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It’s called a dream. When you were in kindergarten, perhaps you were asked about your dream profession in the future. Most students will answer popular professions such as teachers, doctors, to astronauts.


Whatever the answer, there is a special reason why the concept of ideals has been introduced at an early age. The reason can not be separated from the fact that when we grow up, the work we have will take up most of the time in life.


With a fairly large allocation of time, it is normal for someone to want to work according to their passion. Unfortunately, in this day and age, getting a dream job is not an easy matter.


Some dream jobs are very difficult to get because the competition is so high. Eits, but don’t give up right away, okay? Here are 9 tips to help you land your dream job.


  1. Update Job Vacancies

You are required to always update job vacancies (lockers). You can get locker info itself from various sources. First, newspapers. The daily newspaper on certain days will share job information that you can apply for.


Second, the locker site. Just look for a trusted locker site. Third, a company site that has a job desk according to your passion.


Fourth, the locker information group. On various social media, there are already so many groups like this. And fifth, information from your acquaintances. Ask your acquaintances to let them know if they see any vacancies for your desired job.


  1. Connect

Connections are very important in the world of job seekers. But before being prejudiced, what is meant by connection is not necessarily related to nepotism.


Connections are basically various acquaintances who might be able to help you land your dream job. The methods vary, from simply informing the office of vacancies to recommending you to your superiors.


For example, just compare fresh graduate A and fresh graduate B. A and B both have good GPAs. But B has broad connections.


One of B’s acquaintances works for a multinational company. When his boss said he needed a new employee, the acquaintance recommended B. He told him about B, who excels and is socially sociable.


Testimonials like this may not immediately make B accepted. However, at least B had earned one plus point before even submitting the cover letter!


  1. Consistently Studying Your Dream Job

Effort will not betray the results. Although it doesn’t necessarily make you successful, big opportunities open up when you consistently try.


Yes, consistently learn about what you aspire to. For example, if you want to be a teacher, don’t just study what the teacher teaches.


Read books about good education. Check out the latest discourses from education experts as well.


The richer your knowledge, the more expert you are in the field. Your competence will also be considered to meet even higher than the set standards.


Likewise if you want to be a singer. Don’t just learn singing techniques from a vocal tutor. Also learn from successful singers. Pay attention to how they interact with fans to their marketing tricks.


  1. Don’t Prestige

Unless you have excellent qualifications and luck, most of you won’t be able to get the job you dream of right away.


You may have to start your career from a low level first. Or even work in a slightly different field.


For example, your dream has always been to become a TV news anchor. You really like the news presenters who in your eyes are attractive and smart.


However, it’s certainly difficult when you suddenly want to be like a news anchor on national TV. Maybe you should start your career on local TV first. And after that, you have to become a field broadcaster first.


Is this a problem? Obviously not. Do not be proud to start a career from a level that is not your dream.


  1. Create an Impressive Job Application and CV

9 Tips to Get Your Dream Job

Your cover letter and CV are the first determinants of your success in getting your dream job. Therefore, make an impressive cover letter and CV.


I mean, they can’t be normal. Don’t just copy the words of your cover letter and CV that you find on the internet. Especially for a cover letter.


You have to make it by giving your personal touch. For example, you explained that since childhood you wanted to get this profession. However, of course with formal language.


Imagine that you are talking to HRD when you are writing a cover letter. So, your application file will get more attention than others.


  1. Practice Job Interviews Well

Don’t be happy when your letter and CV are accepted. Once you are declared eligible, the company you work for will want to conduct an interview to get to know you better.


They basically want to know your skills, personality, way of working, and your expectations for the job. So, what answer should be given?


What you need to understand, in an interview, you should not act naively by giving too honest answers. Because your competitors may not necessarily answer honestly.


But don’t lie too much. Ideally, you provide answers that match the company’s expectations. For example, you are actually a person who prefers to work alone.


When asked if you can work in a team, simply say that you can. Say that you personally prefer to work alone. However, professionally you are able to work in a team well.


Tell us about your experience working in a team. Show that you are capable even though you are a quiet person.


This answer is not a fake answer. You are honest but while explaining that you qualify for the job.


  1. Offer Special Skills

In addition to mastering knowledge related to job desks, it’s a good idea to have other special skills. Mastering additional skills like these will make the company more interested in you.


For example, you want to work in marketing. But what you offer is not just marketing knowledge alone. You also have an extensive social network that would wow any company!


With such qualifications, your chances of being accepted are very high. Because, with an extensive network, companies can immediately get great prospects when you join.


  1. Rational with the salary

If your main goal is to land your dream job, don’t be surprised if you have to compromise on your salary. Because some jobs are not high paying.


Take, for example, the work of a teacher. The salaries of civil servant teachers are quite large. However, not all teachers can get PNS status. Sometimes, you have to accept the status as an honorary with wages less than the UMR every month.


So, can you accept this fact? Please consider carefully. Don’t let you regret it later.


  1. Ready to go out of town

Some jobs are only available in big cities. For example, model work. If you come from an island in NTB and want to be a model, you inevitably have to migrate to Jakarta.


This kind of sacrifice has been done by many famous artists and people. Just read the stories of regional celebrities such as Soimah, Inul Daratista, Ahmad Dhani to Helmi Yahya. To pursue their dreams, they have to migrate to other people’s lands.



It is not easy to get a dream job. However, nothing is impossible in this world. You just have to apply the right strategy because the competition among job seekers is getting higher.


You should also do this strategy with concrete tips. And the nine tips above when done correctly can definitely help you.


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