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Forgetting or senile is one of the brain conditions that have to work extra hard to store, control and remember memories that have been stored.


The common symptoms that usually accompany include repeating the same story or question, misplacing things, mixing words in pronunciation, to poor scores in memory tests.


Senile can occur due to normal memory changes. Another cause is the presence of certain diseases in the brain. Therefore, experiencing forgetfulness must be addressed immediately so that the problem of memory disorders does not become more serious.


Handling or first aid to overcome senile dementia is to sharpen memory. Here are some ways not to forget easily that can be done easily in everyday life.


  1. Make Notes

The right step as a way to not easily forget technically is to take notes. For example a to-do-list that must be done that day, shopping notes or other notes. Notes are similar to task planning or personal assistants whose role is to remind you of your schedule or needs.


You can do this activity in the evening or in the morning before the activity. Taking notes can also be a therapy that has a big effect on the brain in terms of organizational ability. That way the brain will be trained to work on priorities and remember where important things are placed.


  1. Brain Gym

Regular brain training or brain exercise can also prevent senile dementia. This is because brain exercise can keep the brain active, not idle. Just as the body needs exercise to maintain muscle, the brain also needs exercise to be fit.

9 Ways To Not Easily Forget (No. 3 My Favorite Way)

Some of the activities that can be done to keep the brain active are doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku, playing chess, playing puzzles, playing brain activity stimulating games, and so on.


Changing the route of the round trip home can also be one of the simple brain exercises to stimulate brain performance to be more active. By changing the route, you can also see new things that can make your brain fresher.


  1. Reading

In addition to brain exercise, cognitive abilities of the brain can also be trained by reading books. Train yourself to read at least two pages per day, every day, at the same time. This exercise aims to make reading a habit.


Reading can make it easier for your brain to concentrate and make it a habit to think. In addition, by reading, you can also train your visual skills and make your brain retain memories of new vocabulary. Reading can be similar to brain fitness, making it healthy.


If the habit of reading is done continuously, surely the risk of senile or forgetting can be avoided even though you are old.


  1. Learn New Things

Another way to make the brain work more optimally is to learn new things. Especially if the new thing is indeed your interest or hobby. Learning new things can stimulate the brain to improvise by not just doing a monotonous routine.


The recommended new activity is certainly one that is able to stimulate the body and mind properly so that they are always moving. One of the activities that can be applied is learning a new language. In addition to increasing knowledge, learning a language also requires memory to absorb new vocabulary.


  1. Listening to Music

Another activity that can make your memory sharper is listening to music. Based on research that has been done, music has a powerful power to remember memories. But, don’t be carried away when you listen to music.


When someone is absorbing important information, it can be done at the same time as listening to certain songs. So to remember this information, you can do a recall by remembering the song you are listening to. That’s why there are some people who increase their concentration in learning by listening to certain songs.


  1. Managing Stress

There’s no way anyone wouldn’t be stressed. But keep in mind that stress can raise blood pressure, lower immunity and make the skin unhealthy. Even stress can make memory performance decline. Therefore, managing stress is one way to avoid forgetting or becoming senile.


One way to manage stress is through meditation. Or for those of you who are Muslims, it can be added to diligently perform prayers. This method can make a lot of thoughts become more unraveled and can also calm you down.


In addition to meditation, having fun or laughing can also relax a tense brain. If you are too busy, take time to relax, take a vacation or laugh with friends and family. That way the brain does not become tense and can work well to store memories.


  1. Sports

Paying attention to physical fitness by exercising has a significant effect on avoiding senility. The reason is, exercise can improve blood flow in the body, including blood flowing in the brain.


A healthy brain is also determined by the amount of blood and oxygen that flows into the brain. For this reason, exercise can increase concentration and prevent senile dementia.


You can do light exercise regularly, such as walking in the morning. Doing a morning walk for 15 to 30 minutes, provides its own benefits such as clean air and morning sunlight.


  1. Eat Healthy Food

Foods that have a big impact on brain health are foods that are rich in omega 3. Some of the recommended foods are salmon, oatmeal, nuts, eggs, all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Eating these foods regularly can help improve brain work and prevent senile dementia.


As an important note, avoid fast food, packaged foods, foods that contain lots of sugar to red meat. Some of these foods have the effect of weakening your memory. If you want to add a supplement, vitamin B complex can be an option.


In addition to consuming healthy foods, reducing alcoholic beverages is also mandatory. Even if possible is to stop the drinking habit. This is because drinking alcoholic beverages can cause permanent brain damage.


Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, you can replace it by consuming lots of water. Water can complement the fluid intake needed by the brain.


With water, the brain can work faster, improve concentration, maintain emotional balance, maintain memory stability and even help you sleep soundly.


  1. Rest Your Brain

Getting enough sleep is one way to avoid forgetting which you can do very easily. Even if that is the only way, it’s a good idea to prioritize this one step.


This is because lack of sleep can have a negative effect on the body. Not only the brain, but as a whole.


Having enough sleep is very important for memory and learning performance. The recommended sleep time is seven to nine hours per day. In addition, you can also take time to take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes to refresh the brain again.



Those were some of the ways that you can not easily forget that you can do to improve your brain health. It is not easy to cure a disease that is easy to forget. But there’s no way it will diminish by forming some good new habits.


So you can train your brain by using the steps above in turn. Hope this article helps!


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