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Art education can generate capital for individual, cultural, social, and even economic life. Through art education, we hope you can gain artistic experiences, including the experience of appreciating art and the experience of artistic expression. The experience of viewing art is gained through the activities of perceiving, feeling, understanding, imagining, and viewing works of art.


In human life, the educational process is important, that is, people can have social relationships and interactions. With educational activities, people can achieve individual changes and life achievements that are the result of the process of learning activities.


Education is a human effort to help potential carriers grow and develop both physically and mentally by the values ​​of society and culture. An attempt is made to convey values ​​and norms. Pass it on to the next generation to develop life and the life that takes place in an educational process. After all, the civilization of society takes place within it and a process of formation takes place as a human effort to sustain life. Art as a result of human creativity can become a means of communicating taste. The existence of works of art is a realization of the contact between taste, intuition, and the inside.


Art is a human action that arises from the life of his feelings. It is beautiful, so it can move the soul of human feelings. Art is beautiful because it grows from a beautiful soul. Art touches the soul of the viewer. Art has a beautiful effect on the viewer’s soul, just like the beauty that exists in art so that the viewer becomes a person with a beautiful and noble heart.

Art pedagogy functions as a developer of sensitivity, creativity, and competence development. Provide opportunities for expression, the development of imagination, creativity, and the development of ideas. The communication between art, education, and learning activities is the inner link of human life activities.


Art for Education, namely art used as a tool to achieve general educational goals. The goal of art education is to form a complete human being, in harmony and balance between the physical, the mental, and the environment. Art education is given in special art schools. Art education is given to enable students to become professional people in the field of art.


Art education is not only seen in terms of its formal form and layer. It must be understood as a fundamental tool for understanding art. In artistic activities, he can trigger all his feelings and observations. To be realized in a form of expression that has meaning as an expression of the expression. Train someone to sharpen their sense of taste and thereby sharpen their social sensitivity. Especially from the earliest possible age in children. This, in turn, has a positive effect on promoting awareness and sensitivity, as well as independence in decision-making. This is done by children in coloring work when drawing in the color picker. He has liberated so that this attitude forms in him.

There is volition in the education they receive. It is carried out by the parents/teachers in the work of painting and drawing. At this point, the attitude of caring and sense of sensitivity begins to erode. Leads to indifference, indifference. It leads to egocentricity, violence, and an attitude of wanting to win over yourself. Leads to justify any means to a specific end.


Education is development. In addition to physical maturity, this development is only expressed in the form of visual or auditory signs and symbols. Therefore, education can be interpreted as coaching. Expressions teach children to produce sounds, visualizations, movements, and other forms.


In the technical implementation of the educational establishment, this is regulated in the implementation guidelines in the form of a curriculum. In this regard, the role of the curriculum is to develop educational goals through policies and regulations.


In human life, education is the main thing to educate yourself. To increase dignity and worth. On the other hand, art cannot be separated from human life when it comes to managing intuitive sensitivity, caring, and empathy for the process of life and the fulfillment of inner needs.


In human life, three aspects influence the pattern of behavior. Both are related to the connection between fellow human beings and their environment, namely logic, ethics, and aesthetics. With these three elements, one must be able to walk in a balanced and harmonious way to mold quality people and have insights that lead to creativity, wisdom and intelligence, sensitivity, and a good and weighty level of artistic understanding.


Art education should be encouraged as early as possible, for children aged 4 their activity in art (art) is very high. From 4 to 9 years old, children’s painting activities are very expressive to express ideas and ideas.


The power of sensitivity and creativity is very great, with the freedom and freedom of creativity, they bring out expressions of symbols from the expression of their work. Expressions are full of impressions of their reactions to what they see, observe, and experience. Not knowing the proportions, the color unit is an object of expression in a free color design. Independent of the reality that exists in nature. As adults, they see green leaves or blue clouds. Clouds can be black or red, leaves can be brown or yellow.


Children speak through the language of intuition, the language of taste, so the rational doesn’t work. What is revealed is the purity of a child seeing something experienced, observing it. This very high sensitivity must be cultivated. Sensitivity was honed until he was a teenager for an adult. This sensitivity is always frozen with different understandings, the teachings imparted are ordered by parents or teachers. We can feel this fact in real life today, the sense of sensitivity and concern for others is becoming thinner.


Art is a crystallization of the process of developing creativity in the birth of a work of art, as well as a means of communication between people, nations, and countries. Become a medium of communication for people to meet their needs. Expressive manifestations are described in symbolic form, imagination, and the ability to offer implicit ideas and feelings. The rational role, as well as practical and economic values, are prioritized so that all means are justified to achieve the goal. Without thinking about the cosmological balance of art education in the order of human life.


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