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There are times when we are successful at being at the top, but also not infrequently we fall at the lowest point. It’s just that it will be dangerous if when you are at the bottom but a lot of time is spent just in despair.

People who never give up will keep trying even though there are many obstacles and obstacles. So what are the benefits of not giving up?

You can achieve success. Yes, your goals and dreams will be achieved if you don’t give up. In addition to determination, effort and prayer, unyielding nature can open the way for your struggle to be wider.

It is not easy to have an unyielding nature, but you can learn and get used to it. Here are some powerful ways so that you become a person who never gives up.

  1. Keep Motivating Yourself

Motivation is the fuel that drives us. No need to wait for motivation that comes from other people. You are the one who has the main role to motivate yourself.

Instill all the positive things in your mind and mind, including to always try and not give up easily.

Apart from yourself, do not also close the door to learn motivation from others. Currently, there are many books, discussions and motivational lectures. Choose which one fits your current goals.

Learn how successful people never give up, take risks, face failure and so on.

  1. Believe in Your Own Ability

Confidence in one’s own abilities is a mindset that can accompany motivation. Convince yourself that you can and can achieve what you are aiming for.

Believe first and accompany that belief with maximum effort. Confidence and motivation will be strong fortresses when you encounter obstacles at any time.

This belief is also included in optimism. Experts say that people who have high optimism will have a greater chance of success than people who are pessimistic.

This is a mindset problem, if you are diligent in thinking positive things, many positive things will also come to you.

  1. Admit Weaknesses

It is true that the root of success to have an unyielding nature comes from oneself first. There are times when self-weakness is one of the causes of delayed success.

But it should always be remembered that every human being has advantages and disadvantages of each.

Never blame yourself for your weaknesses. As a first step to becoming a person who never gives up, you must first admit your shortcomings. Be aware of these weaknesses and look for ways to improve your strengths.

These strengths can be a cover for weaknesses that are a barrier to your success. Not only lack of self in terms of mental or skill, this also applies to material.

If you feel you can’t walk because you don’t have this material, then start with what you have now. Just get started!

  1. Take Risks with Careful Calculation

9 Powerful Ways to Have Unyielding Nature

In addition to optimism, there needs to be real action that can be a means of training to increase self-confidence. Dare to take risks with a note already has a careful calculation of the good and bad.

One of the differences between successful and unsuccessful people is the courage to act. There is a possibility that people who are successful and don’t both have brilliant ideas, but those who can succeed are those who execute them.

If you have done a lot of risk-taking actions, you will of course also experience many successes and failures. Reflecting on this, of course, your unyielding nature will also be honed.


  1. Take Lessons from Failure

As mentioned earlier, to have an unyielding nature needs to be often honed with risks. There are successes and failures.

When you experience failure it’s good to learn from the event and evaluate the process that caused the failure.

One of the weapons of unyielding nature in the face of failure is to instill the thought that failure has a purpose. Failure occurs because there are lessons to be learned from it.

Failure can also be a stepping stone to jump even further. It could be that when you do not experience failure, the road to success is getting longer.

In addition, never giving up can also be reached by studying the failures of others. This is also important so that you can minimize the risk. That way you will save more time and energy.

  1. Creative Thinking

In addition to studying the purpose of failure, another lesson that can be drawn from failure is problem solving. The problem-solving process can make you more creative to think of solutions to the problems that hit.

Creative thinking is an effort to never give up. Not only in the form of physical actions, never giving up can also be done by thinking of new strategies.

  1. Don’t be too hasty

Another thing that is also important to pay attention to in an effort to have an unyielding nature is to enjoy the process. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to succeed, persistence is a quality, not a quantity.

Always remember the phrase slow and steady wins the race, not too fast but consistently.

Haste can break your focus. Especially if you’re at the bottom.

Persistence without mature steps just to get up again can make you fall even deeper. Never giving up here is more about preparing a more mature mind and mentality.

  1. Don’t Be Influenced by Other People’s Sayings

You know how much you are capable of. You yourself also know how far you have reached your goal.

So, if there are words of others who look down on you when you experience failure, let it be. Let’s just say it’s a breeze, if the netizens say just ignore it, sayy!!

What other people say will have a negative psychological impact on your mind if you think too much about it. This can result in more time for you to bounce back from failure.

So, choose and sort what people say, take constructive criticism and discard criticism that is increasingly dropping.


  1. Get out of the Negative Circle

The negative circle referred to here can be in the form of a negative social environment or a negative cycle. Negative association is more in association with pessimism.


Avoid associations that can further distance you from a strong, tough and persistent person.


While the negative cycle is more on self-awareness. The negative cycle that often occurs is the belief in failure before starting.


Including the habit of overthinking that can keep you from taking immediate action or executing plans.


Avoid overthinking and self-doubt. If successful, then you will have a stronger determination and persistence in the face of all odds.



Those are the various steps that can be taken to have an unyielding nature within yourself. Don’t sit around waiting for success to come to you.


Do not lament too often failure and adversity for too long. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is persistence in trying. Never give up and get up as soon as you fall. Good luck!


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