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To fill free time, someone usually does an activity or thing that they enjoy. This is often referred to as a hobby. However, a hobby is not just an occupation to fill your free time. Many hobbies are useful to us. Hobbies can bring peace, relieve stress, and develop. Quite a few hobbies that make money.

If you don’t know what activities you can turn into a useful hobby. You have opened the right article because in this article KitaLulus explains more about the types of hobbies. Let’s check out the article below!


Is it important to have a hobby?

Have you ever wondered if it is important to have a hobby? Having a hobby in our busyness and routine is pretty important.

Surely you have already felt that your daily routine feels so monotonous and boring. Hobbies can be your “escape” for a moment to get out of a boring routine and calm your mind.

Hobbies can include self-healing, improving new skills, and making new friends. By pursuing hobbies, you can be calmer and more relaxed. That’s why hobbies are so important.


Hobby Perks

Hobbies have many other benefits too, you know. Aside from being useful for filling free time and relieving stress, there are some other benefits of hobbies. Here are some of the benefits of hobbies.


  1. Physical Benefits

Hobbies also have benefits for our body because when we engage in hobby activities, our heart rate increases and blood pressure decreases.

If you have a hobby in the field of sports, you will feel the benefits of losing weight, increasing muscle mass, and increasing energy.


  1. Psychological Benefits

Some hobbies like knitting, gardening, sewing, cooking, painting, and so on can benefit our mental health. With this hobby, you will relieve stress and relax your mind.


  1. Train creativity

Hobbies are also useful for training the brain to do things more creatively, especially at work.


  1. Develop yourself

Hobby activities are also useful for boosting confidence and self-esteem and improving the quality of life. Your self-competence will also be improved and sharpened.


Types of useful hobbies

Some hobbies are conducive to health and develop us. For those of you who may not have a hobby and are confused about it, you may want to consider some of the hobby options below.


  1. Cooking

Cooking is one of the hobbies that can benefit our health.

Why is that? By pursuing the hobby of cooking, you get used to preparing healthy meals by paying attention to the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in each food.

You can also avoid saturated oils, fats, and additives that are harmful to the body. This is how your diet is preserved.


  1. Hiking

Hiking or mountaineering is a hobby that is beneficial to health and relieves stress. Breathing fresh air will make you relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle.


  1. Dancing

Dancing can be a hobby to develop yourself. Especially if you like to appear nervous and insecure in public. This hobby will make you more confident and brave.

In addition, this hobby is also health-promoting and trains motor skills.


  1. Meditate

The hobby of meditation is good and useful for reducing the risk of stress and can help you relax more. Meditation helps us be more focused and improves our ability to concentrate, and is also beneficial for maintaining the body’s immune system.

With meditation, you can also reduce the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety. This is of course good for the psyche.

To start with, you can practice for 5 minutes and get more intense over time.


  1. Singing

This one hobby can relax your heart, relieve anxiety, and become a useful hobby to exercise your self-confidence. This hobby is also cheap because you can sing anywhere, for example in a karaoke place.


  1. Learn a new language

Learn a new language like German, French, or Chinese. It can be a hobby to develop yourself, especially a career. This hobby will sharpen your brain in memorization and memory. How to train your memory.


  1. Play musical instruments

Not only is this one hobby fun, but it also has many benefits. Playing a musical instrument can sharpen the mind, calm the mood, and improve concentration.

When this hobby is occupied, it can also make money. You can get a part-time job as a cafe band, band for a wedding party, and more.


  1. Play jigsaw puzzles

This game will sharpen your brain to find a way out of existing problems. As you solve riddles in the jigsaw puzzle, your brain will work continuously to train thought patterns and problem-solving. Of course, this is a hobby that is useful both in everyday life and in the world of work.


Tips for choosing the right hobby

Now you know what hobbies are useful. Have you decided what hobby you want to start with? If not, these few tips might help you choose a hobby.

First, when choosing a hobby, you need to think about what you like, what things you are interested in, and what you want to be good at.

Then try to think about what benefits you would like to get from this hobby. Would you like to develop yourself further or just fill your free time? With this in mind, you can choose which hobby is right for you.


This is a discussion of a useful hobby. Hopefully, after reading this article you can find a distraction activity that you enjoy.


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