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It is important how to make an interesting novel title. How important? Just as important as your goal is writing a novel that requires high intentions and sacrifices. Even though it’s just a title, the novel’s title turns out to have tremendous marketing power.

Who would have thought that the capital for an interesting novel title could help increase book sales? Can encourage the buyer to buy. This shows how important the power is to find the right novel title.

The question is how do you make an interesting novel title? Well, in this article I will share how to do it. Come on, let’s check one by one.


  1. Short Maximum 4 words

So far, many beginners do not know that there are rules for writing titles. Of course, writing the title of a novel has different rules from writing the title of an article in a newspaper or on a website.

Especially with novels, a maximum of 4 words is an interesting novel title. more than four words are not recommended as this is considered too long. If you look at the top-selling novel titles, they are short on average, no longer than 4 words.

If you watch it, many novel titles are written in just one word. Even though it was just a word, it managed to grab attention and sell well in the bookstores. And you? Do you agree? Or maybe you try it too?


  1. Unique and unprecedented

Creating an interesting novel title can be done by creating a unique title. Make sure the title was never written and has not been used by another author. Creating something new is indeed not easy.

But you can do it. There are some tips and tricks you can do. Look for interesting words or terms that you use in your novels. If your novel turns out not to exist, you can think of terms or equations that represent the content of your novel in unique terms.


  1. Emotional title

The next way to make an interesting novel title is to make sure the title is emotional. The meaning of emotional here is when the reader reads the title they tremble and have an attraction and interest.

It could also be that the title you chose has an impression. Impressions are impressions, both visual impressions and feelings experienced and felt by the reader. Because these impressions and feelings make potential readers have the feeling “I am real” or the principle of feeling similarity.


  1. Has special properties

Tips for an interesting novel title can be gleaned from the nature of the story. When addressing a horror story, use appropriate keywords. Choose the title diction that shows that this is some scary and scary thing.

On the other hand, if you want to tell a love story, you also have to be good at choosing the right diction. Two types of horror and romance novels are undoubtedly the most popular among potential readers.

The question is, will it be long? We remember a few years ago when love stories dominated the market. There is a story about friendship and survival by Andrea Hirata, famous for his book Trilogy. Where Andrea Hirata isn’t focused and it’s not just about love, it’s about the struggle to chase dreams.

From here we can learn that you can create something new. I once read a book that impressed me. There’s good advice that goes: if you do ordinary things, you’ll become like them. If you do things differently, you will be special and unique.


  1. Can add foreign words

Some say that the way to an interesting novel title can be achieved by adding foreign words. Especially modern-day novels. many novels are entered in foreign languages. But personally, if there is a need to add a foreign language, then it can be added.

If not necessary, force yourself to speak a foreign language. Then no need. If you look at senior novels that feature characters from the past (e.g. biographical novels), there are also foreign languages. But not a westernized foreign language. However, there is an ancient spelling language.

If you read today, it will sound strange. If the novel is also a translation of an old literary work, then we also find a foreign language that is also part of our language. But due to the language change, it sounds foreign to us today.


  1. Can enter character names

To create an interesting novel title that you can try out, you can put the character’s name in a title. Even if it’s limited to just the character’s name for the title, when backed up by appealing cover art, it certainly becomes more writeable and draws the attention of potential readers.

So beginners must also know that not only the title is a marketing strategy. But the front page can influence the interest of potential customers.


  1. Creating a title after writing a novel

It is undeniable that writing an interesting novel title is not easy. Generally, beginners make the title at the beginning and then arrange the content. So you can create a title at the end. When the content is written.

Why write the title at the end? From what I feel Writing the title at the end makes it easy to choose the right diction that can convey the content of the novel in just one short word. So what about you? For writing titles at the beginning or end, each author has their taste.


  1. Title Near Natural Phenomena

Creating an interesting novel title is based on the phenomena that occur around us. Especially titles that are simple and true to life attract more attention. On the other hand, titles that are too far-fetched and far-fetched are less attractive. Perhaps this is because there is no sense of “same taste/same destiny”.


  1. Read More

The last way to make an interesting novel title is to read a lot. the more we read. The more our vocabulary, perspective, and insight into many things.

This will help you a lot in crafting a title that is unique, interesting, and different. The principle of reading a lot is intended to stimulate the nerve cells in our brain to think critically and actively.

When our brain works optimally and critically. So there is a lot to say. Therefore, authors who are used to it no longer have problems determining the subject of the story and no longer have problems creating titles.

Because there are many ideas in their heads that are not counted and written down. One day you can be like that too. Well, hopefully, to get an overview, enthusiasm, and benefit from a few reviews about this interesting novel title. Good luck and good work.


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