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10 Ways to Overcome Failure in a Job Interview

Failure is a common thing in trying to achieve success. There is no person who does not experience failure in his life, whatever the field. Including in an interview or job interview. Not everyone makes it through right away.

There will be obstacles that stand in the way of success, including the failure of a job interview. For those of you who are experiencing it, there is no need to feel down, feel like you don’t know what else to do, or even feel like the world is ending. Don’t give up and don’t give up.

There are many roads to Rome, there are many ways to bounce back from a failed job interview. Here are some ways to overcome failure in the interview to get better results in the next interview.

  1. Self Evaluation

When you experience a failed job interview, don’t just curse yourself or complain about the situation. Re-evaluate the plans and strategies that you have made. If there are flaws, be open to new ways that are more likely to bring success.

After self-evaluating, it’s good to take lessons from the failures that have occurred. That way you won’t repeat the same mistakes. This is the right step to get closer to success, learn from failure.

  1. Learn Disadvantages and Strengths

After doing the evaluation, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. In addition to individual strengths and weaknesses, make a list of strengths and weaknesses when conducting a job interview.

By making an honest list, you will find out at what point improvements need to be made to overcome failure in the interview either from the individual or the strategy used.

Meanwhile, advantages can be used as plus points that can be further honed to “sell themselves” in order to obtain satisfactory results.

  1. Stay Positive Even If You Failed Many Interviews

There are times when a person must experience many failures before achieving a dream. For that, stay positive in the face of this interview failure.

This is your time to be forged to become stronger. Therefore, you will learn to anticipate the mistakes that have been experienced before.

The mind is the most important element that should be kept positive. Positive thoughts can form a good mood and a positive atmosphere. Positive thoughts can also attract positive things, such as another interview offer.

In addition to positive thoughts, attitudes or habits also need to be done. Staying positive also includes continuing to learn and try in the process.

Don’t just sit still and accept all the failures that occur. Staying positive without trying and learning will only keep you from moving forward.

  1. Remember Other Successes

To add to your positive energy, try to remember your past successes. No matter how small the success.

With success in mind, the feeling of failure in a job interview will be eroded slowly. Remembering success can also restore your confidence to fight again to achieve your dreams.

If necessary, recall your steps to success. Who knows there is something that can be re-applied to solve your current problem.

  1. Take a Break to Organize Your Mind

There’s no need to rush to fix mistakes when you fail. Take a break to heal the disappointment and fix the fallen mental. It’s time to pause for a moment to go further.

One of the most effective ways to deal with failure in an interview is to take time to re-energize. Write down the plans to be taken. Do a brain dump to organize a chaotic mind.

  1. Fix Weaknesses That Cause Failure

There are many ways to improve the weaknesses that you have discovered during the evaluation or self-reflection period. Especially in the digital era where a lot of information is scattered in cyberspace. You can do a search on the internet to address your weaknesses.

Or if not, you can read a book about job interviews. For example, books related to “selling yourself” during interviews, academic potential tests or psychological tests. Also read books related to self-confidence and public speaking to upgrade yourself.

You can also share or consult with friends who have successfully become employees. Especially if the company where you work is also your goal.

So, you will get accurate tips from people who have actually gone through the interview process.

  1. Practice before the next job interview

After getting a lot of theory from valid sources, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. To minimize failure, prepare yourself mentally by doing lots of practice. Collect references from the video to practice posture and body language during the interview.

Exercise can be done by looking in the mirror to see self-expression. Maintain eye contact and smile during job interviews.

Appearance is an important thing that also needs to be prepared to get a good first impression. Always remember that effort will never betray the results.

Keep in mind that the ideal interview is not one-way. Interviews are also a means to get to know each other between prospective employees and the company. For that, try not to be too rigid when following the interview.

  1. Broaden Insights About the Targeted Company

It is important to research the company you are interviewing for. That way, you will have an idea of how the work atmosphere will be, as well as an overview of the employees who have worked there.

There are times when the interviewer will ask about your knowledge of the company and the job desk of the position you are applying for.

If you can answer and state that you have done previous research, it will indirectly measure how much interest you have in joining the company.

  1. Pray a lot and behave well

Prayer is the most appropriate way to rely on Future Planners. Ask God for guidance on the best path you should take.

In addition, praying can also make the mind and heart calm. With calm and clarity, you can make better, well-thought-out plans.

Besides praying, learning to be sincere and accepting reality is also needed. Balance sincerity with good behavior, charity and helping others. Fortune no one knows where it came from.

Surround yourself with positive people. Who knows from them you will get the next opportunity.

  1. Focus on the Future

None of us can predict what will happen in the future. Today’s failure in a job interview does not mean tomorrow’s failure.

Like bamboo trees, it takes a long time to grow roots before finally growing above the soil surface.

Staying focused on your goals or goals in the future is an attempt to mentally overcome failure in the interview. Staying optimistic and continuing to practice your skills is an effort to secure the future to the fullest. Use failure as strength and a foundation for further leaps.


Those are 10 ways to overcome failure in interviews that you have experienced. God is a very good planner. Look at Jack Ma, a successful entrepreneur who has failed twice in a job interview.

In addition, sometimes failure occurs not because of you, but just a strategy that is not right. So, good luck with your future!

By mutaqin

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