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9 Effective Ways to Make Peace with Yourself
9 Effective Ways to Make Peace with Yourself

One of the problems faced by many urbanites is stress. Even some studies indicate that urban women are more susceptible to stress.


Many factors can increase a person’s stress level. These include the demands of work, housework or even a tendency to always think negatively.


One way to reduce stress is to make peace or have a good relationship with yourself. Making peace with ourselves is indeed more difficult than making peace with others.


This is because the process requires a relatively longer time. It could be years or even a lifetime.


Here are some ways to make peace with yourself in order to reduce the burden on your mind and mental.


  1. Think Positive for Yourself

The first step that is recommended by many experts and people who already have experience is to think positively. Sounds easy but in practice is relatively difficult. Especially if you have trauma in the past.


Don’t waste time and energy on negative thoughts. Whether it’s a bad experience in the past or other people’s comments that are not constructive.


In addition, negative thoughts can also occur because of contracting the environment. The negative aura of the environment can make you drift away in negative thoughts.


  1. Good Friends with Yourself

Friends are our place to enjoy the fun together, a place to vent, chat honestly and many other things. Looks fun doesn’t it?


That’s why one effective way to make peace with yourself is to be good friends with yourself.


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. You can never pressure your best friend to look good all the time. You always try to calm them down when they are upset. Be a place to lean on when they are in trouble.


Practice that good relationship on yourself so that the heart becomes more peaceful.


  1. Don’t Do Excessive Criticism

Avoid self-criticism or self-blame too much. Have you ever been criticized by someone so much? How does it feel? Painful isn’t it?


That’s the kind of mental you will get if you blame yourself too often. Instead of getting up, despair and doubts about the abilities that will be obtained.


  1. Forgive Yourself

9 Effective Ways to Make Peace with Yourself

There are times when we easily forgive the mistakes of others. But why is it so hard to forgive yourself?


Whatever happened in the past, be it mistakes, failures or imperfections, let it go. Forgiving yourself can ease the burden on your heart and mind.


Releasing the burden can make you more peaceful. No need to bring up things that can stress the mind. Blaming yourself will never end. In fact, it will make it difficult for you to step up to try new things.


Forgiving yourself can start by making everything that has happened as a lesson. Change your mindset by looking at events from various angles. Take positive lessons from these failures.


  1. Be Objective

It is necessary to have awareness of the limits of your abilities. If you don’t overdo it and think objectively, your perspective will become clearer. That way there will be no chance for negativity to enter your mind.


Being objective also keeps you from pampering yourself, not asking for mercy from others or even not being a drama queen in difficult circumstances.


Depending on others can make the process of coming to terms with yourself more difficult. This is because it makes you become independent and always blame yourself.


  1. Take Pause

Too much time thinking about office work, home problems, intrigue social relationships or relationships with partners can occupy your attention. This can leave you with no time to think for yourself.


As a result? You become more stressed, grumpy and less concerned about yourself.


For that, take a break for a moment to rest. Do not force the body and mind to work continuously.


You and your body have the right to rest from all activities. By taking a break, you can have time to talk to yourself and review what happened.


Rest can be done according to what you like, for example doing a hobby. Taking a walk to a tourist spot or a place you’ve never visited is also a good way to change the atmosphere.


  1. Calm the heart

There are several ways that can be taken to calm the heart. Worship is one of them. Take the time to talk to the Creator, seeking to find effective ways to make peace with yourself well.


In addition to worship, you can also calm yourself by doing meditation. You can train yourself to focus on your mind and be calm anywhere and anytime.


Close your eyes and feel what is around you. Do this exercise accompanied by breathing exercises for 15 to 20 minutes.


Another way is to do a monologue. This method can be done before you sleep at night. Remember what has been done, got to what needs to be fixed.


It would be better if you also have a daily journal. Although it looks trivial, this can change your thoughts and feelings to be more positive.


Worship, meditation and doing monologues with yourself are powerful ways to get a clear mind. In addition, this ritual can also be a moment for you to reflect, reflect and draw lessons.


  1. Thankful

Without gratitude you will be the person who always feels the worst and lowest. Realize that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and that they have different exams.


But unfortunately the most often preoccupying thoughts are the tests and shortcomings of oneself.


Never compare yourself to others too much. Everyone faces his own battle, everyone struggles. It’s okay to grieve but always tuck in gratitude for what you have and for the journey that has been taken so far.


  1. Sincerely

Like having positive thoughts, sincerity is an act that is easy to say but difficult to do.


Sincerity is the last step as the highest level you need in order to make peace with yourself. This last weapon can make your life more peaceful, calm and happy.


Sincerity will be more difficult especially when you face failure which is then followed by deep regret. The first step to start learning sincerity is to accept your own shortcomings, along with the advantages you have.



Those are some ways to make peace with yourself to be happier. The faster you practice, the better and faster the results will be.


You can do the exercise gradually. Just take a point or two to practice for some time. If so, choose another step again until you succeed. Good luck!


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