Digital Marketing Salary In India 2022

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Digital Marketing Salary In India 2022. The average salary for digital marketing in india is 2.5 to 5 lacks per annum for beginners and 5 to 8 lacks per annum for those who are at higher posts. Salaries range from 21,800 inr (lowest) to 67,500 inr (highest).

Digital Marketing Salary In India 2022
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The Average Salary For Digital Marketing In India Is 2.5 To 5 Lacks Per Annum For Beginners And 5 To 8 Lacks Per Annum For Those Who Are At Higher Posts.

+91 89511 43636 +1 800 783 1369 [email protected] Digital marketing salary in india 2022: The salary of a digital marketing manager reaches far heights especially in certain industries like it, agencies of digital marketing, and other industries that heavily depend on online presence.

This Is An Average Figure And Company To Company Or As Per Market Situation/Economy, This Pay.

Salaries range from 21,800 inr (lowest) to 67,500 inr (highest). They surely have a bright and growing. And if you are an seo intern, your internship salary after a digital marketing course in india is expected to be inr 15,000 per month.

Having A Fair Amount Of Experience Is Crucial, Being Well Vested In All Kinds Of Digital Marketing Fields Is A Prerequisite.

A digital marketing analyst in the us earns about $52,166 per annum, while in india this amounts to about rs. An experienced ppc manager can earn up to rs. Digital marketing manager when you consider digital marketing salary per month in india, this is the hottest position in the industry as of yet.

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On average, digital marketing managers earn around inr 545,173 while also receiving bonuses and profit sharing. 10.5 lakh annually, with the base salary starting at rs. Digital marketing manager salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location.

The Growing Need For Human Resource Management In Every Sector Has Accelerated The Demand For Hr Professionals And Thus Allowing Them To Avail Good Mba Hr Salary In India Per Month.

A person working as a digital marketing manager in india typically earns around 43,500 inr per month. The average annual salary of an seo specialist in india is inr 4,20,000. A seo specialist with fewer than four years of experience can expect to earn an average of 234,460 rupees in india.

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