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Nature school definition and curriculum

School of Nature is essentially a form of the concept of education, the concept of this nature school is based on Lendo Novo. Lendo Novo expressed concern about the increasingly unaffordable cost of education for the general public. The idea of ​​building a natural school is based on the fact that education can be achieved by all levels of society.

Understand nature school

A natural school is a form of alternative education in the school system with the concept of universal education. Observing a nature school means seeing a unique school. This environment, in general, feels very natural with the school building being just a house on stilts commonly referred to as Saung surrounded by various orchards, vegetables, flowers, and even agricultural land. Not the atmosphere of a skyscraper and a majestic building as a classroom. The children are introduced to the real world from an early age.

While the definition of natural school, according to experts that include the natural school community, defines that a natural school is a school with a universal educational concept that uses natural resources in the school’s environment.

The learning process in the nature school takes place outdoors with fun. Without pressure and far from boredom, the students feel comfortable. This is aligned with the development time of students who aren’t “instant” creatures. They experience development from time to time, both physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually.

Nature school curriculum

The curriculum used or applied in the natural school is the national educational curriculum integrated into the natural school curriculum; where in the curriculum the following items;

The basic curriculum for establishing a nature school

To start a natural school there is a basic curriculum as follows:

  • Creation of good manners (character)
  • Mastery of science
  • Creation of an adequate understanding of leadership

In the implementation of the nature-oriented school curriculum and designed fun. The learning methodology used in the natural school tends to lead to the attainment of good logic of thought and innovation in the form of real practice. That means 40% theory and 60% practice.

Nature schools not only have a curriculum but are also colored with different activities among other things. Outward journey, gardening, excursion, market day, and open house.

Nature school atmosphere

The children at the Alam school were exempted from wearing uniforms and instead wore play clothes with boots that allowed them to freely explore their surroundings.


Diversity is seen as unique in the school of nature, and uniformity is shown not in dress but their morals, demeanor, and attitude, as well as their enthusiasm for learning and curiosity. Ideally, the basic concept deviates from the values ​​of the Qur’an and Sunnah, which state that becoming a caliph on earth is the essence of human creation. In this way, the initiators of the Natural School believe that the essence of education is to help students grow into people of character.

Become a person who is not only able to use what is available in nature but is also able to love and care for the environment. Knowledge is not something we should have. Knowledge is a function that must be fulfilled.

From an early age, children at the nature school are introduced to activities that are unfamiliar to other schools for their age. They are used to doing business with “market day” activities where students are taught to buy and sell a business from and for them.

Nature school activities

There are various activities at the Nature School, one of which is the ‘Open Day’, an annual activity where each student takes on the role of host to guests who are present to see the progress of the Nature School. OTFA (Out Tracking Fun Adventure) activities can be defined as a form of favorite extracurricular activity, but this activity is not just an outing or recreation.

The two activities at this nature school introduce the process and not the result and bring it closer to the students. All learning processes that take place at Sekolah Alam take place in a fun learning atmosphere. Learning outdoors instinctively creates that atmosphere, without pressure and far from boredom.

The learning method of the nature school

The learning method to support the natural school atmosphere, in general, is the “spider web” (Thematic) method, in which a theme is integrated into all subjects.

The understanding of the learning material of the students is thus integrative, comprehensive, and applicable as well as “down-to-earth”. The reason this is expressed as a form of the most basic ability and is attempted to be cultivated in every child in the nature school is the ability to build up a mind of curiosity by making various observations or making hypotheses, and scientific thinking.

With the “spider web” method, they learn not only by listening to the teacher’s explanations but also by seeing, touching, feeling, and following the entire learning process.

The advantages of natural schools in improving character

The nature school seeks to build children’s fundamental skills that will make them proactive and adaptable to environmental changes. For example, the ability to think logically. A child who can think logically is more important than just a good grade in math. This ability gives them the strength to “digest” the problems of their life.

The same applies to outbound training, which trains courage, patience, perseverance, teamwork, and leadership. This practice builds a strong mental structure that makes you resilient to life’s shocks.


All those involved have a major role and importance in the educational process. Education has to be a form of shared responsibility, and education has to be open to fellow human beings because people are born with “the same” obligations and agreements.

There is no discrimination and no capitalism in the provision of education. A proportional subsidy system is used to provide opportunities for the financially disadvantaged. There is no IQ test required to enter school in Sekolah Alam.

A child’s intelligence is not seen solely from mastery of the exact and social sciences, but must be seen as a unified whole. Prospective students are given a taste of studying at the Natural School before they decide and it is decided that they can study at the Natural School. Student reports contain all aspects of child development as is, complete with tables and graphs.

This natural school abolishes the ranking system that will form a new caste based on intelligence alone, but sees the potential of all students as equal and ignores the uniqueness and individual differentiation of their talents, interests, and intelligence.

By mutaqin

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