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In this article, we will discuss in detail what an outline novel is, how to make one, and also a direct explanation.

Do you want to be a famous writer like Dan Brown? Or maybe you want to be a local writer whose name is always the hero in the fiction bookstores? If so, you need to learn how to draft a novel.

Whoever you have the chance and opportunity to become a successful famous novelist. It’s not difficult either. Just be consistent and practice writing, writing, and writing. Perhaps some of you are struggling to write an interesting novel like this.

Well, there’s a secret to keeping your novel alive and interesting. That is, by first creating a draft of the novel. Is there anyone up to this point who is not yet familiar with the term structure novel?


Understand outline novels

The outline of a novel is an outline of an essay that is mandatory for every author. This structure is intended to make it easier for authors to convey ideas, thoughts, and concepts in a structured and orderly manner. We will discuss how to create a draft novel later.


Oh yeah, the outlines of this novel aren’t just used for novel-making. But it is also often used to write books of other genres. This can also be the case with non-fiction books, for example. In general, this outline is intended to help the writer not lose direction and focus. For further details, the advantages of a new structure are considered in the following chapter.


Benefits of creating sketch novels

At this point, perhaps some of you still don’t know how important a novel sketch is. Well, for those of you who claim to always avoid writing novels because of the many pages that need to be filled out, once you know the benefits of a novel outline you will immediately put it into practice.


  1. So that the letter is correct and not taken out of context

The first benefit was mentioned in the first paragraph. The outline of the novel is written to guide the author. When writing an overly long novel, we often face the problem of clich├ęs, namely losing the direction of writing.

Aside from losing direction, this often results in the author writing too broadly and getting out of context everywhere. Well, this draft novel aims to instruct the author to write according to what was planned. This is writing by the path that was expected.


  1. Keep the discussion coherent

For those of you who find it difficult to write random novels because you are confused about what to write. So, novel outlines are useful in helping authors write in a coherent, organized, and easy-to-understand manner.

Imagine that the texts we write are written randomly and in a disorganized manner. Readers will struggle to understand the flow and language the author is trying to convey. Of course, you don’t want that to happen in your novel, do you?


  1. Make research easier for authors

Although the novel is fiction that prioritizes the imagination. This is not to say that the novel is written purely from imagination. There’s nothing wrong with doing research. Talking about research does not always involve intensive research.

For example, do a little research on the reader’s tastes for the novel, or research the data collected in your novel. It turns out that such things are very important. In addition to making it easier for writers to convey their texts, research also endows it with a different appeal and uniqueness.

Especially for those of you who want a novel that is different from the novel in general. As a simple example, before writing his literary works, Dan Brown also did his research first. We can see the results for ourselves. Regarding the case reports in the novel are super cool. For a novel, that’s no coincidence anyway.


These are some of the advantages of a new outline. There are many advantages to doing online. For example, avoiding stagnation of ideas mid-writing, helping writers refocus, and avoiding forgetting to deliver messages.


4 steps to creating a short novel

Want to start creating novel outlines? But you don’t know what the draft of the novel looks like? Relax, this time I will share how to do it online as follows.


  1. Determination of the subject

The most important step in creating a novel draft, and the most important, is deciding on the subject. Is someone confused about how to determine the subject? There are several tips for determining the subject.

-Know the topic you want to discuss

– If there is not enough discussion material, this can be done through a survey or by searching for additional information.

– Jot down spontaneous ideas that suddenly pop up on paper. Collect and choose the ones with the most interesting discussion

-Question yourself diligently, because asking yourself causes us to give birth to interesting subjects and subjects to thoroughly peel off.

The key to success in determining the subject is that you, as a potential author, need to know and know what to write about.


  1. Determine the background of the story

After the theme determination is complete, the next step is to determine the background of the story. The setting of the story in the novel is fixed in time and place. So you have to make a list of the right places and times to write this great novel everywhere. For example in the morning, in the afternoon, during the day, or at night.

Besides the place and time setting, there are some other settings like atmosphere setting, social setting, and tools set. It seems that no attention is paid to the setting, it turns out that the setting has a rather important function in novel writing. Imagine if there is no (e.g.) time, the novel cannot find its spirit. In other words, the setting helps set the mood and arouses the reader’s emotions.


  1. Create Characters

In addition to determining the background of the story, creating characters is also important. Speaking of characterizations, there are multiple forms. There are protagonists, antagonists, tritagonists, and additional characters.



The protagonist is a commendable, positive, kind, brave, and honest character. The point is that the protagonist is a character who has a good attitude.



The opposite of the protagonist, the character of the antagonist is a character in the novel who exhibits evil, cunning, negative, and angry behavior or anything that has a negative connotation.



Tritagonistic characterization, on the other hand, means characterization that positions itself as an intermediary between the antagonist and the protagonist.


i.e. Counting

While the characterization extras support characters in the story. These additional characters don’t have much impact in a novel, as their presence is only for encouragement.


These are some of the characterizations in the novel that needs to be developed and prepared when creating a novel outline. Writing a novel is not difficult, what is difficult is fighting yourself, that’s too many uncertain fears.


  1. Create a plot outline

When we talk about how to create a novel draft, you can start creating a draft. Well, that says there’s a three-part framework. The first part of the author mediates and introduces the characters and creates conflicts. Then step into the middle, and start discussing the conflict that lies at the heart of the issues raised by Khan. The problems that have arisen are only solved in the last part.

You can also make a topic of conversation. The method is also simple, you just have to bring up points that you will discuss in each section. Then each part has a common thread or connection with each other. When addressing, keep in mind the problem of attracting potential readers.

You can also create a plot outline with a more artistic look. For example, by creating pictorial doodles like a map card. Or if you’re not good at doodling, you can create something like a table of contents. This map and table of contents were created to make the outline of the plot, plot, or characterizations clearer and to help the author not forget what fundamental points he wanted to convey in the novel.


These are some ways to create a novel outline. Hopefully, a little discussion from Bukunesia will give you an idea of how to make a novel. In the future, we may share with you how to get your novel published so that it passes editorial selection. I hope this review is helpful.


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