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BTS is one of the most popular South Korean boy bands today, not only in South Korea but worldwide, including in Indonesia. Because of its popularity, even those who aren’t Army (as BTS fans) know the big names of BTS, who often grace social media, music streaming sites, TV, and radio with their cool songs.

BTS is known by a different name in South Korea which is Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts. In 2017 the meaning of BTS was added to stand for Beyond the Scene.

“Bangtan” itself means “bulletproof” and “Sonyeondan” means “group of boys”. Debuting under the name of Bangtan Sonyeondan, they seem to appear as antidotes to bad things like stereotypes and insults that are often thrown at teenagers.

They try to counteract this and protect the values ​​they believe in with the music. Thanks to the spirit that BTS instills, teenagers can uphold the values ​​they believe in to achieve their dreams.

The meaning they take on with the addition of a new name in 2017 is no less profound, namely young people growing and continuing to push beyond reality to move forward. Judging by the name, BTS seems to offer an extraordinary spirit to its fans.

So don’t be surprised if his songs often contain positive messages for his fans.

But not only her music has attracted the attention of the fans. Because the hobbies of BTS members who are rarely in front of the camera also make many fans curious. Despite countless activities, BTS members still have hobbies, which they often pursue in their free time. Now for the curious army, here are the BTS member’s hobbies you need to know about. Let’s check it out, guys!


  1. Jin

Jin aka Kim Soek Jin is the oldest member of the BTS group in which this handsome man was born on December 4th, 1992. As the oldest member, Jin is used to taking care of his younger siblings, so it’s not surprising that this handsome man has a hobby of cooking. Besides cooking, Jin also enjoys playing video games, reading Japanese comics, and lying down in his free time. The funny thing is that the genie also claims to have a new hobby, which is looking in the mirror. Is something wrong with our grandpa?


  1. Sugar

Who’s curious about Suga’s hobby? Suga BTS, real name Min Yoon-gi, has a hobby enough to make girls melt, you know. This cute-faced member has a hobby in photography and enjoys playing basketball. Interestingly, in his free time, Suga prefers to lie down and read the Ikea catalog. Even Suga once revealed that he enjoys doing maths just for fun. Wow does anyone have the same hobby as Suga?


  1. J-Hope

As the funniest member, J-Hope also has an interesting hobby to know about. The owner, real name Jung Ho-Seok, admits that he enjoys listening to music and dancing. But J-Hope also has a hobby he can’t control, which is shopping. Wow, who wants to be invited to shop with J-Hope?


4. RM

Who doesn’t cry when they see a smile from Kim Nam-Joon aka RM? The leader of BTS is famous for his intelligence, you know. As a leader, RM often performs as an underground rapper. Behind his super cool appearance, it turns out that RM has a hobby of writing poetry or songs. He also likes to read books, not even half-heartedly, RM also likes to read the news, you know. It’s a broad perspective, isn’t it?


  1. Jimin

This BTS member with the full name Park Ji-min is famous for having a pretty and cute face. Jimin is also one of the most popular BTS members. As a famous idol, Jimin has a hobby that is not much different from youth in general. Jimin revealed that he enjoys listening to music, playing games, and dancing. But when he has more time, Jimin also likes to relax by watching TV.


  1. V

Kim Taehyung, known by his stage name V, is a member of BTS who often does Aegyo. Aside from his singing and acting talents, V also has various interests. The owner of this big smile has hobbies in art, playing video games, watching movies, singing, and playing sports. Who wants to be invited to a film with V?


  1. Jungkook

The youngest member of BTS also has several interesting hobbies to know about. The owner’s full name, Jeon Jung-kook, admits that he has hobbies such as drawing, photography, and playing the guitar. Jungkook also enjoys reading webtoon comics in his spare time. Interestingly, Jungkook also has a hobby of skateboarding, you know. Who wants to see Jungkook skateboard on stage?


That’s a bunch of BTS member’s hobbies you need to know about, especially for the army. Who knows, maybe you have the same hobbies as your BTS likes, so you’ll have something to talk about with your idols when the fansite is online.


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