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Do you want to be a novelist but are limited by facilities like a laptop or computer? In a high-tech age like this, facilities that don’t support shouldn’t be used as an excuse. There are other ways, namely to write novels by cell phone.

Uh, you understood the language in the novel, right? If not, first in this particular article, yes, understand the linguistic elements of the novel.

So don’t use limitations as an excuse. You can still write with existing facilities like an Android phone.

You can write anywhere, anytime without being limited by a laptop or computer that is larger in shape. So how do you create a novel on Smartphone? Before we get into that, you must first understand the importance of writing novels.


Why writing novels is important

Before we get into the discussion of how to make a novel on a mobile phone, there are some important reasons and advantages. If you dream of becoming a writer, great. When you become a writer, you not only benefit yourself but many other benefits.

Below that, you have basic writing skills. Writing is a basic skill that must be learned from an early age. As a child, writing is taught enough to be able to write letters and words. But when you become a novelist, you have your satisfaction.

Though it’s just writing, it turns out that writing a novel can also be historical evidence or show civilization. For example, the work of Ananta Tour contains criticism and tells about the people of that time.


History can be a novel. Yes, that’s possible. How do you? you can take a look

Or there are also Centini stories, these are Centini stories that we read today, translations of literary works from the V-IX centuries, where the original stories still use Sanskrit. The plot also reveals the method of delivery in the times of the V-IX centuries.

For other purposes, in addition to benefiting others, it can also serve as a means of communication, proof of expertise, a means of self-development, making money, channeling hobbies, becoming famous, increasing concentration, and many more you will experience.


How to write novels with Smartphone

After taking a look at the meaning and benefits of a novel. It turns out that today’s mobile phones do not want to be outdone by electronic devices such as laptops or computers. Now, with your Smartphonecapital, you can still maximize it to make these items useful.

Many applications can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Below are some applications that we will review. Curious about how to create a novel on your mobile phone using existing applications? Just look at the following.


  1. With Note/Word application

Any Android phone can install a note or word application. Where this application you can use to write novels. For those of you who don’t have this application installed, take a look at the method below.


1.1 Download the Note/Word application

Before downloading, make sure your Android phone has enough storage space. If the storage is full, you can clean it first. Here’s how to download

-Books Google Play Store

– Enter the search box and type a note or word

-Usually, there are many choices, you can choose what you like.

-After successful selection, you can click Install directly.

-Wait for the process to complete. Normally you will be redirected to log in, you just need to type login

-After that, the application is ready to use


1.2 Write each question or write per chapter

After installing the application, the next way to create a novel on a mobile phone is to create an outline or create questions. Collect as many questions as possible. These are the questions to which answers are sought and developed into a story.

When you ask questions, you can write them down on doodles or directly on the notes application worksheet. After all, questions are answered, you can write them down chapter by chapter. Writing chapter by chapter makes it easier for authors to write in an orderly and structured manner.


1.3 Collect written parts

How to create a novel on a mobile phone, then proceed to collect the parts. Well, there’s an introduction to the characters, characters. Well, here the opening of an interesting novel is required. You can read about “novel opening examples” in the previous review.

In this section, you can write down all the power of imagination. The advantage of typing on a cell phone is that you can write anywhere when you have free time. In terms of time, of course, more effectively and efficiently.


1.4 Edit on PC/Laptop for details

How to write a novel on the last phone when writing a novel on a phone is enough. Then it must be finished. Well, in this section you can do the editing on a PC or laptop. The goal is to be more focused and detailed.

What if you don’t have a PC or laptop? You can still edit. Only space is limited.


  1. Using Blogger

How to make a novel on Smartphone in a different way. This is through the writing of novels by bloggers. Blogger is a free website that you can use. If your blog has many visitors and many readers, you can make money from Adsense that you install on the blog.

Which makes it all the more strange, isn’t it, how to have a web blogger? Immediately after the full explanation.


2.1 Open

Creating a novel on mobile using blogger tools is very easy. You can type directly. After that, you will be instructed to create a new blog. Just click on “Create a new blog”. Well, you are instructed to create a blog address name.


2.2 Create a blog address and blog name

After you visit, just follow the instructions. That means you have to write down the blog address or blog name as you like. When choosing a blog name, make sure the name is one that a lot of people will search for and is compelling.

Because many readers hesitate to click on your blog address just because the name seems less convincing and arbitrary. If you have risen as a blogger, you can buy a domain so that it becomes .com instead of Blogspot. The goal is to maintain the reputation of potential readers and give the impression that you mean business.


2.3 Start creating a new post (1 post 1 chapter)

Your blog can already be used. You can already write the novel. A day can write a chapter. From chapter one to the next. At first, there were no readers, but continue to write consistently. After all, after three months, visitors usually begin to see.


2.4 Collect multiple posts and create 1 book

If you have accumulated a lot on Blogger and want to make it into a book. You can compile what is written in the blog by copying and pasting it into MS Word and editing.

The processing process from the application to the physical book is different. At the very least, you should edit and pay attention to as many details as possible. Because the publisher does not accept random manuscripts. Publishers get manuscripts that are clean and good in terms of unique ideas and understandable to readers.


2.5 Editing and adding illustrations

You can also add illustrations at the editing stage. Its function is to make writing more interesting and not monotonous. Illustrations are proven to grab attention and reduce reader boredom.


  1. Using the Novel Writer app

How to make a novel on Smartphone there are other recommendations. Have you heard of Wattpad? fiction? It turns out that there are several applications specifically for writing novels. Many famous and great writers started their careers writing novels there.


Currently, the most common and widely used application for writing novels is Wattpad. But there are several other uses for novelists, as follows.



Wattpad is an application that has been around since 2006. This application is used not only for writing novels but also for writing short stories and poems. So for those of you who want to become a writer and follow each other, you can submit this application.



Besides Wattpad, there is another online writing platform called fictium. You could say how to join fictium is pretty strict, and not as free as Wattpad. Joining Fiktucum is like submitting a manuscript to a publisher.

So you must have a script of at least 5,000 words. Then you need to email the publisher. For 10-15, your manuscripts will be reviewed and selected. If you pass you can only participate in this online novel writing application. Oh yes, there is another one, you will also get a contract here.



It’s another Noveltoon application. Well, the application is more like Wattpad. The difference is, if you can write a novel on Wattpad, you can also read other people’s work. While the Noveltoon is only meant for reading free novels. Where there are hundreds of thousands of works whose work you can read for free and in many different genres.

But don’t worry, you can still be part of the author. Interestingly, as of application one ii, talented authors or writers receive revenue from advertising results. Aside from advertising, your writers can also earn money through rewards and a large number of readers.


i.e. Story.Co

Ever heard of So is a book publisher that then has an online portal. This online portal serves to publish the author’s works online so that online users can also enjoy them.

Don’t worry, every author receives royalties for the work written and the work read online. It’s just that for those who want to get involved here, the flow isn’t as easy and free as it is when using Wattpad.


That’s four ways to write and read novel types of online applications. Of the four recommendations above, the application I recommend for beginners can use Wattpad. Because it’s easy to join. from beginners to professional writers are here. There are no written regulations so powerful that you can learn as you explore there.


How to write a novel on a cell phone. Hopefully, this little review will provide a reference and overview for you to start your writing career. Remember, the key to success and success lies in perseverance, always get up and write and write.


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