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In terms of meaning and function, hobbies are recreational facilities that can be a relief from daily routines and stresses. But besides being a means, it turns out that a hobby that is taken seriously can also become a profession, you know. After all, who doesn’t want to work according to their hobbies? Of course, working based on a hobby is the most fun profession to live. Especially when the covid pandemic is still a threat where many people have lost their jobs and it is difficult to get new ones.

To start a profession that started from this hobby, of course you need to display a portfolio of results that you have lived so that people are interested and can immediately conclude your abilities. But it must also be admitted that not all hobbies that are involved can be turned into a profession that can make money

Hobby That Makes Money

Here in this article, we will discuss various hobbies that produce which can be used as your profession.

  1. Make money from the hobby of cooking

During a pandemic like this, many people fill the void of their time by improving their ability to cook. For most housewives, cooking is a hobby. Even men are still there who have a hobby of cooking.

This hobby of cooking, if you work hard and learn, you can really rely on to make money. You can overcome this by opening a catering business, selling cakes, snacks, side dishes, and other dishes online.


All the processes can be done at home and do not require too much capital. You also don’t forget to explore new recipes to hone and improve your cooking skills.


In addition, by exploring new recipes you will also get a new menu menu for you to sell later.


  1. Edit photos and videos

Editing photos and videos should not be just for personal enjoyment. It’s good if your hobby of editing photos and videos is used to make money during a pandemic like this.


You can open photo and video editing services by introducing them through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and others. This way you will get customers.


When running a photo and video editing business, you can charge low prices to attract customers to use your photo or video editing services. Over time you can increase the price slowly.


  1. Play social media

As we know in this day and age, everyone depends on social media, especially Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. If you have a hobby and are good at talking in front of the camera, you can try to become an influencer.


You can start by creating an account and content that is consistent, conceptual, interesting, and useful. That way you can increase followers on your social media accounts.


If your followers have increased and there are many opportunities to become an influencer, you are open. That way you can get product endorsements and will make good money.


In addition, you can also work with brands that are interested in the content of your content. Even if you continue to improve your hobby by playing social media you can also work on managing social media accounts professionally.


  1. Write

It feels incomplete if you are talking about hobbies that make money if this writing hobby is not discussed. In general, writing is something that is not easy, because writing requires creativity and imagination.


Besides that, not everyone has good and correct language skills, that’s why writing can be a hobby that can make money.


This way you can become a freelance writer or commonly called a ghost writer. This way you can fill the void in your time by making money. In addition, you also do not need to leave the house to make money.


This hobby of writing can be very effective if you can speak foreign languages too. This way you can also become a translator.


  1. Design

The hobby of designing can really help you to make money in times like this. The main key to designing for whatever needs is creativity and high imagination to produce a good design.


You can start by making some designs for your portfolio so that you can introduce them through social media, such as Instagram, tik-tok, and others. To introduce your design to many people.


Just like writing, you can become a freelancer for a company that needs a designer for a website or even for Instagram feeds. This way you can make money during a pandemic like this.


Maybe those are some hobbies that can help you to earn money during a pandemic like this. Whatever your hobby is, keep working on it, there will definitely be a way to make money.



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