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Folks, this is an example of 7 positive and useful hobbies you can try, part 1

Who doesn’t have a hobby? You could say that most people in this world have their hobbies. Some like to play games, watch movies, travel, draw, and others. Unfortunately, as people get older, many people think that hobbies are just a waste of time.

The hobby itself is a fun activity that someone has an interest and enthusiasm to engage in. And the average time to pursue a hobby is free. But assuming that pursuing a hobby is just a waste of time doesn’t feel right. Because pursuing a hobby has advantages and has a significant impact on the balance of our lifestyle.

Most people even become professionally successful because they take their hobbies seriously. As we know, if we are looking for work or building a business or business that fits our hobbies, then we will feel happy about it. We can enjoy the process because the things we do are fun activities that we enjoy.

Good for those of you looking for other activities that are fun and useful. Here, Unique Blog shares various examples of positive and useful hobbies for you to try. So let’s check it out, folks!

  1. Writing

An example of a useful positive hobby is writing. Although not everyone has good writing skills, this activity is worth trying because since it helps you remember important things, writing is also useful for building your emotional intelligence, confidence, creativity, focus, and imagination work out.

By putting your thoughts, ideas, and heart into a text, this hobby can also help you relieve stress. On the other hand, your vocabulary will be more diverse. So if you are serious about it, writing can become a lucrative profession. For example, write a book or a novel, create a blog site and write about your interesting experiences, or write articles on informational topics that will be useful to many people. Through this blog, you can get AdSense from Google and earn money with your writing hobby.


  1. Reading

Another useful hobby is reading. There is no doubt that reading provides many benefits in our lives. Reading can not only provide a lot of knowledge and insight but also can be one of the entertainments to relieve stress. There are many genres of comics and novels that you can read in your free time to keep yourself entertained.

The more books you read and the more diverse the books you read, the more knowledge you have in different areas. Don’t hesitate to invest your money to buy reading books that you find interesting because reading can help you maintain long-term memory.


  1. Paint

Painting becomes the next useful positive hobby you can try to relieve stress. Painting is a means of expressing thoughts and feelings in the form of visual work. Although not everyone is good at drawing, you should know that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to painting. You can paint what you think and imagine. Painting allows you to become a more expressive and creative person.

You can even turn your hobby of painting into a lucrative business idea. You can sell your paintings or even accept an offer to paint something your client wants.


  1. Photography

Don’t just take photos and upload them to social media to get lots of likes. The hobby of photography is also one of the hobbies that pay off if you take them seriously. The reason is that your ability to take good photos can be used as a service, so your skills will be paid for by others. You can hire photo services to earn additional income.

Additionally, if you enjoy capturing the natural environment, food, or something interesting, you can sell your photos on online photo buying and selling sites that are now widespread on the Internet. Interestingly, pursuing a photography hobby also allows you to see the world from a different perspective than ordinary people.


  1. Cooking

Cooking is a fun hobby and of course very useful for our life. Even if cooking is a hobby that requires a lot of food ingredients and even enough capital to empty your pocket, you will be very satisfied if the dishes you prepare with your own hands turn out well and taste delicious. After the hobby of cooking, you can eat it immediately. A happy heart and a full stomach.

In addition, the hobby of cooking can also help improve various skills such as multitasking, creativity, design, and management and planning. In addition, you will also be trained to appreciate the process more. Interestingly, your cooking hobby can also be used as content for YouTube or other social media to increase your income.


  1. Gardening

Another positive example of a useful hobby to try is gardening. The hobby of gardening may seem dirty and hot, but planting or caring for these plants has several good benefits, not only for the beauty of the garden but also for the health of the body.

Because all the physical activities required during gardening, such as weeding, cutting grass, arranging flower pots, hoeing the soil, and planting plants, sometimes accompanied by squatting movements, can help increase muscle strength and body flexibility to move around move more flexibly.

Aside from beautifying not only the look of the house, but gardening hobbies can also come in handy for the home kitchen as you grow vegetables and other food ingredients. This hobby can save your kitchen expenses at the same time.


  1. Craft

Well, for those of you who enjoy being creative with used items, making phone cases, creating scrapbooks, making photo frames, embroidery and knitting, and more, you might have a craft hobby.

This handicraft hobby can make you a person who is highly creative and calm in dealing with problems. In addition, this one hobby also makes you more productive and makes you feel happy when you see the results.


So those are some examples of positive and useful hobbies that you can try. So you’ve found a new hobby of your choice?

By mutaqin

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