will only make the mind and heart hotter.


  1. Want to learn to write

A lot of people think they are writers because they have talent. Writing is a skill. Where skills can be learned by all. you are no exception. Whoever it is, as long as they have the drive, intention, and will to act, they can become a writer.

Here, too, it is increasingly said that whoever wants to be a writer must have the motivation to keep learning. to learn something. Don’t just learn about the field you’re in. Instead, learning new things far from what we like can open up discourses, and new facts about the reality of life. At least we’re more open.

One way to improve writing skills is to carefully review books. Because there are so many benefits to reviewing books for authors. Read an explanation of the benefits of reviewing books for writing here.


  1. Likes to observe

Consciously or unconsciously, one of the requirements of a writer is to be sensitive. One way to be sensitive to the environment and those around you is to become an observer. Not many people have the soul of an observer.

While observing and grasping simple things around us is a form of our ability to take criticism. This form of criticism encourages you to have a thought pattern, a theory of life, that will shape your character as a writer.

People who can observe will one day find what is most interesting and it is “you are”. It’s just to get to that point, not to get there in a short amount of time. It takes years of the process before you can find your character.

In other words, being an observer will shape sensitivity, analytical power, and understanding and theory in each person’s life. and that will shape your character as a writer.


  1. Have a strong psyche

A strong mentality is one of the basic requirements that you must instill strong. The competition in the writing world isn’t just about getting status or seeing status on social media or reading the writings of writers out there.

There are thousands of writers who want to get to the top. Only thousands of people, just a handful of people, will survive the intense competition against natural selection. Where miscarriages don’t haunt them, in the world they mostly don’t write about other people or external factors. Rather against yourself.

For example, unable to fight laziness. Unable to fight fear, unable to fight a bad mood, and make a bad mood heal a little. Great writers know how to live with discipline, know how to fight themselves, know how to handle hard work, and know the importance of responsibility. They know what they are fighting for right now is gambling. However, they remained steadfast and patient.


  1. Understand the rules of writing

It is also very important that aspiring writers must also master the rules of writing. Its function is to make writing easier to understand and read, and to allow the reader to accept the message to be conveyed. What if you don’t have that foundation? But do you still want to be a writer?

The answer is simple. Go ahead, try and learn. The key is just learning. because the word “want” is the key that makes the impossible possible. Even a depressed person who has the will can turn bad luck into good luck.


  1. Understand book publishing

When some of the above conditions have been planted in the heart and mind. So, you need knowledge that you need to prepare before offering your manuscript to the readers. You need to understand the book publishing process.

You must know the tastes of book publishers. It is also important to know the payment system in the book publishing house. In addition, you also need to know the types of book publishers. You also need to know what a major publisher and minor publisher are. You also need to know what self-publishing is. Well, the answer to all this can be found in the articles we discussed on the last occasion.


  1. Have a soul that influences people

Whether you realize it or not, a good writer can influence other people. The influencing context, in this case, is to invite readers to agree and benefit from what you write.

If you can offer benefits to the readers. be it knowledge, experience through writing, or inspiring stories for them. Then they become effective. When readers are impressed, your name will be remembered and your work will always be sought after.

To improve this skill, you can deal with text problems. Well, there are many jobs related to paperwork. You can read about how to become a writer making money.


  1. Have a soul and creative thinking

The final requirement is to be creative. Of course, everyone has their creativity with other people. Well, the problem that arises for beginners is that many beginners want to be A, B, and C writers.

They write in the style of their favorite writers. One of the appeals of an article isn’t seen in “whose author you look like,” but in the value you offer. Where the value you provide to readers is a reflection of yourself.

You can learn the process from well-known authors. But don’t be the writer you remember. Because every person is unique, attractive, and has character. People are unique, and it is that uniqueness that readers seek to complement their perspective.


These are some of the requirements for becoming a writer, be it a novelist, textbook author, motivational book author, research writer, or newspaper columnist. Hopefully, a little overview of the requirements of being a writer and a little sharing of that experience is useful.


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