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Have you ever felt demotivated at work? Even though the targets and dreams are in sight, the body and mind do not want to be compromised. Or in the middle of a deadline you suddenly feel bored and want to just quit.


In fact, it is very natural to happen. There are times when your mind and brain want to take your mind off stress or a boring routine.


The amount of distraction while working will interfere with concentration. Although some people think it’s normal to be a distraction, if it’s too frequent it will make you lose focus and reduce motivation to work.


So what should you do? Well, here are 9 ways to increase self-motivation.

  1. Gaze at Your Biggest Dream

You may have big dreams that are only buried in your heart. Now try to write it down and paste it in an easily visible place.


You can stick it on your bedroom wall, on your desk or even on the refrigerator door. You can also make it a screen on your cellphone. The more often you see it, the greater your desire to make it happen.


Sticking to your biggest dreams will also be seen by others. People who see it can be motivated or even help you to make it happen.


Your big dreams are the goals you want to work hard for today. You try to reach all that starting today. You in the future are you today.


  1. Set Daily Goals

There is a saying that half the work is done by making a plan. Therefore, make your plan for the day and set a target.


As much as possible the plans and targets that you prepare must support your big dreams. Daily targets are like bricks arranged to form a house.


You can start the day by conquering the easiest targets. Usually you will be addicted to conquer the next target.


Daily targets will also increase self-motivation. Try the daily target is not too grandiose so that one time you do not become bored.


So, jot down and stick your daily goals on your desk so you can easily see them.


  1. Stop Comparing

Sometimes if we feel we have failed to do something, we will easily compare with those who are successful. This is an attempt to make yourself worse.


In addition, this can also eliminate self-motivation. You will find it easier to blame yourself and grieve more.


If you feel like a failure and down, don’t easily compare yourself with others. Remember that everyone has their share of success and failure.


You can leave your workplace for a while so that your mind is fresh. Just 10-15 minutes to clear your mind. After that, do an evaluation so you can check where you went wrong.


  1. Find Positive Thinking Friends

9 Effective Ways to Increase Your Own Work Motivation

Another way to increase self-motivation is to routinely approach friends who always transmit positive energy.

Sometimes you need external motivation to encourage yourself. Usually by seeing people who are excited, the spirit will also be infected.


Call your friends and ask them out. You can talk to him over lunch. Find a topic of conversation about anything so that you forget about the problem for a moment.


After that, you can ask his opinion on the matter. Positive thinking friends will make you able to draw wisdom behind the problems that hit you.


  1. Start with small steps

Starting with big steps will make you very easily bored. It’s nothing. You already feel heavy and bored.


So start setting a simple target first. Steps that make you happy and stress-free. Don’t forget, you must have a target until when you are in small steps.


  1. Get Enough Rest

A body that is forced to work around the clock will demand its due. One of them with a sudden pain or drop.


Instead of wanting to get the job done quickly, the work gets stuck. So, recognize the signals from your body. When it’s time to rest, don’t delay.


You can set the time when to work and when to rest. When it’s time to work, focus on getting it done.


There are two ways to keep you focused: physically ready and available time. One way to maintain a prime physical is by getting enough rest.


  1. Give Yourself a Gift

Celebrate your accomplished goals by giving yourself gifts or rewards. Or when making plans and targets, you can set appropriate rewards according to the level of difficulty of the work.


For example, you can reward your favorite food if the day’s work is done perfectly. Or when all targets are met in that month, you can get a reward in the form of a vacation to the place you’ve been dreaming of.


Giving yourself a gift is self-respect. Rewards for yourself are also an effort to increase self-motivation.


You can also set a simple but memorable gift. Gifts don’t have to be material but things that can please you.


  1. Don’t Overthink

In starting something, whether it’s a relationship or a job, usually there are worries that come from themselves. Don’t be overthinking or overthinking something.


This will make your life always anxious. Vigilance is necessary as a counterweight but be careful if it is too much.


Suggest to yourself that your job is something fun. There will be difficulties, but you have a team to work together to solve them.


Don’t hesitate to ask someone you think is capable of solving it. Do your best without thinking about what other people think.


  1. Set Lifestyle

You need to reorganize your lifestyle when motivation is low. Adjust the intake you consume and start back to exercise.


You can choose vegetables, fruits and water to keep your metabolism awake. A healthy diet also makes you physically stronger.


You can exercise in the workspace before starting the activity. Small and light exercise to stretch stiff muscles.


Currently, there are many YouTube channels that show various types of sports. Listen to your needs.



Motivation comes from outside and some comes from within. Motivation from outside is only temporary while motivation from within will be a tremendous encouragement.


Know yourself before starting a job. Knowing yourself will make it easier for you to set goals and plans. In addition, you can try the ways above to increase your own work motivation.


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