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Easy to grow vegetables
Easy to grow vegetables

The agricultural business has good prospects. The more crop species that can be grown is certainly an advantage for farmers. Moreover, coupled with ever-faster technological developments that will surely make it easier for farmers to grow crops.

Currently, the vegetable shop does not need a large field. If you have an unused yard or an empty roof, you can use the land for a vegetable shop.

Here you can see some agricultural plants. Aside from being profitable, it is also easy to grow.


  1. Chili

Chili is not only useful but also one of the plants that are very popular because it is widely used to add flavor to food. No wonder the price is always expensive.

Growing chili is not difficult either. Just prepare the soil, prepare enough chili seeds, pots, and organic fertilizer, then plant. Then rinse with plenty of water.


  1. Spinach

Spinach is no less profitable because those who eat it a lot, are of all ages. Planting is easy too, just throw in a pot with soil, and the spinach will grow by itself.

The greatest advantage is when the harvest arrives because only the leaves and stems are taken. While the roots remain planted, you don’t need to replant them. You can save time but still enjoy the benefits of harvesting.


  1. Turmeric

Aside from being a food flavor enhancer, turmeric is often used as a natural coloring agent as well as for beauty. Although turmeric is one of the needed plants, the price is still affordable, unlike chilies, which prices tend to be unstable.

Cultivation is not difficult either. Turmeric also thrives when placed in a pot with soil. In addition, with proper care, turmeric brings a whopping profit.


  1. Ginger

This herbal blend can also be used as an alternative, you know! It is easy to plant and also profitable due to its many functions. As a kitchen spice, medicine and its benefits in the beauty world as an ingredient to remove dead skin cells.

If you are interested in making it a business camp, all you have to do is provide fertile free land. Then put the ginger on the bottom, then in a couple of weeks, the shoots will grow. If you have a lot, then the ginger is ready to be harvested.


  1. Aloe Vera

Rich in benefits, that’s aloe vera. In addition to its well-known function of speeding up hair growth, aloe vera is also good for treating dry skin, healing wounds, and lowering blood sugar levels.

The many benefits derived from one species of plant will surely bring maximum benefit. To harvest aloe vera plentifully, you should water it once every 2-3 weeks, fertilize it and ensure sufficient sunlight.


  1. Water spinach

Vegetables with branched cavities are no less tempting because they enjoy great popularity. It is easy to plant, easy to obtain, and the price is affordable, so sales can be stable every harvest.

It’s just that you have to choose what kind of kale to plant. Two types of kale are commonly sold in the market. First, the leaves are thick and have many branches. Second, narrow-leaved alias, slender and elongated.


  1. Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the horticultural commodities that have high business potential due to the large market demand. Lettuce is a fast-growing plant in just 30-45 days. Even with the hydroponic growing method, the harvest time can be reduced to as little as 23 days.


  1. Cucumber

When harvest time comes, cucumbers can bear fruit in abundance. No wonder the profit is good. After all, almost everyone likes cucumber because it tastes fresh and has many functions in the health world.

Cucumbers can be used as a mask to overcome puffy eyes, and panda eyes, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, and more.


  1. Sweetcorn

Corn is a crop that can be processed in many variations. Ranging from popcorn, chiki, fries, and jelly to ice cream with a very delicious taste. However, growing corn requires extra patience.

Because this one plant cannot be harvested within 2-3 weeks. It took about 3 months for the maximum size. But once harvested, the results are quite bountiful.


  1. Shallot

Leeks are often used as a cooking spice to add flavor to food. Usually often added to a soup.

When you want to plant it, just get some pots of soil ready, then take the leek seeds and plant them. When the color of the leaves has started to turn yellow, the leeks are ready to be harvested. The harvest time is about 2 months.


  1. Tomato

And the last plant not to be forgotten is the tomato, considering that it has many fans. This is inseparable from the benefits of the tomatoes themselves, which can be made into chili sauce, used as face masks, and good for controlling diabetes levels.

However, care should be taken when planting. You must ensure that the soil is always moist so that the tomato seeds can grow well. The selection of the seed is also important so that the result is of high quality.


Choose plants that are appropriate for the land

Many plants are easy to grow and provide maximum benefit as long as they are diligently cared for. Essentially choose the easiest plant according to your version and of course according to the land you have. In addition, it is also important to choose the best plant seeds and give fertilizer and water regularly. This way you will produce the best quality crops that can be sold on the market.


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