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Benefits of reviewing books for readers and authors
Benefits of reviewing books for readers and authors

Have you ever reviewed a book? If so, do you know the benefits of reviewing books? It turns out that when you review books, several people will feel the benefits, namely readers and authors.

So don’t the reviewers benefit? Still got it of course. Not only reviewers benefit from this, but also publishers of books whose books you review. What are the advantages? Check out the reviews below right away.


Benefits of reviewing books for readers

There may be some people who think there is no point in reviewing the book. It turns out that the benefits of reviewing books make the reader a lot easier for several reasons as follows.


  1. Other readers’ thoughts

It turns out that reviewing books makes it easier for readers to educate themselves about the book’s content in general. In this way, the reader has an idea of ​​whether the book corresponds to the wishes or vice versa.

Many potential readers don’t have time to go to bookstores and read book reviews in person. So it’s no wonder that book lovers prefer to read book reviews before making a purchase. In terms of time, potential readers don’t have to go to the bookstore first, they just have to take a look at the open book samples.


  1. Reading and understanding book content

One of the advantages of book reviews for readers is that they help to understand the contents of the book. At the very least, this is very important to potential readers seeking reassurance about the content of the material. Because sometimes the title of the book is not what the reader wants.

example case. The title of the book is LIKE a textbook. When I read it, it turned out to be non-fiction. Of course, potential readers who have already bought because the book is sealed and cannot see the inside will be very disappointed. The book itself can no longer be used as intended. Therefore, the benefits of reviewing the book are very important. The goal is that potential readers will not be disappointed.


  1. practice opinions

Whether we realize it or not, every time we read a book review, it will make the reader think more critically about a book. Readers also learn to judge interesting books and become more selective.

The importance of training the mind to have an opinion is not just about freedom of expression. But it does stimulate the brain’s nervous system to be analytical, more active, and more critical of many things. Not just for book reviews.


  1. Open the horizon of knowledge

Book reviews are usually brief. Although brief, book reviews are also useful for broadening readers’ horizons of knowledge. Although book reviews are short, they are usually packed more densely without diminishing the element of informative knowledge.


  1. Learn to write

For potential readers interested in writing, book reviews can also be used as a medium to learn how to write a good and interesting book review. Of course, newcomers need examples to get an overview of how to present a book review and what elements to include.

These are some of the benefits of reviewing books for readers. Maybe all the time some think that book reviews aren’t that important to readers they play an equally important role to readers out there.

Benefits of reviewing books for authors

Previously, we reviewed the benefits of reviewing books for readers. not finished if not reviewing also the benefits of reviewing books for authors. Well, here are some experiences of the benefits of book reviews for authors.


  1. Help author branding

If someone as an author reviews a book, that is certainly very helpful. One of them helps writers build personal branding. If the book reviews are positive, the author also receives a positive rating from the public. The opposite is true.

Of course, as a writer, you’ll be happy when someone is willing to review your work. From the reviewer, the author will be known. This not only benefits the author but also the reviewer.


  1. Increase sales results and author licenses

The benefits of reviewing books for authors, namely the opportunity to increase book sales results. If the reviewed book is successful, it gets a lot of attention from the reader. then automatically the results of book sales will also be high.

When sales are high, authors also receive higher royalties. Reviewers will benefit too. For example, the results of a widely read review will also catch the attention of the curious reader who is the reviewer who is good at writing.


  1. Open up opportunities for writers to become spokespersons

When the results of the book reviews spread widely and many were interested. Authors can also achieve other effects. For example, the author receives an offer to be a speaker on the subject or topic of the book he is writing.

This advantage is that I feel myself. As the book’s reach grows, opportunities and offers to become speakers, whether for talk shows, seminars, or book reviews, will be wide open. That is of course a great appreciation.

Where the power of preview can extend the reach of the book. So that books become better known to many people and have a high chance of being bought.


  1. Help increase the author’s popularity

Indirectly, the author will also benefit from this, because his popularity will also increase. For this reason, every author should be thankful and thankful to review books.


These are some of the benefits of book reviews for both readers and book authors. From the merits of the review of the above book, it can be concluded that to be a great person, it takes the help of others. The importance of reviewers to review the author’s book to introduce the reader to the work.

Oh yes, you as a book reviewer also benefit from the results of the reviews. If a book review is published in a newspaper, the book appraiser receives a fee. Proof of publication in newspapers can also be submitted to the publisher of the reviewed book so that the reviewer receives a fee/gift from the publisher as a thank you.

So, the benefits of reviewing books aren’t just for readers and authors. But book reviewers and book publishers also benefit. For those who want to become a book reviewer, you can read How to Review a Correct Book article. Hope this little review is useful.


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