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When writing a novel, there are of course various things that an author must consider. For example, the structure or elements included in the novel like the format of writing the real novel. This time we will discuss how to write the correct novel format.

As is well known, writing novels certainly has a different format than writing works of literature or any other type of written work. Therefore, you need to know how novels are written or in what format, especially when using Microsoft Word writing application.

The following explains the novel writing format that uses the Microsoft Word feature or application as a medium to write novels.


Novel writing format

Of course, when writing a novel, the format of the novel writing must be considered, especially if you decide to use a writing tool, namely Microsoft Word. Therefore, below are some novel writing formats that can be applied when writing a novel.


  1. Determine the paper size

The first thing you need to do when writing a novel in Microsoft Word is to determine the paper size you want. The paper format used in the book is A5 format. The A5 format is considered the standard format, which is the largest paper format in Indonesia.

However, those of you writing a novel should know that the paper sizes used in novels vary. A smaller paper size than A5, which is usually 13 x 19 cm or 14 x 20 cm, is usually used in novels. This size is the size commonly used when writing novels.

Why is that? It turns out there’s a reason the novel was made in this paper format, and that’s because the printed novel is the right dimensions and easy to take with you wherever you go. To choose the size, there is an easy way you can do it.

First, of course, you need to open the Microsoft Word application, then click on “Page Layout” and then go to “Page Setup” and you can start manually setting the paper size in the dedicated column.


  1. Set margins

After you set or determine the appropriate paper size, you can set the margins that will be used when writing the novel. The margin is the size limit from top to bottom and also from right to left of the text.

The function of the margin is to provide a special area for writing novel content and other blank areas, such as writing page numbers, footnotes, etc. Margins play an important role in writing, especially in novels, to keep the writing or screenplay looking neat and easier to read.

A size of 1.5 cm or 2 cm for the usual margins in novels is usually used to determine the margins. However, you must increase the margin on the inside of the novel volume by 0.5 cm so that the writing is not cut off.

To set the margins, you can go to “Page Layout”, then click “Margins” and specify the margin size you want.


  1. Specify the font and size

You can then determine the type and size of the font or typeface used. Two standard typefaces are usually used when writing novels. You can also adjust the standards set by the publisher who will publish your letter.


  • Commonly used fonts

Typically, the font used when writing a novel is Times New Roman size 12, Arial size 12 or 11, or Calibri.

  • Title and body font size

For the font size in the title and body text, the title usually uses a larger font size than the body text, and boldface is usually used to emphasize the title.


But usually, you still need to choose the appropriate font and size, and avoid cursive fonts, to make the script you write easier and quicker for readers to understand.


  1. Determine the line spacing

In addition to determining the size of the letters or fonts, the format of writing a novel also requires you to determine the size of the line spacing to make the book even more readable. Line spacing is the space between lines in a paragraph.

In general, the line spacing used is 1.15 to 1.5. However, some use a size of 2 cm. This isn’t a big problem if the writers are more comfortable with their respective sizes. To determine the line spacing, you can select the characteristics shown in the image below.


  1. Numbering

Last is the numbering. Numbering is a way of numbering the points or subchapters in a novel’s script. Writing this numbering makes it easier for readers to know and find which chapters they want to read in the novel. Here are the functions used to write numbers.


Are you ready to become a good and famous novelist? Let’s start writing now.


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