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9 Ways to Become an Authorized and Respected Person
9 Ways to Become an Authorized and Respected Person

An authoritative figure has many benefits in life, including in the world of work or social life. Among them are increasing attractiveness, increasing someone’s sympathy for you, being considered important and always wanted, and even making you more confident.


Authority is not only owned by bosses, respected people, or important people. There are some people who are talented, have the authority and charisma like a respected leader. But not a few people who need some practice to grow or hone that authority.


Well, for those of you who want to increase your authority, don’t miss to read this article to the end. Here are some ways to be an authoritative person in various situations.


  1. Learn Body Language of Authoritative People

Body language is a sign that shows a person’s condition. From body language it can be seen that the person concerned is angry, tense, lying, and various other emotions. Likewise, authority can also be shown with the right body language.


There are several body language that can be learned to appear more authoritative in front of others. One of them is walking or moving with confidence. This method can be practiced sitting or standing with an upright back.


The next body language is maintaining eye contact when communicating with the other person. Eyes can be a source of other people’s judgments. An unfocused gaze can make you appear anxious and even dishonest in your speech.


In addition to maintaining eye contact, speaking with mirroring techniques is also one of the suggestions to increase authority. This will make you look like you admire or give approval to the other person. Of course this will bring a good impression to the person who is talking to you.


  1. Think Positive

The mind is the center of all the actions and words that come out of you and all of us. This is because the mind is in full control of every behavior and speech. Having a positive mind is the key for your authority to come out naturally.


Viewing everything from the positive side, including the problems that arise, is the first step that can be taken. In addition, do not be too quick to conclude everything, especially for things that “look” bad. Misjudgment can reduce your authority in the eyes of others.


Being grateful for everything you have is also one of those positive thoughts and actions that isn’t too difficult to do. This attitude, consciously or unconsciously, will affect the pattern of life you lead. Gratitude can create calm and increase authority.


  1. Good at Maintaining Attitude

Speaking only as necessary is one of the many guidelines to become an authoritative person and also respected by others. Not much talk and useful talk can prove that you are an effective and realistic person. In addition, by listening more, you will become a person who is respected by others.


In addition to how to talk, maintaining an attitude can also be done by not joking excessively. Have a sense of humor to lighten the mood, but don’t need to laugh out loud and be the center of attention. Remember, you want to maintain authority, not be a comedian the whole room is watching.


More important than the two descriptions above, maintaining an attitude also includes doing good to others. Being polite, helping those in need and not talking hurtful are among them. This will provide comfort for those who are near us.


  1. Keep Calm in Critical Situations

Patience and calm when faced with big problems is one sign of a person’s maturity. That maturity will indirectly bring authority to you.


Staying calm in critical situations earns you more respect. Especially if you are the leader in a group.


When facing a critical situation, try to still see some good things behind it. Break down the problem carefully into small problems that can be solved, either alone or in a group. In addition to increasing authority, calm in the face of big problems can also make your emotions more stable to solve problems.


  1. Have Good Personal Branding

9 Ways to Become an Authorized and Respected Person

Some personal branding that can be applied to hone authority include having a firm attitude, being able to be an example and improving community life.


Assertive doesn’t mean harsh or showing anger. However, behaving politely, diplomatically, and quickly making decisions can be categorized as being assertive.


Meanwhile, to be an example, train yourself to have positive behavior without trying to teach others. A good example is to set an example, not command.


In this digital era, good personal branding is also shown in managing social media. Avoid status updates, confusion or problems with family. There is no need to spit inappropriate photos either.


Even so, don’t pretend to be someone else either. Honest in using social media, but still within reasonable limits.


  1. Maintain Appearance

One way to become another authoritative person is to maintain appearance. It is true the saying that says don’t judge a book by its cover.


But appearance is important to make others expect more of you. In addition, a good appearance will also increase your self-confidence.


  1. Broad-minded

Expanding horizons is one of the capitals to become an authoritative and respected person. Broad insight will make it easy for you to find things to talk about and respond to other people while chatting.


In addition, with broad insight, you can socialize with people from various backgrounds.


Having this broad knowledge can also make people around you rely on you. Maybe they will learn from you about something they don’t understand. Giving knowledge to others can also be a field of reward, right?


  1. Don’t Share Personal Problems

As previously mentioned, maintaining speech is necessary to maintain authority. Including keeping the topic of conversation about which can be discussed and which is inappropriate.


To be a respected person, it’s good not to indulge in personal problems. Especially when it comes to family or partner issues.


Likewise, don’t talk about other people’s personal problems or gossip. Avoid useless topics of conversation, especially if they are disgraceful. Fill the chat with useful things, such as inspiring stories, useful technology or efforts to protect the earth.


  1. Confidence

Despite all the steps mentioned, self-confidence is the essence of increasing authority. To be an authoritative or charismatic person, of course the foundation is to have a strong sense of self-confidence.


With confidence, you will easily do the various ways that have been mentioned. Please see 12 ways to increase self-confidence for more details.



Those are some ways to be an authoritative person in all situations. Authority can make you a more charming and respected figure by others.


But the thing to remember is to be honest. There’s no need to be pretentious because you’re not being yourself. It will only make you tired and burdened. May be useful!


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